Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shiloh Thompson Benefit 5K and a surgery...

Saturday morning I raced in a full road 5K, and I honestly don't remember the last time I ran one!!  I always run the 4 the Wounded 5K, but it is part trail, so I'm not sure it justifies as a road 5K, let's say it doesn't.

Anyway, my typing still frustrates me since I'm still broken, so I'll be brief...

I ran with my running buddy that I've been running with for the past month or so.  We agreed to run together since we are the same pace.  She knew I wanted a PR, so she hung with me to push me when the hills got bigger and bigger.

The first mile was pretty good, we were going pretty strong, then the first hill came...then the second one at mile two...but we pushed through it all.  Not making much convo like we usually do in the morning, just hanging in there.

It was in a residential neighborhood, with some awesome views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We were the second and third female for a while, then we ran past a woman at mile 2, but then we got passed by another woman right after, but we held on until the end and placed 2nd and 3rd overall female!!!  What?!?!  Yeah, I got 2nd place overall!!!!!!  (The elite runners decided to sleep in!!!!)  S (running partner) was right with me, they have her at 1 second behind me, but we crossed together, but that's cool, 'cause she really doesn't care!

I got a free 30 day gym membership, an awesome cold/heat pack, and water bottle for being 2nd (1st place got the same thing).  Because they only had 1st and 2nd, S ended up being 1st in our age group and got a hoodie from our local running shop and the same cold/heat pack!  SCHWWEEETTT!!!

These are our splits:
1 mile:  7:55
2 mile:  8:15
3 mile:  8:21
.10 mile:  6:37

25:00 total

Average 8:04 pace.

Yeah, we kicked some serious butt!!!  S said she has never ran that fast for a 5K, and I said me neither!!!  We are a pretty good team fo sho!!  We already have plans running our local 10K mid October and maybe a half in November, if I can talk her into it...

Want to hear something else funny?  S and I wore basically the same thing at the race, and we both didn't realize it until she texted me the pics, how funny is that?

With my race swag

S and I, unintentional twinkies!

Dexter and I, he's such a gentle giant!!

So I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow on my finger.  Tuesday at the ortho, they took more X-rays and discovered it is a clean break and dislocated.  In order for my finger to heal properly, it will require a pin to straighten it.  Who knew a pinky finger could cause so much trouble??

Send good vibes tomorrow about 1045 eastern time, that's when I go under the knife!

(This post seriously took me 45 min to type, you should be happy!!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

New River Trail pics mostly...

I can hardly type, so this recap is in pics until I can type like a normal person...

My employer sponsored us, so this one is for them!

This is how we really act...

Hubby and I before his 40 mile bike ride

So excited!

Coming in for T1

J on the kayak!

Nice river ride!


Reason for our DNF

In the ED getting drugs!

I sent this one I sent to my mom first

My poor pinky 


Day 2

Day 2
So we got a DNF because I tripped on a tree root at mile 4 of the half marathon.  I was well on my way to a sub 2 hour, but it just wasn't my day.

I see the hand surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some relief and feel better.  I will say this, to be the smallest finger, it sure does hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have a real race recap when I can type more than 5 wpm!!

So until then, the hubby will be perfecting his ponytail and wrapping wound skills.  

He still has a long way to go on the ponytail thing...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running and bears...oh my!

It is no secret where I live.  We have bears.  And they are active right now, a little too much for my liking.

Last year while on my 20 mile training run for MCM I saw a bear at mile 17.  I thought at first it was a dog, then I thought maybe I was hallucinating (because aren't we all after running 2+ hours?), then I realized, it was a bear.  Yikes!!!  I turned around and ran as fast as I could home, needless to say the last three miles of my 20 were my fastest.

I haven't seen a bear since.


If I saw this Bear, I'd be okay...

And I'm not even sure why.  Maybe it's because he has an accent, and he's rugged.  I dunno.

Okay, I went off topic.  Sorry.


Tuesday morning my running partner, we'll call her S* for now, were running the trails and there was garbage everywhere behind her neighbors house.  I said, dang, what is up with that?  She said, "bears".  Oh my!!

Then I was talking to another friend that saw one a few weeks back on the trail I ran Sunday!  Yikes!

I guess I kinda forgot about bears being around here.  Until Tuesday at approximately 0600.  They are pretty active here late summer to early fall.  So I've done some research, to prepare myself in case I come in contact with a bear.

First of all, know you're bear:

Black bears are common here, at least they are the smaller of the two.

Then if you come in contact:

1.  Do not run.

2.  Do not make eye contact.

3.  Walk away slowly.

4.  If he charges at you, stand your ground, look tall.

5.  Don't shout, talk slowly (apparently they'll figure out that you're human and leave you alone?)

6.  If the bear makes contact, curl up in a ball and protect your neck and head.

Here is where I got my info if you're interested.

So here is my list in case I come in contact with a bear:

1.  Pepper spray.  Yes, I will spray it in your face you big ole bear!!

2.  I will probably run as fast as I can the other direction.  I'm not sure how fast you can go, but I'm gonna try to out run you!

3.  Say a prayer as I'm running from you.  I will plead not to die.

4.  I will be screaming until I get into my car, or someone's house, or just anywhere I can get away!

5.  I'm sorry, I'm not going to curl up in a ball and pretend I'm dead.  I just don't think I could to be honest.  It may work, but I'm just not sure that I could do it.

I know these lists are made to help prepare you if you see a bear.

I'm not sure it helped me.

So if you see this and you live in my area, take cover!  Oh, and call 911!!!!!

I did read somewhere that if you're in a group and talking, then they will probably avoid you.  Good thing my running partner and I talk the entire run.

Then I got to thinking, isn't weird that children like teddy bears?  I had a few in my time for sure, but I'm thinking, what if the kiddo didn't realize it was a real one and that the bear might eat them.  Hmmm.  Maybe we should rethink getting the kiddos bears.  Interesting, right?  Don't get me wrong, bears are beautiful animals, but I sure don't want to tick one off!!

Have you ever seen a bear?  (Like on the run, no barriers, and not at the zoo)

What are your recommendations?


* S doesn't know I have a blog yet.  We just aren't there in our relationship yet, so until she knows, and I find out it's okay, I will refer to her as "S".

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Training Week 11!!

Wow, this Saturday is my race!!  I can't believe it's almost here!!!  I'm excited to see how things go and how I'll do.  Hopefully the weather will be on my side, if not, I may be miserable!

Sunday September 8th:

Run:  3.15 mi / 30:36 min / 9:43 pace

I ran this one with Oscar.  It was a little more humid than I thought it was going to be, but he made it, then collapsed after...can't wait for cooler mornings!!

This happened while I was getting my key out of my shorts....he was still smiling though!!

Monday, September 9th:

Bike:  4 miles

Clinical day, rode to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 10th:

Bike:  4 miles

Rode to the hospital, again.

Wednesday, September 11th:

Bike:  4 guessed it, to the hospital.

Bike:  7.4 miles / 30:00 min / 14.80 mph  <---- Trainer ride

I rode on the trainer with the hubby in the evening.  It was so hot and humid that day, I just couldn't take it anymore.  The cool basement was awesome, and I caught up on a show...

Thursday, September 12th:

Run:  4.26 miles / 42:46 min / 10:03 pace

This was the first run with my neighborhood buddy!!!  YES!!!  I have TWO running buddies now!!!

I got to use my cool new headlamp too!!  We ran at 0600, and saw LOTS of other peeps out too!  And my headlamp, it's super me!!

Seriously awesome headlamp!!

Friday, September 13th:

Rest day!

Saturday, September 14th:

Run:  12.30 miles / 9:37 pace / 1:58:17

This run was great.  The weather was perfect!!  It was a cool 47 when I started, so the conditions are almost the way I like them.  No humidity, ahhhhhh......

I'm thinking this may be the fastest training run I've done for 12 miles.  I haven't looked it up yet.

And I got to use my new Garmin 610, let me just say, that watch is freaking amazing!!!


Totals for the week:

Run:  19.7 miles
Bike:  19.4 miles

This week was full of firsts for me!!!

I ran with a new running partner, that is super awesome, like me.  She likes to get up early (even on the weekends) to get her run on!  We are about the same pace, and we figured out it is harder to run while chatting.  (Pam and I found this out a few years ago too while I was visiting TN, we kept saying, "this seems so hard!!!")  Oh well, I'm doing it to hang out and run, no particular pace is required!!

I used my new headlamp on my run with my running buddy!!!  I honestly was surprised how many people were out that early with headlamps!!  I guess since I never ran in the dark, I had no idea!!

I got to use my new Garmin too!!  That watch is schweeeeeeettt!!!!!!!!!

I sat here for like 30 minutes looking at all that data!!!

Oh and my feet are much better this week.  How ironic I got the new Runners World in the mail and it had exercises for feet.  I've been doing them all week, and it's not gone, but it is much better!!  Woot!!

How did your week go?

I'm planning on a more relaxing week since the race is Saturday.  I have three runs planned, but easy ones for sure!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Training week 10!

So I'm two weeks out from my triathlon team race!  I'm getting super excited!!

My week had some new things added in the mix!  I ran with a friend!!!!!  What?!?!

Sunday, September 1st:

Rest day.  Well kinda.  I took one of my besties to Washington D.C. for the day, so if you count walking around in 100 degree heat a rest day, then it was rest. I'm taking it as a cross-training day.  After the 4 miler the day before, I was still a little sore (because I kicked a little ass that day).

Working the pole on the metro!

My sweaty back.  I sweat like a man!

Monday, September 2nd:

Bike:  4 miles / don't know pace

Labor Day.  And I had clinical.  *sigh*

I rode the bike to the hospital, that is all.

Tuesday, September 3rd:

Run:  3.07 mi / 29:38 min / 9:40 pace

This was a hot run, it was midday, no shade, and super humid.  Ugh.

Wednesday, September 4th:

Bike:  4 miles / don't know pace

Run:  5.86 mi / 1:04:16 / 10:59 pace

I ran with a school friend!!!  We ran part trail and part road, downtown with lots of lights, hence the slower pace.

Post run take out!  Tofu! 

Thursday, September 5th:


Friday, September 6th:


Saturday, September 7th:

Run:  11.6 mi / 1:52:20 / 9:42 pace

While on the 11 miler

After the 11 miler

Totals for the week:

Run:  20.5 miles
Bike:  8 miles

I was super stoked to run with a buddy this week!  She is super fast, so I run with her for her "warm up", and I'm totally okay with that!  I'm just enjoying having someone to run with instead of running by myself all the time.  We ran part of the trail that surrounds our city, then took off on the streets and hit every red light!!  I think our pace was more a 9 something, but that's cool.  We plan to run again on Wednesday after clinical!!!

I had some foot pain when I ran on Saturday.  It's more like heel pain.  I've had it off and on for a year now, and I just deal with it.  The longer I run, the more it hurts, but it only hurts AFTER I run, not during.  Weird, right?  I'm going to the doctor the end of the month for something else, so maybe he can take a look.

I've also ordered a nice head light for those dark early mornings since that is the only time I feel like I may get a run in during the week.  It'll also give Oscar and I a chance to bond while being up that early.  I have also rigged up a jogging collar for Oscar too, so I'll be hands free!

How was your week?  Do you deal with pain, or stop?

If it doesn't hurt while I'm running, I'll keep going.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Women's 4 Miler Recap!

The Women's 4 Miler is a local race I've ran every year since I've lived here.  It's kind of a big deal.  EVERYONE does it!!  It's kinda like, "hey you doing the 4 miler?"

This year I wanted a PR.  I've PR'd the course every year, but I wanted a real PR, one I could brag about.  This was the first year I wasn't training for a full marathon, so I thought I'd give speed work a try and see if it really works.  Well I'm here to tell you, IT DOES!

I was super nervous and excited the night before.  This is me and Pam exchanging texts the night before:

She is awesome!
This was my race outfit:

The shirt matched my skirt perfectly!

Okay, back to the recap...

Early Saturday morning, the hubby and I rolled out of bed and headed to the race.  The kiddo decided he'd sleep in, so we left him at the house.  I mean who wants a kid there that doesn't want to be there?  Might as well sleep kiddo, see you in a few hours...

Awesome views!

My biggest fan!

This event is 3,200 women, mostly from this area.  You can only imagine what it's like by the time they bring their families to the event.  You have to get there early so you can park and make you way to the pace groups.  Pace groups line up at 0730, and the race begins promptly at 0800.

Pace groups were called, the hubby followed me to the 8:00-9:00 pace group, which is almost the front of the group of 3,200 women.  I found one of his work buddies and we hooked up, chatted, and decided we are going to be running buddies.  YAY!!!  How exciting!

Lining up for pace groups!

Okay, so the race...

The gun goes off, my watch decided that it was on too long, so it shut off.  The first few seconds, (literally 10-15 seconds) I was watching it so I could hook it up.  Thank goodness it's an easy watch to figure out and the GPS is super fast.  (Kudos to Nike for making a kick ass watch)

After my watch was good, I focused on my run.  No headphones, just me and the pavement.  Since my watch was off, I relied on the mile marker peeps to tell me my time.  From memory, this is what they were:

1 mile:  8:00  <---- downhill mostly.  Nice!
2 mile:  8:45  <---- significant hill on this mile.  Tough for sure.
3 mile:  8 something  <---- another hill, a long miserable one.
4 mile:  7 something  <----- downhill for the finish!

So my official time was...wait for it...wait for it...

8:25 pace!!!!!!!!


I PR'd by nearly 3 minutes!!!!!  That is a significant improvement!

Needless to say I was pretty stoked!

So when I finished, I walked to the finishers area, where my husband thought he'd see me.  Well I kinda kicked so much ass, he missed me.  Every time I ran by him.  So no race pics of me.  I have a few from before and after, but none during the race.  This is not the first time this has happened.  This is our conversation:

Me:  Did you get any pics of me?!?!
C:  Well, you kinda went faster than I thought, and I think the race started before 0800.
Me:  Did you see me?
C:  Yeah, but you were way faster than I thought you were gonna be, and I wasn't prepared.

That's cool, my race pics are usually crappy anyway, it appears that I'm dying, so before and after pics are fine with me!

This is one I took after while I was waiting on the hubby to get out of the porta potty:

Active women every where!  A single man's heaven!

One thing that stood out in the race was my lack of oxygen.  I felt like I couldn't catch my breath, especially at the end.  If it wasn't for the downhill finish, I'm not sure I would've gotten my breath.  I'm thinking it was because of my effort.  At least I didn't throw up.

So the race was awesome, as usual.  It was fun, although around mile 2 I kept asking myself why I do this race!  But I'm glad I did, and I got an awesome new PR!  Wonder what I'll do next year?!?!

Kim's 10QRQ!

My blogger friend, Kim, posted 10QRQ on her blog here, and I thought I'd give it a go!  I needed something to write about!

1. Who is your running shoe twin?

No one that I know of.  I have some pretty rad ones too.  I get lots of compliments, but I don't know a soul who owns the exact pair.  There is a version that is a little less loud, but that's so boring!!

2. When do you pause your watch on a run?

Typically I don't.  Unless I'm waiting for the pedestrian cross light.  Sometimes I'll be there for a while! But even then I forget.

3. What is worse – being called a jogger or hearing someone call a 5K a “marathon”?

JOGGER!!  I hate that word.  I've never heard anyone compare a 5K to a marathon, but if I did, I'd hate that worse!

4. What is your preferred running shorts inseam length?

I dunno.  Short ones.  By nike.  But honestly, I prefer running skirts.

5. Spitting when you run – gross or necessary or neither?

Necessary.  But look out for the people behind you.  I once got sprayed by another mans spit.  Not so cool.  

6. What is more exciting randomly seeing a friend on a run, or hitting a goal pace/workout?

I've never seen a friend on a run.  I had a random stranger run with me a few times, which is cool.  I like to hit goal pace too.

7. What has been your worst running injury (something that happened on a run or something caused by running)?

STRESS FRACTURE!!!!!!  Horrible horrible word!

8. What is your perfect running temp?

35-40 is ideal.

9. Do you follow a running plan or make your own?

I take a plan and make it my own!!  

10. Preference – treadmill, road, groomed trail, or technical trail?

Hmmm.  Groomed trail and road.  Trails are not my friend, but I do them.  Dreadmills are not my friend but I use it for speed work.