Sunday, August 25, 2013

Training Week 8 & 9 combined

This week I did my week 9 because I have a race this Saturday that I'm dying to PR in, so in order to have rested legs, I needed to NOT run 10 miles this week.

Sunday, August 18th:

Speed work:  3.73 miles / 32:00 min / 8:35 pace
Row:  1322 meters / 6:00 min

This speed session wasn't too bad.  My legs were sore from the night ride we did the day before, but really my legs were fine.

Monday, August 19th:


I knew I had a long run to fit in the next day, I thought it would be wise to take the day off and relax.

Tuesday, August 20th:

Run:  10 miles / 1:45:00 / 10:32 pace
Bike:  5 miles / 22:46 min / 13.18 mph

This was one of the hardest and most painful runs I've had in a while.  Not painful like an injury painful, it was just horrible.  I never found my rhythm, I was hot, tired, and grumpy.  The highlight was J rode his bike with me.  He was my little cheerleader the whole way. I wanted to quit a million times and he kept saying how awesome I was.  I didn't quit, but it was not pretty.  I was hoping for a sub 10 pace the whole way, but I just didn't have it in me that day.

After my 10 mile run, he still wanted to ride!

Wednesday, August 21st:


I was sore and still mad about the 10 miler, so I needed a me day.  Since the kiddo started school this day, it was easy to get a me day.  I kinda missed that talkative little fella though!

First day of 7th grade!

Thursday, August 22nd:

Run:  5.1 miles / 49:48 min / 9:46 pace

This run was more like my kinda run!  I felt much better!

Friday, August 23rd:


Fridays are my work days, so I take them off.

Saturday, August 24th:

Run:  3.16 miles / 30:06 min / 9:32 pace

I got to run with my most favorite running partner, although he's a bit out of shape!!  It was a cool 55 out, so the weather was perfect for my four legged running partner!!  Gonna have to whip that boy back into shape real soon!!  He loved it, but by mile 2 he was tired, but we had to make it home.  I was his cheerleader!

After our 3 miler

Relaxing and watching Weeds

It was a hard day for this fella...

Totals for the week:

Run:  22 miles
Bike:  5 miles  <-----  I didn't even realize this!  How horrible!  Just 5 miles?!?!
Row:  0.8 miles

With my running miles increasing, it's getting harder and harder for me to do long bike rides.  I didn't realize until today that I only did 5 last week, but this week will be better since I'll be resting my running muscles for the 4 miler!  I think that wanting to run and bike all the time in the nice weather has been why my pace has decreased.  Of course it's been warmer than usual here too, so I'm sure that is part of it.


I'm ready for cooler temps and faster times!

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