Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kim's 10QRQ!

My blogger friend, Kim, posted 10QRQ on her blog here, and I thought I'd give it a go!  I needed something to write about!

1. Who is your running shoe twin?

No one that I know of.  I have some pretty rad ones too.  I get lots of compliments, but I don't know a soul who owns the exact pair.  There is a version that is a little less loud, but that's so boring!!

2. When do you pause your watch on a run?

Typically I don't.  Unless I'm waiting for the pedestrian cross light.  Sometimes I'll be there for a while! But even then I forget.

3. What is worse – being called a jogger or hearing someone call a 5K a “marathon”?

JOGGER!!  I hate that word.  I've never heard anyone compare a 5K to a marathon, but if I did, I'd hate that worse!

4. What is your preferred running shorts inseam length?

I dunno.  Short ones.  By nike.  But honestly, I prefer running skirts.

5. Spitting when you run – gross or necessary or neither?

Necessary.  But look out for the people behind you.  I once got sprayed by another mans spit.  Not so cool.  

6. What is more exciting randomly seeing a friend on a run, or hitting a goal pace/workout?

I've never seen a friend on a run.  I had a random stranger run with me a few times, which is cool.  I like to hit goal pace too.

7. What has been your worst running injury (something that happened on a run or something caused by running)?

STRESS FRACTURE!!!!!!  Horrible horrible word!

8. What is your perfect running temp?

35-40 is ideal.

9. Do you follow a running plan or make your own?

I take a plan and make it my own!!  

10. Preference – treadmill, road, groomed trail, or technical trail?

Hmmm.  Groomed trail and road.  Trails are not my friend, but I do them.  Dreadmills are not my friend but I use it for speed work.  

1 comment:

  1. I wish I was shoe twins with you! Your shoes rock!

    I kept spitting on my pacer at my goal HM in May. Oops...?

    Thanks for doing the quiz!