Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Training Week

 I am sad to say that my favorite spin instructor is leaving in 3 weeks.  I've been taking spin for almost 3 months now and I cannot imagine my Monday nights without her.  *sigh*
I am going to try a new class tomorrow at the location closer to home with Julie.  

Tuesday: Rest day

Pool running has become one of my favorite things.  It's not real easy (although most people think it is) and when done properly, it can improve fitness.  I've still been able to PR while pool running (I still road run 2-3 times a week).  I've been doing this since I found out I have 4 heel spurs and it has helped me still be active and not lose any fitness.  

Thursday Pool run again.  My partner was not happy with the early morning shot (granted it IS 0530), so I put some cool glasses on us to make us look cool.  (Maybe she will be happy to know I did not post her early morning face!)

I was off Friday so I did a solo run outside!  I'm loving this fall weather!  I ran a fast 4 miler with my last mile being an 8:28!  Since I did not get home from a concert until 2am that morning, I think that my 4 miler was pretty awesome!

Saturday was an 8 miler with my running buddy.  I did not post a pic of us.  She is still shocked with the pool pic I made her do.  Maybe after she sees that I did "pimp" our pic from Thursday she won't be so reluctant.  I like her as a person and a running partner, so I'm gonna make sure I keep her happy.  

I know, I selfies are stupid.  But again, I'm trying not to freak out my partner so I thought this was much nicer.  Hopefully this week she will see how nice I really am.  Hahaha

Total run miles this week:  30.2
The two runs outside were pretty good.  
Friday's four miler was a 8:59 pace 
Saturday's eight was a 9:36 pace

Pool runs are typically a 10 minute pace based on our research (and my running partner's coach).

My spin class always says I average around 20-22 miles for the hour, I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I'll go with it.  I don't document spin class mileage like I do running miles.  

How was your training week?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So...I tried to quit...

So I tried to quit this blogging thing.  And I did.  For over 3 months.  My running partner asked me the other day if I still blogged and I told her no, although I kinda missed it.  I honestly didn't have much to say, I'm quite boring, and I've been kinda busy with this whole "working 40 hours a week" thing (I know, you feel sorry for me, okay, not really)

So what's been up with me?

A whole lotta nothin'

I'll give you the short and sweet...

Yup.  Nothing much.

Lots of running, a few races, work, and a new love of spin class <---  Well kinda..the first 20 minutes I'm cursing my instructor.

There are a few significant things that have happened though:

I found out I have two heel spurs on each heel...grand total of four.  Yeah, they suck.  All this time I thought it was plantar fasciitis, it was bone spurs.  Ouch.  I've been x-rayed and medicated, now I'm all better.  I'm still sore after long runs, but after some Mobic and a nap, I'm all good.  (One of the MANY perks of working in sports orthopaedics!)

These are my beautiful feet!  X-rays are so cool!

Because of the above I've been doing some pool running about three times a week.  Which has been actually quite nice.  My running buddy is having some issues with her feet so we've been doing some pool running and my feet have gotten better, wish I could say the same for her.

I've ran two races, my annual Women's 4 Miler for breast cancer, I have another PR for that (33:34).  I also just completed the race where I broke my finger last year...and I didn't break anything.  YAY!  I ran the trail half marathon in 2:05:xx.  Not to shabby for a trail if I do say so myself, but honestly I was just glad to finish.  Our team was only 5 minutes from placing!  That's pretty awesome too!

So that's all I've done training wise for the past three months.

Told you I was boring!

Now I need to catch up on y'all!

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Childhood Dream...

After I graduated nursing school last month the hubby asked me what I was going to get myself.

I thought, "A gift of my choosing...hmmmm"

I asked him what he was going to get himself when he graduates next year.  His answer was simple.

"I'm going to buy a nice guitar and learn how to play again"

That really got me thinking.

When I was a child I always wanted to take piano lessons.

I never took lessons though.  For one, we didn't have a piano and two, I'm not really sure my parents thought I was serious about learning.

When our son came to us a few years back and said, "I'd like to play the violin" I never thought he was serious either.  So I let him try it for a year, we rented the violin since we did not want to invest in something he may not like in a year.  Well he likes it.  He still plays (his very own violin now) and he wants to play more instruments.

So when the hubby asked me what I was going to get myself I said, "I want learn how to play the piano"

After my first day of work I came home to a brand new keyboard the hubby picked up that day.

I had my first lesson on Wednesday.

I can play two songs already.

I love to sit and play them over and over.

I'm pretty sure if I don't learn how to play another song the boys may make me wear headphones while I practice.

I'm also pretty sure I smile the entire time.

So every week I will go to lessons until I can play independently.

Never in a million years did I think I'd be able to sit down and play the piano.  But I can.

So it's true, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I wonder how many more tricks I have up my sleeve.

I think I'm gonna name her Ruth after my grandmother.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Tuesday Freebie!

Today I got something for free that I've wanted for a while.

While searching the storage area at the hospital for our new office space, I came across this...

A bosu ball!!!!!!

I politely asked the guy what it was doing here.  He didn't have a clue.  Then he turned to me and said, "if you want it, take it, it's been here for months and I don't even know what it is"

I turned to him and said, "It is mine!  That's what it is!!!"


I've been wanting one for our home gym and was too cheap to buy one!!  Those things are expensive!!

So it is residing in my house now.  I feel like I've struck gold!!

Now I need to read up on some exercises!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

4TW5K Race Report!

Yesterday was the race I've been training for like a mad woman!  4 The Wounded 5K is a race I've done for the past four years and I was going to make this year the best time ever!  (and beat the hubby's course record)

This race is one of the TOUGHEST races I do every year.

First of all it's in June, which is very iffy here in Virginia.  It could range from 60-100 degrees easily.

It has two different courses, one trail, one road.  I've always chosen the trail.

It has a very long hill after a very long downhill (you run down first really fast, then turn around and run back up it!!)

Trails freak me out a bit and we had a few rainy days last week and all I kept thinking about was that the trail was going to be muddy and slick (like my last trail race which ended horribly and resulted in a broken bone)

But it's for a good cause.  100% of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which I've said in the past is a cause near and dear to me.  This year just the participants raised $117,000.  Final numbers will be announced later this week.

So yesterday I woke up and it was a beautiful sunny day around 65 degrees!  Woo Hoo!

I was feeling excited to beat my old PR (27:24) and to beat the hubby's course record (27:01).

Let me tell you...beating a 27:01 on a trail is no joke.  I've been trying to beat him for 2 years!

I brought in an expert for this race (my friend/coach) and she wrote me a training plan to beat him.  Of course her comment was, "You will run fast, but you are crazy and you do crazy races, so hopefully you will beat the hubby"

So I did what she said.  Most days I liked her, on speed work days (Tuesdays) I hated her, like cursed her most of the my head because I had no air left in my lungs to actually say the words.

But then yesterday something happened.

I ran fast.

Really fast.  (For a trail race)

I ran down the hill super a 7:43 pace.  This is the ONLY consistent mile on road.

Then I turned around and ran up hill only to be met with the trail at the top of the hill.  Ugh.

Every year I run this race I think to myself, "Why in the hell do I subject myself to this pain?'

Then I think to myself of all the soldiers that don't have legs or arms.  Soldiers that have PTSD.  I've never been to war but I'm so thankful for those that do.

Then all the pain goes away.

So I ran.  And I ran hard.  I ran as fast as my legs would let me.  I breathed as deep as my lungs would allow.  And I ran.  I owned that course.  I made it my bitch.

And I won (so I didn't actually win any awards, but I won bragging rights)

I ran a 26:46...ON A TRAIL!!!  I was in beast mode.  An 8:39 pace...on a trail.

My fear of trails have somewhat subsided...for now.

So it's official.

I finally beat the hubby's course PR.


Me and the hubby.  Matching shirts...yes.

Steph and I, no matching shirts.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Change is on the horizon

There have been many changes that have occurred in the month of May for me.  One being of course changing jobs.  I'm super stoked about my new job!  So stoked I'm gonna bore you with the story!  Haha!!

Several months ago I approached my boss at the OB/GYN clinic about a full time position.  I knew as soon as I graduated that I wanted to work full time.  I haven't worked full time in years (I know I'm a totally spoiled brat).  After discussion with the hubby about where to work and how to save for retirement, I knew I needed a full time job so I don't have to work until I'm 80.  I want to enjoy my adult years, grandchildren (hopefully) and travel.  The hubby and I are in agreement that we want to enjoy our lives before we cannot take care of ourselves.

After I approached my boss she told me that she really didn't have a full time position.  I was very up front with her and told her I have to find something.  So my journey began with lots of searching with the very limited time I had.  After being turned down by both hospitals "new grad program", I was feeling very discouraged.  I was on one of the hospitals websites and saw a posting for a nurse in the orthopedic clinic.

On a whim I applied.

Within two days I received an email from the hiring manager wanting to interview me.  I emailed her back immediately to be sure she was fully aware I was in nursing school and could not work until June.  Her response?  "I still want to meet you"

I interviewed for the job April 1st (April Fool's!!).

I was there for almost two hours.  I met all the staff and doctors.  I also met the doctor that I would work with if I was hired.  She's a beautiful blonde doctor from Texas.  We clicked immediately.  Then she asked if I had any experience in sports ortho.  I asked if she meant professional or personal.  She said either, so I told her about my experience with my hand injury.  After my story she raised her right hand...and made a fist.  She broke the exact same finger...on the exact same hand.  How ironic.  I was like "NO WAY!!!"

I left that day feeling like they may offer me the job.  Two weeks later I received an email with the official offer.  Since it's with the hospital it takes a while to go through the chain of command.

I'm super excited about this new chapter in my life as an RN (NCLEX pending) at the sports orthopedic clinic.  I've always been interested in sports medicine (obviously).  Not only will I be in the clinic, I will also be her OR (operating room) nurse meaning I'll assist with all her surgeries.  I'm getting the best of both worlds, clinic hours, no holidays, no weekends, AND OR time!!!

I often say "everything happens for a reason".  In this case I feel like I was meant to apply and get this job.  I was turned down for the hospital floor jobs because this one was the one meant for me.  Although I did shed some tears when I didn't even get an interview for the PICU or NICU, I know now why I didn't get those jobs.

I just hope it's as awesome as it is in my head right now.

Do you believe in fate?  

I sure do!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yes, I'm still alive...

So the last time I posted was April, so much has happened.

Even fellow blogger Heather checked up on me!  <-----  How sweet is that????

I needed to take a break from all things that were considered "fun".  Blogging was one of them.  I was so deep into school that I really didn't have ANY time to take off and read anyones blog.  That made me kinda sad that I didn't have time to sit down and read anything that wasn't related to nursing.  But guess what?????  I'M DONE!!!  I GRADUATED!!!

But so much has happened in the past month that I need to do a quick update with full details to follow!!

Here are a few things that have happened...

I went to a baseball game with my family on Easter!  We saw the Cardinals (our fav!!) play the Nats in D.C.  The Cards lost but we still had a blast!  The last time I went to a baseball game I was preggo with the boy!  <----  Long time ago!!!!

I had a job interview last month, and they loved me (I mean, what's NOT to love???) and offered me a full time position!!!  It's gong to be a great opportunity for me.  It's in sports orthopedic clinic!!!  This is one of the fields I've always been interested in and starting next week I get to start!!  It's days only, Monday-Friday, and I get some operating room time with my doctor!!  What?!?!  I'm so stoked!!!

Oh and I graduated nursing school!!!  What?!?!  Yup!  I did it!  Soon I'll be taking the NCLEX exam to officially get my Registered Nursing license!!!  Can't wait!

The hubby and I just got back from a week long vacation with my bestie and her hubby in Punta Cana!  We had a blast!!

While we were there I celebrated my 35th birthday!!  Nothing like spending my birthday in a foreign country drinking Mai Tai's on the beach!!!

I'm still training for my 5K that is actually next Saturday, so there was no shortage of running while I was on a  "break"!

So that's all for now, I'm sure there is more, but now I must read all the things that have happened to y'all!!!

Did y'all miss me???

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Training Week 2

So this is my second week training for the 5K in June.  This week was good, the weather was nice so it made it much more enjoyable!

Run:  Rest!
Fun to start off the week with a rest day!
Squats:  80

Run:  Speed Work!
          Warm up:  15 min @10:17 pace
           Easy:  5 min @10:00 pace
           Fast:  7 min @8:37 pace
           Easy:  5 min @9:44 pace
           Cool down:  10 min @9:38 pace
           Total:  4.33 miles
64 degrees, 10mph winds, 31% humidity
Row:   1285m / 6 min

Run:  Easy 4.35 miles @10:51 pace
50 degrees, 4mph winds, 54% humidity
Squats:  100!

Run:  Rest!
Squats:  105

Run:  Fast 3 miles @8:49 pace
Splits:  8:47
74 degrees, 9mph winds, 31% humidity
Yes, I realize that they are supposed to be negative splits.  In my defense, the second mile was uphill.  
Row:  1065m / 5 min
Squats:  110

Saturday:  Rest!!

Run:  5.07 miles @9:53 pace
64 degrees, 6mph winds, 64% humidity
Squats:  130!

Total mileage:
Run:  16.8 miles
Row:  2350 m / 1.5 miles
Squats:  525!

Speed work day was difficult for me.  I had an awful clinical day and was needing some relief.  My "cool down" wasn't actually a cool down.  I hit my goal pace easily and it was mostly uphill.  It is difficult for me to slow down to a 10:xx after I run an 8:xx.  It was also super windy, and that made it tough for sure!  I've discussed pace issues with Coach L and we are going to do some adjusting for next time.

I ran in very different temps this week all with different humidities and wind.  I can say that Sunday's long run in the 64% humidity was harder for me, I knew when I walked out it just felt hot!  It was actually the same temperature on Tuesday for speed work and it felt so much hotter on Sunday!
I'm almost half way through the 30 day squat challenge!  My quads have been sore the past two days!!

After my 5 mile run today I totally chafed.  Between the boobs.  Ugh.  I've worn this bra before, and it did it last time, but no where near the extent of today.  I won't wear it to run again, it'll just be my "bra around town when I don't need a 'real bra'" bra.
Right between the boobies

I also got my hair done this week!  Ahh!!!

I think I'm picking up a frequency here!

This is what I have been studying...I don't even know how to pronounce most of the words!

All I know is you don't want it!

After my "fast" run, I had my most favorite lunch!!

How was your week?  Is it warming up where you are?  
I'm gonna have to pull out the running skirts!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Training Week 1

So this is obviously not my first training week, but it's my first in a while.  I have 9 weeks until my race in June so I count this as one.

Coach L has made me a plan to be faster, which I'm super stoked about.  She is a fellow nursing school buddy and in her spare time runs super fast and wins races and stuff.  When she said something about making a training plan for herself I said, "hey, make me one of those, I'll do what ever you tell me"  So she did.  To be quite honest, I like her doing it for me.  I'm easy, I'll do what you say, just give me the plan. 

She makes me start on Monday, which is different for me, but I'm cool with it.

Monday:  Run:  Recovery Run / 24:00 / 2.3 miles @ 10:27 pace 
                          Felt great, easy peasy.  It was windy and cool, but loved not having a distance, just time
                Row:  1087m / 5:00

Tuesday:  Run:  Speed Work!  
                          Warm up 15-20 min @ 10:35 pace         
                          5 x 400 @ 8:00 pace (or as close as I can get)                                       
                          400 recovery @ 10:30
                          10 min cool down @10:40               
                          Total: 5 miles
                          This was awesome, the weather was great!  Around 60 when I took off, windy
                Row:  1093m / 5:00
                Squats:  50  <------  30 Day Squat Challenge begins!!

Wednesday:  Run:  Rest day!
                              Totally took a 3 hour nap!  Hahaha
                     Squats:  55

Thursday:  Run:  Easy / 3 miles @ 9:50 pace
                           75 and sunny with a little rain to cool me off!  I felt naked with a tank on!
                  Row:  1095m / 5:00
                  Squats:  60

Friday:  Run:  Rest
             Squats:  Rest

Saturday:  Run:  Easy / 3 miles @ 9:50 pace
                          This was a great run, super nice weather, and a quick out and back
                 Row:  1092m / 5:00
                 Squats:  70

Sunday:  Run:  Easy / 5 miles @ 9:59 pace
                        First long solo run in a while since Stephanie was sickly.  Legs felt tired too.
               Row:  1083m / 5:00
               Squats:  75

Total Mileage:
Run:  18.6 miles
Row:  5450 meters / 3.4 miles
Squats: 310

I haven't done speed work in a looooooooong time.  It was kinda nice to program the workout into the Garmin and go.  I used to do speed work on the treadmill or track.  L says to do it on the road, it'll simulate what the race will be like.  I couldn't agree more.  It was much nicer to do it on the road, it seemed less tedious.  Speed work has never been a favorite, but doing it just on my route made it much easier to tolerate!  Also this is the first time I actually did a "warm up" and "cool down".  When I'm on the treadmill or track I just want to get it over with.  Being outside on the road made it much easier, and I really enjoyed the cool down!!

I like my "easy" runs.  When I asked her how fast those should be she said, "run as slow or as fast as you want, just go by feel"  I like that!

Those don't last for long, unless it's a recovery run after a long run or speed work.  Oh well, I'll take it!

I'm still doing the squat challenge.  I'm sore.  But in the places I wanna be (chub rubs!!).  With each squat I think, "tight ass, here I come!!!"

Rowing.  Yeah, I still don't like it, but I do it.  I need it.  We have an understanding, I put in the time, Killer will give me the arms I want.  I will commit to doing it for 5 minutes after every run.  Next week I'll give him 6 minutes.

After all of my hard work this week I deserved one of these...

Yay for hot pink toes!!
Then Coach L came over Saturday and I played with this new hair thing that makes cool wavy hair...

I totally bought L's from her!

How was your week?  

Are you doing the "30 Squat Challenge" with me?  
I totally recruited the peeps where I get therapy on my hand to do it with me!!  

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I feel the need to throw it all out there from now until mid May.  This way I am accountable for my actions, which help motivate me.

I have a rather awesome month ahead in May:

Mother's Day!!

I'll graduate nursing school!!  

My parents are coming to SEE me graduate nursing school!!

I'm going on a rather awesome vacation with the besty and her hubby!!  

My birthday WHILE I'm on vacation!!

Now which one is more exciting?  I honestly don't know.  I feel as though I deserve them all, and I love that they are all happening in one month!!

So since all of these awesome things are coming up, I feel the need to look awesome, because there will be LOTS of pics the entire month!!  

So what do I need to do?  Well I need to get my ass in gear.  For realz.  I've been pretty de-motivated for the past month.  March sucked to be quite honest.  The weather was crappy (it seriously snowed 3 times at least 6 inches!), I haven't been the normal "awesome" nursing student, and well I just have felt grumpy and had no motivation.

What did I do about it?  

I started taking a multivitamin and other vitamins for starters.  I felt better, not as tired all the time.  

And well, that's about it.

So from here until vacation, I'm gonna post my workouts from each week.  And I'm gonna start the "30 Day Squat Challenge" on April 1st.  

After dinner with my running buddy last night, we've decided we should to do the "Squat Challenge" since we need to "lift" our asses.  I don't have many options right now since the hand is still in therapy and I've only been cleared to run, bike, row, and any other workout that doesn't require me to use my hand much.  So squats are perfect.  

So who's up for the challenge?  It's only 30 days of squats! 

If you'd like to join us, here is the schedule:

I'm totally going to take a pic of day one and then of day 30 to compare.  I'm kinda excited.  

Okay, not really.  Mostly because I know that my legs are gonna hurt so bad I won't be able to sit on the toilet like normal.  You know what I'm talking about... you kinda like a hover over until you finally line up then you drop it like it's hot and hope you don't miss.

So that's the plan for the next 30 days.  I also have a friend that is making me a running plan to better my 5K time.  She is a super fast runner who in her spare time coaches people and love to make training plans...all while she is in nursing school!!  Where does she find the time??  

So April should be fun!  I hope to run more since hopefully since it is April, it'll be warmer!!

Are you up for the challenge?  Have you ever done a 30 day challenge?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting fired isn't so bad!

There is a first time for everything....

Yesterday I got fired.  Yup.  Fired.

A patient fired me for the first time in my 12 years of nursing.

I am in nursing school, and the patients I take care of have no idea I am a nurse already, granted not a "registered nurse" yet, but a "licensed practical nurse".

I was assigned two patients yesterday on the postpartum floor.  One was a couplet, the other was just a baby.  I walked into the couplet room first, figured I'd knock her and the baby out really quick and focus on my other patient with the more complex issues.

As soon as I walked in, I knew she was gonna fire me.  She had that look.  You know...this one...

I came in, told her who I was, what school I go to, and that I'd be taking care of her and the baby today.

Her response?

Mom:  "You gonna touch my baby?"
Me:  "Yes, I have to touch him in order to do an accurate assessment"
Mom:  "They just did one of those"
Me:  "No, an assessment is only done at the beginning of each shift, unless otherwise indicated"
Mom:  "Hmm."
Me:  "If you are uncomfortable with me doing the assessment, then maybe it is in your best interest to have the nurse take care of you today and not a student."
Mom:  "Yeah, I need a real nurse, not you the pretend nurse"


I smiled, then thanked her for her time and walked out of the room.

Being fired wasn't so bad.  It didn't bother me one bit.  I mean seriously.  I know all patients have a choice.  But when you are admitted to a teaching hospital, you have to realize you will encounter many students (nursing and medical, among other type of students). The hospital I'm at is very open about being a teaching hospital.  There are two hospitals in town, so if you don't like this one...go to the other one.

So in the end, I laughed about it.  I'm a happy nurse, I know I take extremely good care of my patients. If she didn't want me, well then that's her loss, not mine.  I ended up taking a GYN patient instead that was amazing.  I was better off not dealing with some one who was gonna be grumpy.  I don't have time for that!

Have you been fired before?  Was it ugly?  Did you see it coming?

I kinda saw it coming as soon as I walked in...she had "the look".

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sleep, Snuggle, & Study

You ever have one of those weeks where you think, "really?  REEEAAALLLLYYYY?????"

I had one of those weeks this past week.  It's over now.  Thank goodness.

I just could not shake this "I don't wanna study, I'd rather sleep/snuggle/eat/watch TV/read Game of Thrones"

Yup.  I said snuggle in there.

Anyone who really knows me, knows I don't snuggle.  Ever.  I've never been one to show any PDA.  I've stolen a kiss a time or two in public, but not those messy sloppy ones.  But for some reason all I wanted to do was lay up in the bed and snuggle with the hubby.  Weird.

Dogs make me smile.

I did it.  I feel better, and I no longer need the snuggle.  I sweat too much for that.  Yuck.

So this week was challenging for me in more ways than one.

I had a test.  I didn't do so well, I felt very prepared, and you know nursing school, all the answers are correct, but you have to pick the most correct one.  Well I was off my game.  I believe I was sleep deprived.  I reviewed the test yesterday with the instructor.  I feel better now, mostly because she said everyone did horrible...and my grade was not the lowest.  Not that it was really low, but definitely not in my normal range.

I'm over that.

I need a full time job come June.  I've had no luck so far at the local hospitals.  You'd think they'd be all over new nurses.  Fresh meat.  Apparently not.

I do have a job now, but it will more than likely not be full time.

I did have an interview the other day for a pediatric clinic I worked at before I went back to school.  It looks promising.  I love peds, so I will more than likely take the job (if they offer it to me) just so I can work with the kiddos.

My PT is going very slow.  I was highly discouraged at my Wednesday appointment, even my therapist noticed.  I just told her I'm moody and I want to make a freaking fist for goodness sakes.  Is that too much to ask?  I haven't been able to make one in 6 months.  Ugh.

The highlight of my week was my run on Monday, with my buddy Stephanie.  We only ran once, and that's okay, mostly because I had to take Wednesday off because I had to take a freaking stool softener Tuesday night because the pain meds for my hand constipated me.  Of course I woke up at 5:30 with crazy poop cramps, so I had to call it off.  She understood, I had the poop discussion with her the night before.  She said and I quote, "no runs on the run!!"

Another highlight is I also found out a friend is moving back here after being gone for three years!!!!  I met her while I worked at the pediatric clinic.  Her hubby is a Marine, so they move a lot, and he's been given an opportunity to come back and teach, so they will be here for three years!  AND they want to move in the area I live in!!!!!  YES!!!!!  She is also a runner, so maybe we can make our runs a threesome!!!  Woo Hoo!

So that's it really.  I need to get my butt back into school mode, and I need to run more.

How do you deal with the stress of life? 

I usually run, but that hasn't been happening much lately!  I need to get on that!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Surgery Update

I can actually use my hand more now than I could before surgery.  If anything, that is a success!

My pics are a little graphic, well not to me, but to some maybe.

Therapy is going well.  She fit me in a splint to be worn until she says so.  My sutures will come out on the 17th, and they are already getting on my nerves!

The first thing we did Wednesday was take that insanely huge dressing off!

At therapy

Getting fitted for my splint.  They really need to make cute ones.  I mean for realz.

After a good scrubbing. 

Side by side comparison.  
Post therapy ice and electro therapy

All in all things are good.  My hand is stiff, but that's expected.  The sutures are annoying, that's expected too.  I'm ready for things to be normal again with my hand.  My therapist is super confident that I will return to post injury status.

I sure do hope so.

Talk about an expensive trail race.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Surgery Edition

Dr. Evil!!  Bahahaha

In recovery, I was asked to "smile" for my mom and dad

Wrapped up...yet again

All is well.

Typing sucks.  

It hurts.

Drugs are awesome.

Physical therapy starts today.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday's jumble in my brain

I've been a bit more jumbled up lately.  Blame it on school, life, job, whatever.  I'm just busy...and jumbled.

I ordered my nursing pin for my pinning ceremony.  Now you peeps that are not nurses...Us nurses are so special we get a pinning ceremony AND an actual graduation where we walk and get our diploma.  Yup.  That's what hard work will get ya.  Two graduations for the price of one.  Some of my friends are not gonna walk at graduation.  I was like, "WHAT?!?!?!"  My parents are coming from out of town and I'm the first person to have an actual college degree in our family.  You can bet your ass I'm walking!!

Wouldn't you walk???

I'm currently addicted to Alex and Ani bracelets.  They make me happy.  I absolutely love every bracelet.  Here are just a few reasons:

-They are handcrafted in the good ole US of A!!  And because each one is handmade they are all    slightly different.

-They all have certain meanings and messages.

-Each bracelet they sell a certain portion of the proceeds will go to an American charity.  All different charities, and you even get a little card telling you which one.

-They are super cute, especially when you have several and you stack 'em!

-They are super affordable.

We have a local store here, and I cannot stop going there (okay, I've only been twice).  I bought my running buddy one for her birthday this week, and she loved it!!!

Here is a pic of the ones I have:

If you'd like to buy browse their website, go here. **  (They also make cute earrings, necklaces, and rings!)

I have surgery scheduled for Monday (first day of my spring break!!!) to release my joint capsule and remove the scar tissue that has accumulated.  I'm super happy about it.  I am so tired of waking up and my hand feeling swollen and stiff.  I even had a dream last night that I could make a fist!!  What?!?!  It was awesome, the tip of my pinky touched my palm.  (Yup, you're totally doing that right now, aren't you???)  I haven't been able to do that for like...oh almost 6 months!

So send good vibes to me on Monday around 1000 Eastern Time, I'll be under the knife and in a Versed induced favorite kind...

**Alex and Ani did not compensate me for commenting on their bracelets.  All opinions are my own.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My quest to be great at all the things...

I'm a mom, wife, student, friend.  Basically in that order.  Most days.  Some days I'm a student, student, student, student.  Do I feel bad?  Sometimes, but not all the time.

I am in nursing school.  I know it is supposed to be difficult, I mean do you really want someone to take care of you that has no idea what they are doing?  

I didn't think so.

I've been working on my RN for the past 1 1/2 years now.  I will finish in May.

Going back to school when you are 33 years old is not for the weak.  Hell, I'd say it's even harder to go back when you have a family.  And I'm super lucky since I have the support of my hubby.

So why do I feel so guilty?

Well you see, I'm an overachiever.  I think I can do it all.  I think that in order to be successful I have to be great at all things.  I have to be an awesome mom, superb wife, "A" student, and cool friend.

I've feel as though I only have the "A" student thing down.  

I feel bad for studying all the time.  All day and night.  I go to school before the family is up, and when they get home I'm upstairs in the office studying.

I often get these questions from my 13 year old: 

"Mom, how much longer are you gonna study?"

I have a test tomorrow that is 50 questions, and they are NCLEX style, where all the answers are correct, but I have to pick the best...I'm gonna be here a bit longer.

"Are you gonna cook, or are we on our own tonight?"

No, I have to make sure the patient I take care of tomorrow gets the best care ever.  He has a rare congenital heart defect and he had surgery to repair it today, oh AND his parents abandoned him in the hospital.  

"Did you remember to pick up the granola bars I've been out of for 2 weeks?"

No, I was trying to make sure you had clean underwear and socks to wear to school, I thought you'd like to not go naked, or in dirty clothes.

The other day when he asked me to take him to school on a rare day I'm out of school AND clinical:

"Can you take me to school, it's not like you have anything else to do today"

Yeah, I have absolutely nothing going on, I need to pick up those granola bars you asked me about 2 weeks ago, and guess what?  You've dirtied more underwear and socks.  Oh AND I have another test this week, the same day I have a quiz I've not even begun to study for.  

Do I feel guilty?  


I love my kid and husband more than words can express in this blog.  They are the reason I try so hard to do it all.  I want them to be proud of me.  I will do anything to make them happy.  

Deep down I believe I was put on this earth to be a nurse.   

I cannot imagine being anything else, no other job in my mind can be more rewarding.  

So yes, I'll keep studying, I'll keep doing it all, because this is my calling.

And if you see me at the hospital and I have dark circles under my eyes, my hair is a mess, and maybe my clothes are wrinkled...

Don't judge me, I've probably been up too long, I forgot to get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they were done, and got up wayyyyyyy too early to take care of you.

But I promise it'll be the best care you've ever received.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Do you have a moment that only comes every once in a while where you think...

"It would be amazing I could get my hands on some xyz"

Well that moment for me is oranges.

I'm not even sure why.  I was making juice the other day and an orange went into one, and after I peeled it I helped myself to a few.  OMG!  I couldn't stop eating it.  I had to peel another to put in there.  I had no idea I needed an orange that bad.  

I have a story about oranges actually.  

When I ran my first marathon (MCM) we were at mile 11 and there was a stand with Marines handing out oranges.  I took a few and kept trucking.  Then when I bit into was as though that oranges was like nectar to my lips.  It seriously almost melted on my lips.  Hell, it probably did.  I even made said to my running partners, "That was the best orange in the entire world".  Crazy the thoughts that go through your brain during a marathon.  I mean seriously.  And orange?  Yup.

I'm sure my craving is coming from some sort of Vitamin C deficiency or something, but OMG, they are delicious!!!

So here's to the orange:

 Thank you for being so yummy!

Are you eating your oranges?  Or another food that all of the sudden you cannot live without?

Monday, February 17, 2014

I survived the snow!! And some other stuff...

So I survived yet another snow here in Virginia!  This time it was a little nicer having the hubby here with me in case something happened.  Last time I had to dig us out all by myself!

I'm not sure what is worse, digging a vehicle out of the snow or digging a vehicle's garage so you can drive out.  Garages are big.  Either way we had to shovel on Thursday AND Friday morning since it decided to snow two days in a row.  How exciting.  Now there are just piles and piles of snow everywhere!

I'm sure you've seen plenty of snow pics, but I'm gonna show you mine anyway.  HA!

Before the madness began!
This is what we woke up to!

After a shovel!

This was WITH my back! 
After the Wednesday night snow...before the second one
Our walk to the nearest RedBox
Why you ask we walked to the nearest RedBox?  Well we rented two movies the night before the snowfall.  I wanted to return them the next day to avoid an extra charge.  And I kinda wanted to get out of the house!!  It was a cold walk to the nearest one, which is only about 1/4 mile.  Starbucks was closed.  I was upset!

But you know who LOVED the snow???  My four legged baby Oscar!

Who me?
Today I had my pre-op appointment for my surgery in two weeks.  The doctor seems pretty confident I will get most of my mobility back in my finger.  I'm excited about getting it done.  I will be awake throughout the procedure and he even promised I could look!  He also wants me awake so I can make a fist for him to be sure that he didn't do any damage to my tendons.  I'm thinking I'm gonna ask him to take pics if he can after he opens me up.  How cool would that be?  To see in the inside of my joint capsule...I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  Maybe I should be a OR nurse?  Hmmm.

I've started running again since the PF seems to be getting better.  I ran a whole 6 miles last week!  I ran 3 today in the snow covered sidewalks.  Running in snow is a beast.  I get nervous about slipping, but I made it just fine.  I'm still biking, and even added rowing back into the mix.  Rowing is proving to be difficult because of my lack of grip on the right hand.  I'm still gonna do it though, I need to row.

You know what's best about running inside when it's 10 degrees out?

I had to resort to a treadmill run on Thursday!

I'm still juicing it up.  I actually had an in depth conversation with a fellow nursing student last week about being a vegetarian and juicing.  He disagrees with juicing, I don't.  He was quite passionate about it too.  I told him we will just agree to disagree.  People are entitled to their own opinions.  I heard him out, he heard me out, and we are still buddies.  He had an interesting story though, after changing to a vegan diet, he lost 100 lbs about a year ago.  He is still quite obsessed about calories though.  When we were discussing shakes, I told him I use coconut milk and he told me to "watch those calories".  I'm not concerned with calories, I've never been much of a calorie counter, but I do totally understand where he is coming from.  I think it's amazing when people lose that amount of weight.  Diet is way more important than exercise, although you need both to be successful.

So did you get snowed in?

And what do you do when you can't exercise outside AND you can't leave the house?

I'm pretty lucky to have a small gym in our basement, so I usually reluctantly go down there, but I'd much rather be outside!