Monday, August 19, 2013

One week to go...

I have 7 days until school starts again.


I've had almost 4 weeks off, and they've gone by way too fast!  I do feel like I'm well rested and ready for the next challenge, but then again, not so much.  I just want to chill and work one day a week.

Yeah right, like the hubby would go for that.  No school and working one day a week?  In my dreams!

So I've decided to ride my bike to the hospital on the days I have clinical and to get my pre-clinical paperwork, so three times a week I will be there.  I'm excited since I get to ride on those mornings and afternoons, but nervous about parking in my assigned lot, getting on the bike, making it to the bike rack, parking it, locking it up, walking to the site inside, and making it on time.  Big time stressing me out!  I going to do a practice run sometime this week to lessen my anxiety.

They have a free bus system that is offered, but I don't like riding a bus with strangers.  I can do what I want, I have to pay for parking, and we can't park on site, so I might as well ride my bike.  I feel like I would be more free and I could let out a little aggression if I need to.

Literally the bus

Doesn't look like much, huh?

I've got another full load of school, with new classes, bigger classes, and a clinical group I've never met, along with instructors I've never met either.  I have two in person classes, two online classes, two clinical days, and one chemistry lab day.  YIKES!!

I also have anxiety about clinical sites.  I'm doing a psych and med-surg rotation.  I don't care too much for psych, and my med-surg is the Thoracic Cardiovascular Unit (TCV).  I can deal with psych, but the TCV makes me super nervous.  I'm not even sure why.  I'm decent with the heart, but not confident yet (the first entire month of school will be on cardiovascular), so I guess that is why my anxiety level is through the roof.

Easy peasy...NOT!

I know it'll all work out and I'll be fine.  But with the parking, biking, school, and clinical, I may lose my mind...

And there wasn't much left after the summer session...

Last fall I had the same kind of issues, and I made it, and school was new to me.  I'm just hoping I survive the first month, because if I do, I'll be fine...

Wish me luck!

How do you deal with new stressors?  

I don't know how I deal.  I get a little grumpy I guess.


  1. Your plan to ride the route for practice is the perfect way of dealing with that stress. And looking back at your success of last year should remind you you will kick butt at the TCV!!!

    Ha ha. I deal with stress by eating!!! AHHH!

    1. We rode it today, twice, and I feel sooooo much better!!!

      Hopefully this will be an awesome year! If I make it, I'm gonna celebrate big time during winter break!!!

      I like to eat...OREOS!!!!