Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training week 9, but not really a training week...

This week I took a break from all things biking and running.  Well kinda.  With it being my first week back to school, I wanted to focus on getting it together (my brain) and get some sort of idea of when biking and running will be happening this semester.  I successfully made it to the hospital on Monday with my bike!  (I know you were worried.)  I also had this little (BIG) race this weekend, and was looking to PR.

Sunday, August 25
Bike:  8 miles / don't know pace

We biked the route I'm going to take for school.  We did it twice trying to figure out the best way to get there and get back to the Jeep.

Monday, August 26
Bike: 4 miles  / don't know pace

I don't time these since I'm going to the hospital for clinical, I just get there as fast as I can.

Tuesday, August 27th:

Wednesday, August 28th:
Bike:  14.2 miles / 1:00:00 / 14.2 mph

This was on the trainer since it was pouring down rain.  I watched "Naked and Afraid" while I biked.   Oh! And I had the hubby to keep me company.

Thursday, August 29th:
This is my long day on campus.  7.5 hours there.  I did carry a backpack around campus that weighs somewhere between 30-130 pounds.

Friday, August 30th:

Saturday, August 31st:
Women's 4 Miler!!
Run:  4 miles / 33:39 min / 8:25 pace <---------PR!!!!!!!  PR!!!!!!!  PR!!!!!!!

I will have a post soon of the race.  I finally had a pretty decent PR.  Like almost 3 minutes off my time from last year.  Yeah.  I rock.  Oh and speed work, yeah, it does work.

Totals for the week:
Run:  4 miles <------ Race on nice rested legs!!
Bike:  26.2 miles  <------ I did a marathon on wheels!
Row:  None.  I slacked on that.  Oops.

Month of August totals:
Run:  69.5 miles
Bike:  107.4 miles
Row:  2.8 miles

If I would've realized that I was so close to 70 running miles, I would've put in the time!!  It seriously would not have taken me that long!  I need to keep up with those numbers better!

I didn't take any pics this week.  Epic fail.  I did take some pics of the race, but I'll post those on my race recap.

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