Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love at first sight?

On June 18th, I found what soon would be named Cherry Limeade.

I didn't expect to find her at all, I wasn't even looking.  (Isn't that how it is supposed to be?)

She's is like the cool girl in school, like the one you wanted to be like, but didn't dare even talk to her, you know, 'cause she was so cool.

She has attitude, but not too much where it's annoying, more like a fun attitude.  Although she didn't get the real attitude until she was mine.

She is smooth, like a fine wine where it just goes down your throat and doesn't burn.

And this was just my first impression.

Then I was asked if I wanted to take her for a spin.  Of course I said yes.

That was when I realized we were meant for each other.

I rode her around the parking lot a few times and her gears were just sooooo smooth, her seat was perfect and did not vibrate - which was a good thing (oh my, that sounds a little dirty!!!)

I took her back to the store and debated.  Could it be?  Could I be in love...with a bike?

Yeah.  I was.

But I still debated.  I didn't really need a bike.  I had White Lightning at home, and she was great.  But this bike, it was like she was talking to me.

This one is carbon, women's specific, and just...awesome.  I had no idea the difference between a carbon and a "regular bike".  Wow.  Big difference on long rides.  Huge.  I'm typically a long rider, I hardly ever do anything below 10 miles on the bike, so having a carbon frame made a huge difference on my lady parts!  HUGE!

And then the owner, who knows my hubby and I very well, said he'd throw in pink tires -  for free.  PINK TIRES Y'ALL!!!  I was sold!

So there you have it, the pink tires were put on, and we took her home, along with the hubby's new Madone, but my Madone is wayyyyyy cooler than his.  I got a bike fit the next week, and they put on my green wraps, and that was it, Cherry Limeade was born.

After about 200 miles on her, I thought about getting clip in pedals.  I struggled with this, mostly because I was terrified of being "locked into" the bike.  I had a close call last year with a Jeep, and I fell pretty hard, so that scared me into not getting them.  This summer I kept thinking, "If I had more power going up hill, I could kill it", "If I had clips, I'd be more efficient".  So after talking with the hubby, albeit, ALOT, he convinced me it was worth a try.  I didn't buy the most expensive shoes, I didn't even know if I'd like it, so we went with a "mid grade" pair.

I can tell you, the difference was HUGE!  HUGE!  If you've ever considered getting them, DO IT!!  My power and efficiency is so much better!

The day I brought her home

Maiden Voyage

4th of July 33 miler

She even possessed me to buy these.

So do you name your workout equipment?  Cars?  Anything?  

I name just about anything.  I don't know why, I just always have.


  1. Hee hee! My car is named Kimbot. Since that is what the plate says. But I always get that plate on my cars ;)

    So, I hate to ask, but how is White Lightning doing these days? Okay? Feeling left out?

    I get fitted on Friday and get my shoes then too! AHH!!! I can't wait to clip in. I want to be able to pull! :)

    1. White Lightning is making another lady very happy. She is still able to ride, so no worries!

      It has been quite the adjustment for me going to clips. For so long I've just worn regular shoes, so I didn't know that "pulling" was a benefit of clips!! On our 24 miler this weekend I tried to really focus on pulling instead of pushing! Amazing!

  2. I'm loving Pink Lemonade's pink tires! I have debated on getting shoes, but there is that fear of feeling trapped! Ha- I actually watched a guy hit the ground the other day b/c he couldn't get his feet unhooked, BUT after listening to his conversation I think falling is his usual way off his bike. Haha

    1. That was my fear too, I don't like the idea of being locked in, it still makes me crazy. I try not to think about it too much. I've seen my husband fall several times with his, so I know it'll happen soon. He keeps telling me, "You're gonna fall, don't worry, everyone does". I've had multiple bruises from them so far, but I haven't fallen...yet...