Monday, September 23, 2013

New River Trail pics mostly...

I can hardly type, so this recap is in pics until I can type like a normal person...

My employer sponsored us, so this one is for them!

This is how we really act...

Hubby and I before his 40 mile bike ride

So excited!

Coming in for T1

J on the kayak!

Nice river ride!


Reason for our DNF

In the ED getting drugs!

I sent this one I sent to my mom first

My poor pinky 


Day 2

Day 2
So we got a DNF because I tripped on a tree root at mile 4 of the half marathon.  I was well on my way to a sub 2 hour, but it just wasn't my day.

I see the hand surgeon tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some relief and feel better.  I will say this, to be the smallest finger, it sure does hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have a real race recap when I can type more than 5 wpm!!

So until then, the hubby will be perfecting his ponytail and wrapping wound skills.  

He still has a long way to go on the ponytail thing...


  1. Oh geesh! That must have been a BAD fall! Ahh! You need to perfect the roll when you fall! Come out here and I will teach you! LOL

    I am sad you had to DNF, you were SO looking forward to this! Knowing you, you made the best of it. Love the pic you sent your mom. LOL!

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