Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm in!!!!! Finally!

So after nearly a week, I finally got this today:

Woo Hoo!!

So let me back up...

A few weeks ago, the hubby was talking to another one of his friends about the New River Trail Challenge.  It's a 40 mile mountain bike, 12 mile kayak, and half marathon on packed gravel trails.  I said, hmm, that's cool.  Soon after that conversation, he came to me with an idea...

He could bike (which he's super awesome at!), his friend could kayak (which I've been told he's good at), and I could run the half marathon (I'm a decent runner, no doubt!)

I was like, "I'm in!!"

I was so excited, I've never been on a team before!!  (Other than when I was a cheerleader in high school, which I'm not even sure counts...)

We decided we'd ask the boys' company to sponsor us for the race.  And we waited.  For a week.  Then I told the hubby I'd ask my employer if they'd sponsor us, and we agreed if they didn't, we'd split the cost 3 ways, no biggie.

I went to work last Friday and asked if my peeps if they'd be interested in sponsoring myself, the hubby and hubby's friend for a race.  She said, "Sure" asked me how much, and wrote me a check on the spot!!  Schweet!!!!!

I mailed it on Saturday, and finally got confirmation today!  Woo Hoo!

Now you know, I'm a nurse at an OB/GYN clinic.  This caused some concern for the boys on my team.  A few of the team name ideas were:
Team Gyno
Team OB
And some others I should not mention...

I asked my boss if she cared what we called ourselves.  She said, "No way, just have fun!!"

Our team name is....drum roll please...

Dumb, Dumber, and a Runner...

Yeah, and I'm not the dumb one!!!!!  HA!

So this is the race I've been training for, a trail (mostly packed gravel) half marathon.

What I've been training on a local trail, which is a hard core trail (to me), like dirt path, tree roots, trees hitting you in the head, streams to jump over, and LOTS of hills, so if anything, this will make me stronger!

I'm sooooo excited to be part of a team!!  Of course there is added pressure to perform well, especially since we have a chance to place (we scoped out the comp from last year online), and well, my teammates are pretty awesome.  I don't want to let anyone down!!  And I'm the last to go...why is the runner always the last to go?  Oh that's right, because we are the AWESOME-EST and the most BAD ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever done a team event?  Was is super awesome?!?!


  1. Yay! This event is so super cool! How does the transition work between the kayaker and runner? Do you guys all wear the same timing chip?

    This is going to be so much fun! You know I have done team tris and really enjoy them!

    1. I don't have a clue how transition works! HA!!

      I'm sure we have some sort of timing chip, but I'll have to check on it. We were trying to figure out logistics the other day. I'm just there for the run, the boys can figure all that out!

      You'll have to give us some pointers, you're like a pro!