Monday, September 9, 2013

Training week 10!

So I'm two weeks out from my triathlon team race!  I'm getting super excited!!

My week had some new things added in the mix!  I ran with a friend!!!!!  What?!?!

Sunday, September 1st:

Rest day.  Well kinda.  I took one of my besties to Washington D.C. for the day, so if you count walking around in 100 degree heat a rest day, then it was rest. I'm taking it as a cross-training day.  After the 4 miler the day before, I was still a little sore (because I kicked a little ass that day).

Working the pole on the metro!

My sweaty back.  I sweat like a man!

Monday, September 2nd:

Bike:  4 miles / don't know pace

Labor Day.  And I had clinical.  *sigh*

I rode the bike to the hospital, that is all.

Tuesday, September 3rd:

Run:  3.07 mi / 29:38 min / 9:40 pace

This was a hot run, it was midday, no shade, and super humid.  Ugh.

Wednesday, September 4th:

Bike:  4 miles / don't know pace

Run:  5.86 mi / 1:04:16 / 10:59 pace

I ran with a school friend!!!  We ran part trail and part road, downtown with lots of lights, hence the slower pace.

Post run take out!  Tofu! 

Thursday, September 5th:


Friday, September 6th:


Saturday, September 7th:

Run:  11.6 mi / 1:52:20 / 9:42 pace

While on the 11 miler

After the 11 miler

Totals for the week:

Run:  20.5 miles
Bike:  8 miles

I was super stoked to run with a buddy this week!  She is super fast, so I run with her for her "warm up", and I'm totally okay with that!  I'm just enjoying having someone to run with instead of running by myself all the time.  We ran part of the trail that surrounds our city, then took off on the streets and hit every red light!!  I think our pace was more a 9 something, but that's cool.  We plan to run again on Wednesday after clinical!!!

I had some foot pain when I ran on Saturday.  It's more like heel pain.  I've had it off and on for a year now, and I just deal with it.  The longer I run, the more it hurts, but it only hurts AFTER I run, not during.  Weird, right?  I'm going to the doctor the end of the month for something else, so maybe he can take a look.

I've also ordered a nice head light for those dark early mornings since that is the only time I feel like I may get a run in during the week.  It'll also give Oscar and I a chance to bond while being up that early.  I have also rigged up a jogging collar for Oscar too, so I'll be hands free!

How was your week?  Do you deal with pain, or stop?

If it doesn't hurt while I'm running, I'll keep going.


  1. Hmm, do you think it's plantar fasciitis? I hope not! That can be a biznatch to heal! I stop if pain affects my gait when I walk. I know then it's effing up my non running life, too. Please be careful!

    I am so happy you got to run with a friend! Do you know her from school? :)

    Ha! Another thing in common - I sweat like that too.

    Yay! Two more weeks until the relay

    1. I think it is Kim, I hate to admit it, but for now it's tolerable, and I'm doing some things at home to hopefully help.

      My friend is a nursing classmate!! Woo Hoo! But we did make a promise not to always talk about school, how boring is that on a run?

      I'm so glad I know someone else who sweats like me!!! It's sooooo nasty!

  2. Yea. Not sure you should consider that D.C. trip as a rest day. It was draining!