Sunday, September 15, 2013

Training Week 11!!

Wow, this Saturday is my race!!  I can't believe it's almost here!!!  I'm excited to see how things go and how I'll do.  Hopefully the weather will be on my side, if not, I may be miserable!

Sunday September 8th:

Run:  3.15 mi / 30:36 min / 9:43 pace

I ran this one with Oscar.  It was a little more humid than I thought it was going to be, but he made it, then collapsed after...can't wait for cooler mornings!!

This happened while I was getting my key out of my shorts....he was still smiling though!!

Monday, September 9th:

Bike:  4 miles

Clinical day, rode to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 10th:

Bike:  4 miles

Rode to the hospital, again.

Wednesday, September 11th:

Bike:  4 guessed it, to the hospital.

Bike:  7.4 miles / 30:00 min / 14.80 mph  <---- Trainer ride

I rode on the trainer with the hubby in the evening.  It was so hot and humid that day, I just couldn't take it anymore.  The cool basement was awesome, and I caught up on a show...

Thursday, September 12th:

Run:  4.26 miles / 42:46 min / 10:03 pace

This was the first run with my neighborhood buddy!!!  YES!!!  I have TWO running buddies now!!!

I got to use my cool new headlamp too!!  We ran at 0600, and saw LOTS of other peeps out too!  And my headlamp, it's super me!!

Seriously awesome headlamp!!

Friday, September 13th:

Rest day!

Saturday, September 14th:

Run:  12.30 miles / 9:37 pace / 1:58:17

This run was great.  The weather was perfect!!  It was a cool 47 when I started, so the conditions are almost the way I like them.  No humidity, ahhhhhh......

I'm thinking this may be the fastest training run I've done for 12 miles.  I haven't looked it up yet.

And I got to use my new Garmin 610, let me just say, that watch is freaking amazing!!!


Totals for the week:

Run:  19.7 miles
Bike:  19.4 miles

This week was full of firsts for me!!!

I ran with a new running partner, that is super awesome, like me.  She likes to get up early (even on the weekends) to get her run on!  We are about the same pace, and we figured out it is harder to run while chatting.  (Pam and I found this out a few years ago too while I was visiting TN, we kept saying, "this seems so hard!!!")  Oh well, I'm doing it to hang out and run, no particular pace is required!!

I used my new headlamp on my run with my running buddy!!!  I honestly was surprised how many people were out that early with headlamps!!  I guess since I never ran in the dark, I had no idea!!

I got to use my new Garmin too!!  That watch is schweeeeeeettt!!!!!!!!!

I sat here for like 30 minutes looking at all that data!!!

Oh and my feet are much better this week.  How ironic I got the new Runners World in the mail and it had exercises for feet.  I've been doing them all week, and it's not gone, but it is much better!!  Woot!!

How did your week go?

I'm planning on a more relaxing week since the race is Saturday.  I have three runs planned, but easy ones for sure!


  1. I was going to ask on FB when you said you were running with a friend if it was the same one! Two running friends! YAY!

    That is the same headlamp I have! I love it!

    Were you not on Garmin Connect before? OMG, it is the shiznit! And do let us know if that is your fastest 12, speedy pants!

    YAY! Almost race weekend!

    1. I had the Nike watch before. I had a Garmin a few years back, got the Nike for something different, and well...I'm back to Garmin. The numbers...I could just look at them all day!

      And that was a training PR for me!! Woo Hoo!

      I hope the race has nice cool temps, I'm kinda anxious to see what I can do!!