Sunday, August 18, 2013

Training week 7

This week was full of challenges!  I am tired of running on tired legs, but the weather has been so nice, I cannot help myself!!!

Sunday, August 11th:

Run:  3.72 miles / 32:00 min / 8:26 pace
Row:  1091 meters / 5:00 min

We returned from Knoxville that afternoon, and I felt lazy, so I decided I'd do some speed work and row, which actually turned out okay!

Dreadmill AND speed work, oh how I hate you...

Killer, it's been a while!

Monday, August 12th:

Run:  5.1 miles / 48:43 min / 9:34 pace
Row:  1074 meters / 5:00 min

This run was okay, I was feeling good for the most part.  I tried to get the kid to get up and bike with me while I ran, but he decided sleep was more important...

Before the run...

After the run...I have such a mean name for this piece of foam....

Tuesday, August 13th:

Bike:  12.5 miles / 56:23 min / 13.3 mph
Row:  1055 meters / 5:00 min

The kiddo and I rode together for 7.5 miles, I did the last 5 miles by myself, which I totally thought I PR'd, for the segment, but I missed it by seconds!!  (I had no one to draft on, gonna have to get the hubby to help me out on that one!!)

Seriously LOVE this kid!

Wednesday, August 14th:

Run:  8 miles / 1:19:37 min / 9:58 pace
Bike:  8 miles / 43:36 min / 11.01 mph

The run was uneventful other than the serious chafing I got!!  OMG!  I totally forgot about that!!  I had a wardrobe malfunction, which I didn't notice until mile 4 or so, and I was too far from home, so I dealt with it, decided to pick up the pace and get back to the house!!

Isn't it funny how when you get into the shower after a long run and you realize your chafed in places you didn't know?!?!  BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!!!!  OMG!!!!!!!!

My legs were super tired, but I pushed through it, knowing maybe it'll pay off race day since I'll be on rested legs that day.
This was the starting temp for my run!

Along the trail!

That afternoon was a doozy!  The kiddo said he wanted to bike 5 miles, I agreed to go with him since the hubby is training, he (hubby) had to do 20 miles, so we rode the first 3 together and went our separate ways.  On the way home, the kiddo decided to take a detour, which takes us up a huge long hill.  I agreed to go, but I told him it would be ugly, especially since my legs were super tired.  I made it up the hill before him and decided to stop and wait, and I had my first fall with my clips.

Let me set it up for you:

The clips are new to me, I've had MANY near falls since I got them last month.  I knew it was gonna happen at some point.  I was about to stop and I clipped out of the left one (which I always do, it's my dominate), when I did, I realized the curb was on the right, so I clipped out of that one too, before I was all the way out of the right clip, I lost my balance (which I do often) and I fell to the right.  On the curb. OUCH!!  The curb went into my mid thigh, and the bike on top of me, which isn't a big deal.  I'm sure it looked worse than it was.  The kiddo sees it all unfold, speeds up and is yelling the whole way, "MOM!!!!  ARE YOU OKAY?!?!?!"  After he makes it to me, he asked if I was going to be alright, and that he'd call a taxi if I needed one.  I laughed and told him that was not necessary, I'd be fine.  The whole way home he kept asking if I was okay, how sweet is he?

Thursday, August 15th:

Trail Run:  3.19 / 40:25 / 12:41 pace <--------  Again, trail running is hard!!!!!!

I also had some serious indigestion on the run, we ate pizza for lunch and it did not agree with me.  My stomach is typically pretty easy to get a long with, but not this day!!  YUCK!

Start of the trail, it is not this flat, or this smooth!!

The boy waiting on dad to go trail riding while I run

Us, waiting on dad, we get bored easily...

Friday, August 16th:


Saturday, August 17th:

Bike:  17.1 mi / 1:28:00 / 11.66 mph

We rode the Anthem Moonlight Ride in Richmond!!  It was so awesome, I'll have a post on it soon!!

Totals for the week:

Run:  20.1 miles
Bike:  37.6 miles
Row:  2 miles

Even with tired legs and a busy week, it was still a good one.  The highlight was the kiddo doing his first bike ride with others.  17 miles is the longest he's ever gone, so it was quite an accomplishment!

Do you ever run or bike on tired legs because it is sooooooo nice out? 

Yeah, I do!


  1. Yes, I want hear more about that Moonlight ride!

    I bet sooooo many people can relate to your fall (soon to be me, I am sure - I have almost done that a few times already). Thankfully it wasn't while you were moving! I tend to clip in first with my left and unclip with my right since that is usually to the shoulder or whatever.

    I will go out on tired legs just because it's so nice :)

    1. I'm scared to death of falling while I'm actually riding...But that's not gonna stop me!!!

      What does "to the shoulder" mean? I've never heard of that...

    2. I meant the shoulder of the road - the right edge, either curb, unpacked shoulder or ditch ;)