Sunday, March 31, 2013


Who says you can't study AND workout?  I'm a total multitasker for sure!

Studying the cranial nerves is way more fun on the bike...

Note to self:  Cover the paper with plastic...sweat smears.

Do you multitask?  If so what do you combine?

I'm a total mutlitasker when it comes to studying.  I'll study while I cook, clean, workout, watch TV, in between patients at work, anywhere I can get a few minutes in!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Breaking Free

So on Thursday we broke free from cable.

We still have our high speed internet, but we no longer have cable, or DVR.  We still have TV, you know it's just kinda like the old days when you plugged it up and only got a few local channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox).  In a conscious effort to reduce spending, we looked at our cable, and decided that we could do without.  The hubby has been trying to convince me for a while now I could go without, but until our one year contract was up with Comcast, we had to hold out.  Our contract ended on March 20th, so eight days later, I went to the store and cancelled it.  (Of course we still have their awesome internet....)

Since the hubby and I have been back in school, we just don't watch as much TV as we used to.  We looked into Amazon Prime, and we are trying out our free membership for 30 days.  Can't beat that.  If we decide we don't like it, we can cancel it before April 27th, and never be charged.

I added our expenses to keep cable.  Here's the rundown:

It costs us around $2400 per year to have cable and internet.

It will now cost us $477 per year to have internet.  We have to have the "high speed" internet mostly because the hubby's school is entirely online, and my classes must have internet access since they are hybrid classes.

Amazon Prime is $80 per year.

Netflix is $96 per year.

So add internet, Amazon Prime, and Netflix and you get a total of $643 for all three per year.

That's a savings of $1747 per year!

Wow.  We could take another vacation if we wanted with that money!!  (but we likely won't)

So yeah, I did it.  The hubby didn't think I could do it...but it's only been one full day...

Could you live without cable?  

Do you already live without cable?

Could you live without any other "luxury"?

I'm not sure if I could live without any other luxuries.  I like my phone, but we don't have a "landline" anymore, I actually don't know anyone who does......

Full disclosure:

With Amazon Prime I am able to watch every show I normally watch.  Some are free, some cost per episode, or you can buy the "season pass".  They are typically $1.99 per episode, (if you buy a season pass you get the episodes for $1.89) so no worries, I won't be totally out of the loop when Game of Thrones starts on Sunday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Funny Thursday Thoughts...

Since my last post was about things that drive me nuts, I wanted to post things that have made me laugh in the past few days...

It is no secret I'm a nurse at an OB/GYN office.  I love my job, and the sometimes strange comments I get from patients.  Yesterday I had a very young mom to-be come in.  I asked her if she had given us a urine sample yet (we always check protein and glucose).  She asked me, "Why do you always need my pee?  Do you guys check every single time if I'm pregnant?"  My reply?  "Honey, I know you're pregnant, that is why you're here"  then I went on to explain to her what I check and why, and from the look on her face, I should've just said, "yes, I must check it to see if you're still pregnant".

Maybe she needs this?

Yesterday after work I had to drop a co-worker off at the body shop.  I told her I would, but I first had to pick up my husbands CO2 tank.  She agreed.  When I got back in the car, I realized I had the Howard Stern station on.  (for those not familiar with his station, it's on Sirius 100, and quite vulgar).  I got back in the car and my 64 year old co-worker said, "what an interesting radio station, what channel is it?"  I asked her if she like it, she replied, "it was really funny, even with all the bad words".  I just laughed and thought today she'll go to work and talk about my taste in radio and how I love vulgar radio.  I think he was talking about porn movies.

Awesome-sauce, even if it is raunchy!!!

Tuesday night while I was flossing, I pulled out part of my tooth with the string.  It flung out so hard, hit the mirror, and then in the sink.  I had to call the dentist on Wednesday morning for a emergency filling.  That's never happened to me.  When the dentist said, "how long had that one been in there?"  I said, "well hell I don't know, do you see how many I have, if I had to keep up with them then I'd have an entire book called, Michele's Filling Dates, and BTW, that's why I pay you the big bucks dude!"  He agreed, and then just laughed at me and told me no one has ever said that before. Well buddy, you've never had a cool patient like me....

Why does the dentist ask questions?!?!

My son told me this morning a boy at school has a mustache.  This is how our convo went down:
J:  Mom, a boy at school has a mustache.
Me:  Really?
J:  When can I get one of those?
Me:  In the next few years.
J:  HOW long?
Me:  I'm not the "puberty queen"  I don't know when you'll grow facial hair.
J:  I don't want facial hair, I just want a mustache.  If I had facial hair, I'd be a bear!

Oh the joys of puberty....and teenagers....

He can't freaking wait...

In my health assessment class we are doing the neuro system.  I've learned a lot, and in one section there is a test for men only.  Since there are no men in our class, and I'm sure even if there was a male, he wouldn't let us do this test, the teacher said, "If you have a willing partner, do this test at home"  Simple enough.  When the hubby came home I said, "drop 'em, I gotta check something"  Good thing he's a good sport!

It's the "Cremasteric Reflex", I will not post a pic, it would be like nurse porn....but feel welcome to google it....

This video has me cracking up!  I could watch it 100 times and still crack up, there's a remix too, so if you like the original, you'll LOVE the remix!!!  I actually had to watch it twice to figure out what the hell she was saying!

Anything funny happen to you this week?

Any good YouTube videos to share?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things that fire me up!!

Want to know a few things that get me fired up?

1)  People who drive in slow in the left lane because they are making a left turn 5 miles down the road. Literally, the right lane is the fast lane here.  I can pass 35,947,674 cars in 5 miles and STILL get in the left lane to make a turn!!!  Seriously people GET OVER!!!!!!!!!

I seriously look like this cat!!!

Must. Get. One. 

2)  People in the left lane that are going slow AND are on the phone or texting!!!!!!!  OMG!!!  I swear if I had a blow horn I'd blow it out the window!  Last week the hubby (we share the same issues) saw someone in his work area driving slow as shit in the left lane and when he passed, the dude was on his phone texting or something.  The hubby rolled down his window and yelled profanities at him.  Wish I could've been there.  **Note to America, don't mess with someone that has PTSD**

I'm sure it looked something like this...

3)  My pharmacology teacher.  She doesn't grade a damn thing.  Today is March 26th, and the last time I had something graded was February 3rd.  We have assignments due each week.  I have no idea where I stand in that class.  I'm taking my second test today.  April 28th is the end of the semester.  This makes me go crazy since I have bad OCD tendencies.

4)  Wet socks.  I hate when I'm walking around my house and step in water somewhere (usually the bathroom).  Wet socks = crazy woman on crack.

This is what it feels like to me!

5)  When I paint my nails in the evening and I take a shower the next morning and they chip.  Seriously?!?!  WHYYYYYY????????  Again, with the OCD thing, it drives me freaking insane!!!  So what did I do?  Repaint them while I was studying today.


These are just a few things that have been driving me nuts recently.

I've come to the conclusion that nursing school is making me crazy.  And insane.  I mean I was already crazy and insane, but school makes it worse.  I hope my family survives the next year.....

What makes you crazy?  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

If you knew you couldn't fail....

What would you do?

I kinda live in fear of failure every day.  Not because I'm failing (I actually have straight A's), but just the "what if this doesn't work out, it gets to be too much, if I can't handle the work load, if I won't be able to work, what if I graduate and then fail state boards, what if we have to move and I stay here to finish school and the hubby moves somewhere else until I'm done."

Yeah, all of that.

So I fear the "what ifs" in the back of my mind.

But what if you knew you couldn't fail?

I think small amounts of fear is good for us, but overly fearful can be quite stressful.  I try to go day to day without the fear of failure, but it's hard sometimes.

So what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
I'd be an orthopedic doctor in sports medicine.  That's what I'd do.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

Yesterday at work, I was reading an article on the new polices that CVS is trying to put into effect for their employees.  They are hoping to soon to make it mandatory for each employee get a physical and report their weight, BMI, blood work (including glucose and cholesterol levels).  If the employee refuses to do so, they must pay $50 a month penalty, resulting in $600 a year.  CVS said this type of mandate makes their employees healthier, and therefore lowers health insurance rates, and their employees will be less sick, and more able to work.  

That got me thinking...

Is that right?  Can they make them do that?  

Then later yesterday when I was on the treadmill doing speed work, the news was talking about how 2/3 of Americans are obese.  That's a little over 66% of America!  We are all aware of how unhealthy Americans are, and how childhood obesity is on the rise.  We live a different lifestyle than just 20 years ago.  

So that got me thinking too....

Is is wrong for employers to mandate health screens?  I don't think so.  Insurance is constantly on the rise.  I know we personally pay a little over $500 a month for health insurance alone.  We are pretty healthy people.  It pains me sometimes to see how much we pay.  We go for our check ups and blood work each year, and we live a very active lifestyle.  If it would mean I'd get a lower insurance rate than a person that weighs 350 lbs, and has no desire at all to get healthy, then I'd do it.  I'd be all for letting my employer see that not only am I healthy on the outside, I'm healthy on the inside.  

And then that got me thinking....

If they strictly go by BMI, I'm classified at "overweight".  I always have been.  It's no secret I weigh way more than a typical woman that wears the same size as me.  My doctor has never been concerned, and has told me on countless occasions, I'm VERY healthy.  He always says to me, "Michele, you are solid, you have a lot of muscle mass for a woman, you should be proud!"  He always goes on to say I burn more fat than most women because of the muscle mass, and I'm less likely to get osteoporosis later in life.  But I wonder, would I be charged extra because it looks like (on paper) I'm about 15 lbs overweight?   

Another example, a local hospital here publicly states they will not hire anyone who smokes.  They actually do a test once you've been accepted for a position.  If you fail, they won't hire you, but you can apply again in 6 months, but you still have to pass the nicotine test (along with the typical drug screen).  Just two years ago this "rule" went into effect.  People made a HUGE deal of it.  They offered current employees that smoked information and packages including medication to help them stop (at no cost to the employee!!!)  They are now a smoke free hospital.  Completely.  That makes me feel good, because as a non-smoker, I sure as hell don't want a stinky smoke smelling nurse taking care of me!!

They do it for the military.  When my husband was in, I remember you had to be a certain weight, and pass all PT tests.  This is what I pulled from the internet...

"Soldiers who fail any portion of the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) must re-take the entire APFT within three months (unless they have an approved medical profile). Soldiers who fail the APFT are flagged in accordance with Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions. Individuals who are flagged for APFT failure are not eligibile for promotion, reenlistment or enlistment extension"

You can look at the entire article here if interested.

So basically what happens is that you cannot get promoted if you do not pass.  Is that wrong?  Nope.  And just so you know, when my husband was in the military, our insurance didn't cost much, and we had the best coverage we've ever had.  Just sayin'.  

So what are your thoughts on this?  Do you think this is a good idea?  Do you think health screens should be mandated? 

I think they should.  But I also think it should be the same across the board.  America really needs to step up and get a handle on this obesity thing.  It's going to kill millions of people and end up costing us trillions of dollars.  (probably more, but I don't know what comes after trillion....)

BTW, not sure what happened when I wrote this blog, it looks weird, but I'm just going to go with it...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tidbitty Tuesday!!!

For our anniversary my husband and I went to the spa and got facials and massages.  I did an extra hard workout that morning since I knew I'd be getting my muscles rubbed on later.  Well, I'm super sore today.  So much so I didn't even run...yet.  (I plan to later today)  And I had "Chatty Cathy" as a masseuse.  That was annoying to say the least.  She did a great job, I just wanted her to shut up!!!

Saturday my son's computer went "kerplunk".  It probably needs a new video card, but we aren't really for sure.  My computer is getting older, and making me very mad.  So I ended up getting an iMac.  I haven't had a "desktop" computer in more than 8 years or so.  I now have the 21.5 iMac which is freaking amazing.  That's a huge upgrade from my 13 inch Macbook Pro.  I can now open several windows on the computer and I'm able to look at them all at once!  It's the little things.  (And it's totally a tax deduction for school!!)  So I made the switch.  I'll still use my Macbook to take to school if I need to, but I'm loving this huge computer screen!!!

This thing is HUGE...(that's what she said)...

My son sold fruit to raise money for the orchestra he plays in.  I bought oranges, tangerines, and strawberries.  Strawberries are absolutely my most favorite fruit in the whole wide world.  Thing is, no one in my family used to like strawberries.  Until now.  My hubby has been sneaking in there and eating them!!  I asked him the other day about how he used to not like them, and he said, "well those taste good to me now!"  Ahh, so I see, I'll be buying way more of them come summer time!!

I have a nail polish addiction.  Orly nail polish to be exact.  I threw a lot of my old ones out this past weekend, but not the Orly.  I love some nail polish, what can I say?

My hair is crazy!  I read a post from Kim here.  I told her my hair is insane, like scary insane.  I think she doesn't believe me, and said she wanted a pic.  Well here you go Kim!!  Scary as can be!!  


It's amazing what Moroccan Oil and a flat iron can do!!
I swear, it's the same person!!  I almost broke the camera with the "before" pic!!!

We made some homemade pizza the other night.  We went to Trader Joe's and saw the dough and all the fixings.  So we had to try it out.  This is our first attempt....

We are still unsure how to get it round, but it was good, and there wasn't any left.

So that's the past few days for me.  It's back to school today, no more spring break!  I won't get time off until May!

What kind of computer is your favorite?  
I used to think it was a laptop for me, but I'm really enjoying the bigger screen!!  (and lets face it, Macs are expensive!  Especially the Macbook Pros with the bigger screen!!!)

Do you have crazy hair?  Can you just wash and go?  Or do you wash and go, but maybe shouldn't?
My hair has always been nuts.  No matter then length. I have to fix it, or I'd look like that pic!!!  YIKES!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

10 years ago today...

I married my best friend.

Some said we'd never make it.  (don't most people say that?)

We did, and we are still going strong, 10 years later.  I probably love this man more than the day I married him, although he'll tell you he's loved me since the first day he saw me.  (I was 15, is that weird?  Yeah, I thought so...)

10 years is a long time to be married nowadays.  It's not always been fun, it hasn't always been easy, but I cannot imagine sharing all the ups and downs of life with anyone else.  Our good times have out weighed our bad times for sure.  Neither one of us are perfect, but I'm damn near close.  :)

So babe, here's to us, we are pretty freaking awesome!  We are like a fine wine, we get better with each year, and I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years are like.  (hopefully the kid will be out of college and on his own, and I'll have full time job....)

Love you babe, always.

10 years ago today...

10 years later.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What kind of mom are you?

I was asked this recently.  I didn't know how to respond, so I asked what they meant.  They asked if I was the friend or disciplinarian.  I said both.  I mean, I am really. Aren't most moms?  We can't be mean the whole time.  And most of the time I am the friend.  So anyway, it got me thinking...why am I the friend?

My son is 12 years old.  He's in middle school.  We've been through a lot together.  When I found out I was pregnant I was just 20 years old, I had no idea what I was going to do.  All I knew was I was going to be a mom.  As horrible as it sounds, I never thought of myself as the "mom" type.  (of course I was 20 years old, and a complete idiot...)  To be really honest, my husband and I didn't really know if we wanted children.  But yeah, we did things that makes babies.  And I don't need to go into detail.  

Shortly after our son turned 3, my husband joined the military.  He was gone a lot.  I mean a whole lot.  We added up the time he served was 58 months, out of those 58 months, he was gone about 40 months, that includes training and two deployments.  That's a lot of time to be with our son one on one.  For most of that time he was the only friend I had.  When we lived in Germany and it was just us two, I didn't hang out with many other moms.  Since we moved to Virginia, my husband has done a total of 12 months deployed and a couple of months of training.  I think that because of this reason, J and I are really close.  We have a special bond.  We kinda grew up together, I was practically a kid when I had him.  Not many people know what it's like to be without their husbands long term, and it's super hard to relate to people sometimes.  But J knows what I mean, even if he is a kid.

So I guess I am the friend most of the time.  He knows when I mean business, and he knows when I'm kidding.  He's a spectacular kid, well rounded, and a sweetheart.  (most of the time)  I do the best I know how as his mom, and if being his friend is wrong, then I don't want to be right.  Now I'm not going to be "that" mom that lets her kid do anything.  And I'm also not going to be that mom that hangs out with her kid when he's in high school.  That would be weird.  I never liked those moms, they always seemed to be living through their children.  He is his own person, and I want it to stay that way.  And there are rules.  Lots of them.

So what kind of mom are you?  If you're not a mom yet, what kind of mom do you want to be?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four things Thursday, 'cause I have more than three

Today my son asked me to take him to McDonalds for a chicken biscuit, then to school.  Usually I don't.  Matter of fact, this is the first time I've ever taken him.  I told him I'd agree if we first went to Starbucks for my caffeine fix.  He agreed.  After we hit the McD's drive through there was a motorcycle accident.  It appeared a car pulled out in front of the motorcycle and you can only imagine the rest.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to get out of the car.  My nurse instinct kicked in.  I literally felt the adrenaline rushing.  My son even said, "momma, you gotta go make sure he's okay".  My husband is an avid motorcyclist, and I knew I'd want someone to check on him if he was ever in an accident.  As soon I got out of the car, the paramedics arrived.  All is well.  I'm pretty sure he'll be alright.  There were lots of people pulled over, but only one man out helping the guy.  This is the second time my son was with me and we witnessed an accident.  It's my duty as a nurse to help.  I'm glad he understands.  I'm also glad I can help.

With the warmer temps, please look out for people on motorcycles AND cyclists.  I find motorcyclist are usually some of the best drivers.  Mostly because they have to look out for idiots.  I was hit last summer when I was riding my bicycle.  Bruised the hip bone.  Not cool.

I ran today.  Five miles.  I ran it in 43:26!!  8:41 pace!!!  That's another PR for five miles!  Woot!!!  Here are my splits:

1 mile:  8:57
2 mile:  8:25
3 mile:  9:00  <---- headwind 30mph gusts
4 mile:  8:31
5 mile:  8:27  <---- 30mph gusts at my back!

I totally rocked it.  Just so you know, I had the exact same outfit on today as I did last month for my old five mile PR.  I'm convinced it's the outfit.  Nothing else.  Forgot my speedy outfit?  Here is a reminder:

Official speed outfit

My son started practicing the intro song for Game of Thrones on his violin last night.  It's amazing.  He has the first 10 seconds or so down.  If you don't watch Game of Thrones, well then, shame on you.  (but you should totally youtube it, it's a cool song!)

Awesome-est show 

In case you're wondering, I'm feeling much better since my last post.  Life seems to be turning in the right direction, slowly, but it is looking up.  I'm trying really hard to focus on the moment and quit worrying so much about the future.  Although it's not always easy, I'm trying.

Have you ever witnessed an accident?  What did you/would you do?

I'm totally comfortable helping, I know some aren't.  But being helpful and being a "rubber neck" are two totally different things.  I always think, if it was anyone I knew that was in an accident, I'd totally want someone to help.  Even if it was to hold a hand.  Think about it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The weekend in pictures...

This weekend was awesome.  We didn't do much, just relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors.  I did a brick workout and weights on Saturday using my new Gymboss, and I ran outside Sunday.  It was so nice outside we even got to ride the motorcycle!

Isn't my helmet the coolest?  Yeah, I thought so.

This little booger is awesome!!  Love it!
We saw Oz

Walking Oscar

Take the damn picture already...
 For these I have no explanation for...complete boredom?

How was your weekend?  Have you seen the movie Oz?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?

March Fitness Results

Here are my measurements since February.  I've held true to my goal to do this measurement thing every month on the 7th.  Last month I took a week off due to a shoulder injury, but it didn't seem to hurt me in any way.

These are based on what I measured in February.

Thighs:  Same
Hips:  - 1/2 inch
Waist:  - 1/4 inch  "natural waist"
Arms:  Same
Stomach:  - 3/4 inch  "belly fat"
Weight:  - 1lb  <--------  As in ONE WHOLE POUND!!!
Percent Body Fat:  - 1.1%

I think I did okay this month.

Not only did I lost weight and inches, I had some pretty awesome PR's in February with running, biking and rowing!

I didn't weigh myself at all this month.  Well I went to the doctor for my physical, so he had to weigh me, and I took a sneak peak, but I didn't jump on my scale one time!!!  I didn't think I could do it!

My doctor confirmed that I'm a healthy weight for me, and my blood work confirmed I have a healthy heart.  So I'm healthy on the inside AND the outside.  Good to know.

Highlight of the month was putting on some jeans last Wednesday that I haven't worn in a couple of months.  Last time I had them on, they were snug.  I don't like snug jeans, I like comfort, oh and being able to breathe is a big thing too.  I pushed them to the back of the closet, and didn't even try to put them on.  It was amazing.  It's the little things that make me happy.

I am a little depressed about the arm size.  Maybe I'm where I need to be size wise?  Maybe they'll finally start to look like some real guns?  They still feel pretty flabby to me.  I need to do some research some arm exercises.  I also found out this past week I have a wedding to go to in July, and I need some awesome arms for my dress!

I've also been really trying really hard not to focus on weight.  It is just a number.  It is hard to accept sometimes that I'll never be itty bitty.  I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to not focus on it.

So for this month I'll work harder on my arms.  I'm also still going to do away with the scale.  It literally felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I quit focusing on the number and going more by how I felt.  And I have to admit, I've felt pretty awesome!

How often to you weigh yourself?

I'm usually a slave to the scale, but I broke free last month!  I'm a numbers freak, so it's not been easy!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nike, you are awesome!

Remember when I had the run in the snow/sleet/rain?  Don't remember?  Go here.  Remember how I couldn't get my Garmin to work, then my Nike GPS didn't want to work either?  Well I still couldn't get the Nike watch to work even after countless attempts of doing what they told me online.  So then it basically said that if you can't get it to work, call the Nike help line.  So I did.  On a Sunday afternoon, which is probably the only free day I have (they are open 7 days a week!)

Old watch

This is what it would say even after I deleted all the runs.

I spoke to a really nice lady named Violet.  We went through what I've done, and she basically said that I had everything I was supposed to.  She looked up my account and found out the watch is almost 2 yrs old.  (The hubby bought it for me for my birthday, they were fairly new then)  Then she also informed me that is was no longer under warranty.  (it expires after a year).  I had told her I've always had some issues with it connecting, but this was the first time I couldn't after numerous attempts.  She thought it was strange that I've always had problems.

I was a little upset, but I didn't tell Violet.  I mean, I know my Garmin is dying, and now my backup doesn't work.  With our current job situation, I knew that a new GPS watch would be considered a "luxury" item.  Although the hubby said we'd get me a new one since I run all the time, he didn't consider it "luxury" since it gets used 4-5 days a week.  But still, it's a pricey item.

Violet was super nice, and told me to go get a flashlight.  Apparently those watches had an issue with the USB hookup that's located on the watch.  They were getting small micro-cracks.  She said if that was the issue, I'd simply send it back on Nike's dime, Nike would inspect it, and get a replacement free of charge if that was the issue.

While on the phone, I was crossing my fingers for micro-cracks.  When I first looked, I didn't see any.  Violet said, "Michele, look closely, go to a window, use the flashlight".  And what do you know, I had two!!!  I was super excited to say the least!!  After getting all the info from Violet on how to return it, and all the paperwork, I got off the phone and ran downstairs to tell the hubby.  Needless to say he was pretty happy too!

I guess that since I bought the product when it first came out, they hadn't worked out all the kinks.  I don't think I got a bad watch, it just wasn't perfect yet.  Thanks to Nike to getting me a new watch, and making it right.

Today after only nine days since I shipped it, my new one came in.  I didn't get the chose the color, but that didn't really matter, I mean I got a new watch at no cost to me.

Yay!  I even got a new foot pod!

Not today, but soon, real soon!

Today was a good day!

So thank you Nike!  I appreciate it!

Have you ever had an issue with gear?  Did you call and try to get it resolved?

I have to admit, I usually don't.  Which is horrible I guess.  I'm glad I went with my gut though and called, if not I'd have a watch that didn't work not because of anything I did!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow days and South Park!!

Today was a snow day for my husband, son, and myself.  When I woke up at 6am for my workout, I saw it snowing, and got a little giddy inside.  I got a text from work saying, "no one can get out, the office is closed."  YES!!!!!  At work the hubby didn't have any electricity, so he was out too!  Double YES!!!!  Obviously the kids were out, I mean nine inches by 8am, no way the buses are driving in that!

At about 8am, I took this pic:

So what does this girl do on a snowy day after she's done her workout, showered, dressed?  I watch South Park.    

So that's my day!  It was great, no homework, no worries, just relaxing with my boys!

What do you do when you have a snow day?  Do you curl up and watch tv or read?  Or do you go out and see the snow?

We typically do both.  Mostly because we hate being cooped up in the house.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back in the saddle again!

So after one full week of rest, I can say my shoulder feels much better.  I've had the hubby do at least one deep tissue massage every day and IcyHot patches have become my best friend.  I often had to remind the hubby when he complained about rubbing my shoulder that our co-pay is $50 and then he didn't say much.

I got on the bike and rowed today, and did some strength training.  I also bought one of these:

I was reading this blog and she was showing some new (to me) interval exercises with the GymBoss, and I thought, what a clever idea!!!  I was just using my phone, which is highly annoying since I have to look at it all the time.  With this thing I can just set it, clip it, and GO!!!

If you want one, go here

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the local 10 miler.  I know I'm perfectly capable of running 10 miles, and I need to decide soon, so I'll try to have a decision by the end of the week.  (Good thing the prices don't go up!!)

I cannot wait for next week.  Why?

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

One full week of no homework!!!  I'll be in heaven!!  I'll be able to read everybody's blogs the day they  post stuff!!!!

Do any of you have cool gadgets? If so tell me!!!  Have you ever heard of GymBoss, or something like it that's super easy to use?