Sunday, August 11, 2013

This week's training...for the race I'm doing next month...

So I'm going to attempt to write about my training weeks now, especially since I'm doing a race the end of next month.  I still can't say quite yet, since it isn't official.  (I haven't received confirmation of the entry since it has to be sent via snail mail...)

Sunday 8/4:
Easy 3.14 mile run before breakfast
9:02 pace

Monday 8/5:
Another easy 4.1 mile run:
9:04 pace

Tuesday 8/6:
Bike 15.2 miles

Wednesday 8/7:
Run 7 miles:
9:51 pace

Thursday 8/8:
Trail run 3.21 miles
40:42 total
12:41 pace  <-----  Trail running is HARD!!!

Trail running day!

Friday 8/9:

Saturday 8/10:
Drove to Knoxville to pick up the kiddo!!!

17.5 miles
15.2 miles

This week went good.  I only took pics of my trail day, just because I was waiting on the hubby to get there.  Next week, pics, everyday!!!

I met a friend while I was running the other day on my 7 miler!!!!  Well she isn't a friend (yet), just someone who was running the same pace as me, so I caught up and we chatted for my last 1 mile or so, it was awesome!!  I asked her her typical running schedule, and we swapped training days, and hopefully I get to run with her this week too!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

Trail running.  Yeah, that is hard stuff!!  I've been hitting the trails once a week for the past month, preparing my legs for the race I'm possibly doing.  My legs are so exhausted the next day.  But it's a good feeling, and I haven't killed myself yet!

We picked up our kiddo this weekend too, oh how I've missed that little fella!!!  That was the reason for no biking on Saturday!

So that's my week, I'm going to do better next week, maybe I'll have my confirmation, and I'll add a little flair with the pics!!

How did your training week go?


  1. Yay for your new friend! Having a running buddy (other than your pup) is going to be awesome!

    Trail running is intense! But so rewarding. Quit being a tease and tell us about this race!!!!

    1. I know! I can't freaking wait!

      Trail running is no joke, the trail I run takes me FOREVER!!!!!

      I should be able to write about the race this week!! I hope so! I just want to make sure I have confirmation!!! Dang you snail mail!