Thursday, August 8, 2013

I have a secret second case this nursing thing doesn't work out

A few months back we got an outrageous water bill ($120).  Like for realz.  I was like WTF?!?!  Who is sneaking showers???

At first I blamed on the kid.  I mean, he does stay in there a while.  He's 12, which I'm not even going to get into right now...but he constantly has to be reminded he needs to hurry up.

Then I blamed it on the adults.  We typically take two showers a day.  More the hubby than me since he does evening workouts and I typically do mornings, but this summer was crazy with school and clinical, so some of my workouts moved to the evening as well.  So there ya go, two showers per adult, per day.

Then I noticed the toilet.  It was making some noises.  Like the water was on...under the lid.  Hmmm, that got me thinking.

So what does a girl do?  YouTube.

We have those tablets in the toilet to help keep the bowl clean (blame it on me not wanting to scrub the toilet, I don't care, I haven't scrubbed a toilet all year).  When the tablet begins to break down, the water level is off, therefore the toilet gets confused, so it starts to "run".

So how does one fix this problem?  Easy peasy, take a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the top.

You're welcome.

The next month our bill was $42!!!!!  Looks like I won't need to work more hours to pay for the water bill.  Yay!

I was so happy, I shared the news with the hubby and he said he was proud of me, the little plumber girl.  He even shared my new profession at the poker game a few weeks ago.  How sweet is that?  (Weird, I know)

I'm usually the one that is hands on in the house, I fix everything.  I once fixed the faucet, well kinda.  My dad had to help me when he was visiting last year, but we got it.  But before he came I knew how to turn the water source off so it wouldn't waste water.  Is that weird?  The hubby is more tech savvy, which I am not.  I have called that poor guy upstairs a million times when my computer goes nuts.  He'll come up and click like one thing, and it's all better.

So are you handy?

I used to not be, until we bought our house.  If I had problems before I'd call the owner and she'd have it taken care of, now I have no one to call!!


  1. Damn! You saved a lot of money. I think you get to use that savings for new bike gear?! ;)

    You know I am NOT handy ;)

    I don't mind cleaning the toilets! It's so easy. Except how the porcelain base gets all nasty. ew

    1. If you had the tablets, your bowl wouldn't get nasty!!! Just sayin'!!!

  2. This is funny. While Bryan was gone, our toilet wouldn't stop running. I youtube'd also and became Ms. Fixit. I took the toilet completely apart and replaced the whole inside! Who knew? Youtube shows you everything! lol