Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tidbitty Tuesday!!!

For our anniversary my husband and I went to the spa and got facials and massages.  I did an extra hard workout that morning since I knew I'd be getting my muscles rubbed on later.  Well, I'm super sore today.  So much so I didn't even run...yet.  (I plan to later today)  And I had "Chatty Cathy" as a masseuse.  That was annoying to say the least.  She did a great job, I just wanted her to shut up!!!

Saturday my son's computer went "kerplunk".  It probably needs a new video card, but we aren't really for sure.  My computer is getting older, and making me very mad.  So I ended up getting an iMac.  I haven't had a "desktop" computer in more than 8 years or so.  I now have the 21.5 iMac which is freaking amazing.  That's a huge upgrade from my 13 inch Macbook Pro.  I can now open several windows on the computer and I'm able to look at them all at once!  It's the little things.  (And it's totally a tax deduction for school!!)  So I made the switch.  I'll still use my Macbook to take to school if I need to, but I'm loving this huge computer screen!!!

This thing is HUGE...(that's what she said)...

My son sold fruit to raise money for the orchestra he plays in.  I bought oranges, tangerines, and strawberries.  Strawberries are absolutely my most favorite fruit in the whole wide world.  Thing is, no one in my family used to like strawberries.  Until now.  My hubby has been sneaking in there and eating them!!  I asked him the other day about how he used to not like them, and he said, "well those taste good to me now!"  Ahh, so I see, I'll be buying way more of them come summer time!!

I have a nail polish addiction.  Orly nail polish to be exact.  I threw a lot of my old ones out this past weekend, but not the Orly.  I love some nail polish, what can I say?

My hair is crazy!  I read a post from Kim here.  I told her my hair is insane, like scary insane.  I think she doesn't believe me, and said she wanted a pic.  Well here you go Kim!!  Scary as can be!!  


It's amazing what Moroccan Oil and a flat iron can do!!
I swear, it's the same person!!  I almost broke the camera with the "before" pic!!!

We made some homemade pizza the other night.  We went to Trader Joe's and saw the dough and all the fixings.  So we had to try it out.  This is our first attempt....

We are still unsure how to get it round, but it was good, and there wasn't any left.

So that's the past few days for me.  It's back to school today, no more spring break!  I won't get time off until May!

What kind of computer is your favorite?  
I used to think it was a laptop for me, but I'm really enjoying the bigger screen!!  (and lets face it, Macs are expensive!  Especially the Macbook Pros with the bigger screen!!!)

Do you have crazy hair?  Can you just wash and go?  Or do you wash and go, but maybe shouldn't?
My hair has always been nuts.  No matter then length. I have to fix it, or I'd look like that pic!!!  YIKES!!!


  1. You're so pretty and have the best smile!!! LOL! Love the "before" pic. Thanks for posint ig! It's not too crazy... check this out...

    Any tips with the Moroccon oil? I have some, but still have flyaways.

    I have a laptop with a huge external screen that I love. Woo hoo for big screens!

    If I was there I would be nomming all your strawberries too. That is great your son is selling that and not some junk! :)

    So so so want a massage :)

    1. Aww, thanks! The before pic is pretty scary, huh?

      I use the regular Moroccan Oil. (I think it comes in light?) Anyway, I put it on before I blow dry (4 pumps), then I use the flat iron, then I put a little on my palms (1 pump) and work it throughout my hair. You have to be careful, but it works wonders. I also find if I use it religiously, it helps long term. My stylist even said that my hair is in much better condition since I've started using it! A little hairspray will help too when those fly-aways are just out of control!!

      And we sold the hell out of that fruit! Everyone I work with bought it!!

      Massages are great, although, I've had better. Chatty Cathy got on my last nerve!!!

    2. I use Moroccan Oil too! I started using it when I was getting my hair bleached. I loooooove it!

      Are you nekkid in your before picture?

  2. Woops I just realized I added that comment as a reply to Kim's comment. Y'all know what I meant. haha

    1. Ha! Yes I am nekkid!!!! (well sort of) I don't put on a bra or shirt until the hair is done. I've had too many issues with loose hair getting in my bra and driving me bananas all damn day!!!!

      Moroccan Oil is the shiznit!!!