Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running and bears...oh my!

It is no secret where I live.  We have bears.  And they are active right now, a little too much for my liking.

Last year while on my 20 mile training run for MCM I saw a bear at mile 17.  I thought at first it was a dog, then I thought maybe I was hallucinating (because aren't we all after running 2+ hours?), then I realized, it was a bear.  Yikes!!!  I turned around and ran as fast as I could home, needless to say the last three miles of my 20 were my fastest.

I haven't seen a bear since.


If I saw this Bear, I'd be okay...

And I'm not even sure why.  Maybe it's because he has an accent, and he's rugged.  I dunno.

Okay, I went off topic.  Sorry.


Tuesday morning my running partner, we'll call her S* for now, were running the trails and there was garbage everywhere behind her neighbors house.  I said, dang, what is up with that?  She said, "bears".  Oh my!!

Then I was talking to another friend that saw one a few weeks back on the trail I ran Sunday!  Yikes!

I guess I kinda forgot about bears being around here.  Until Tuesday at approximately 0600.  They are pretty active here late summer to early fall.  So I've done some research, to prepare myself in case I come in contact with a bear.

First of all, know you're bear:

Black bears are common here, at least they are the smaller of the two.

Then if you come in contact:

1.  Do not run.

2.  Do not make eye contact.

3.  Walk away slowly.

4.  If he charges at you, stand your ground, look tall.

5.  Don't shout, talk slowly (apparently they'll figure out that you're human and leave you alone?)

6.  If the bear makes contact, curl up in a ball and protect your neck and head.

Here is where I got my info if you're interested.

So here is my list in case I come in contact with a bear:

1.  Pepper spray.  Yes, I will spray it in your face you big ole bear!!

2.  I will probably run as fast as I can the other direction.  I'm not sure how fast you can go, but I'm gonna try to out run you!

3.  Say a prayer as I'm running from you.  I will plead not to die.

4.  I will be screaming until I get into my car, or someone's house, or just anywhere I can get away!

5.  I'm sorry, I'm not going to curl up in a ball and pretend I'm dead.  I just don't think I could to be honest.  It may work, but I'm just not sure that I could do it.

I know these lists are made to help prepare you if you see a bear.

I'm not sure it helped me.

So if you see this and you live in my area, take cover!  Oh, and call 911!!!!!

I did read somewhere that if you're in a group and talking, then they will probably avoid you.  Good thing my running partner and I talk the entire run.

Then I got to thinking, isn't weird that children like teddy bears?  I had a few in my time for sure, but I'm thinking, what if the kiddo didn't realize it was a real one and that the bear might eat them.  Hmmm.  Maybe we should rethink getting the kiddos bears.  Interesting, right?  Don't get me wrong, bears are beautiful animals, but I sure don't want to tick one off!!

Have you ever seen a bear?  (Like on the run, no barriers, and not at the zoo)

What are your recommendations?


* S doesn't know I have a blog yet.  We just aren't there in our relationship yet, so until she knows, and I find out it's okay, I will refer to her as "S".


  1. Oh gosh! I think I would do the same as you. Just run run run!

    LOL about S not knowing about the blog. What?! It's not the first thing you tell people about yourself?!

    1. Yep, I'm running fo sho!!!

      LOL, well no, it's not the first thing I tell people silly!!!

  2. I've tried to go out and see a bear in the wild. It never happens. :( I've always heard to make yourself seem bigger, like throw your arms up in the air and stuff. Hopefully I never have to worry about running into a bear in the wild.