Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Fitness Results

Here are my measurements since February.  I've held true to my goal to do this measurement thing every month on the 7th.  Last month I took a week off due to a shoulder injury, but it didn't seem to hurt me in any way.

These are based on what I measured in February.

Thighs:  Same
Hips:  - 1/2 inch
Waist:  - 1/4 inch  "natural waist"
Arms:  Same
Stomach:  - 3/4 inch  "belly fat"
Weight:  - 1lb  <--------  As in ONE WHOLE POUND!!!
Percent Body Fat:  - 1.1%

I think I did okay this month.

Not only did I lost weight and inches, I had some pretty awesome PR's in February with running, biking and rowing!

I didn't weigh myself at all this month.  Well I went to the doctor for my physical, so he had to weigh me, and I took a sneak peak, but I didn't jump on my scale one time!!!  I didn't think I could do it!

My doctor confirmed that I'm a healthy weight for me, and my blood work confirmed I have a healthy heart.  So I'm healthy on the inside AND the outside.  Good to know.

Highlight of the month was putting on some jeans last Wednesday that I haven't worn in a couple of months.  Last time I had them on, they were snug.  I don't like snug jeans, I like comfort, oh and being able to breathe is a big thing too.  I pushed them to the back of the closet, and didn't even try to put them on.  It was amazing.  It's the little things that make me happy.

I am a little depressed about the arm size.  Maybe I'm where I need to be size wise?  Maybe they'll finally start to look like some real guns?  They still feel pretty flabby to me.  I need to do some research some arm exercises.  I also found out this past week I have a wedding to go to in July, and I need some awesome arms for my dress!

I've also been really trying really hard not to focus on weight.  It is just a number.  It is hard to accept sometimes that I'll never be itty bitty.  I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to not focus on it.

So for this month I'll work harder on my arms.  I'm also still going to do away with the scale.  It literally felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I quit focusing on the number and going more by how I felt.  And I have to admit, I've felt pretty awesome!

How often to you weigh yourself?

I'm usually a slave to the scale, but I broke free last month!  I'm a numbers freak, so it's not been easy!!


  1. WOW! Congrats to be at a healthy weight AND have good blood work! YAY!!!

    I pulled on a pair of old jeans this week too and was completely astonished they fit and feel good. It really helped as the scale has NOT been budging. I do weigh myself each morning! I'm overweight and tracking it each morning helps me a lot.

    Are you looking for overall toning in the arms? My flabbiest muscle is the tricep, so I am immediately thinking kickbacks and overhead presses.

  2. Thanks again! Isn't trying on a pair of old "skinny" jeans the best (well as long as they

    My triceps are flabby too. Like if I wave too hard, I'll fly away!!

    Kickbacks, I totally forgot about them!!! I do the overhead press though! I do planks too, Dr. Oz had them on his show one day and said they work for that area as well!