Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shiloh Thompson Benefit 5K and a surgery...

Saturday morning I raced in a full road 5K, and I honestly don't remember the last time I ran one!!  I always run the 4 the Wounded 5K, but it is part trail, so I'm not sure it justifies as a road 5K, let's say it doesn't.

Anyway, my typing still frustrates me since I'm still broken, so I'll be brief...

I ran with my running buddy that I've been running with for the past month or so.  We agreed to run together since we are the same pace.  She knew I wanted a PR, so she hung with me to push me when the hills got bigger and bigger.

The first mile was pretty good, we were going pretty strong, then the first hill came...then the second one at mile two...but we pushed through it all.  Not making much convo like we usually do in the morning, just hanging in there.

It was in a residential neighborhood, with some awesome views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We were the second and third female for a while, then we ran past a woman at mile 2, but then we got passed by another woman right after, but we held on until the end and placed 2nd and 3rd overall female!!!  What?!?!  Yeah, I got 2nd place overall!!!!!!  (The elite runners decided to sleep in!!!!)  S (running partner) was right with me, they have her at 1 second behind me, but we crossed together, but that's cool, 'cause she really doesn't care!

I got a free 30 day gym membership, an awesome cold/heat pack, and water bottle for being 2nd (1st place got the same thing).  Because they only had 1st and 2nd, S ended up being 1st in our age group and got a hoodie from our local running shop and the same cold/heat pack!  SCHWWEEETTT!!!

These are our splits:
1 mile:  7:55
2 mile:  8:15
3 mile:  8:21
.10 mile:  6:37

25:00 total

Average 8:04 pace.

Yeah, we kicked some serious butt!!!  S said she has never ran that fast for a 5K, and I said me neither!!!  We are a pretty good team fo sho!!  We already have plans running our local 10K mid October and maybe a half in November, if I can talk her into it...

Want to hear something else funny?  S and I wore basically the same thing at the race, and we both didn't realize it until she texted me the pics, how funny is that?

With my race swag

S and I, unintentional twinkies!

Dexter and I, he's such a gentle giant!!

So I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow on my finger.  Tuesday at the ortho, they took more X-rays and discovered it is a clean break and dislocated.  In order for my finger to heal properly, it will require a pin to straighten it.  Who knew a pinky finger could cause so much trouble??

Send good vibes tomorrow about 1045 eastern time, that's when I go under the knife!

(This post seriously took me 45 min to type, you should be happy!!)

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  1. Hee hee, thank you for taking the time to sloooowly type this out! Ahh! You and S make a great team! Congrats to both of you! And what cool prizes!!!!!!

    Someone who takes my strength class broke her finger and had to have a pin put in too! Thinking of you and sending good vibes! :)