Thursday, March 14, 2013

Four things Thursday, 'cause I have more than three

Today my son asked me to take him to McDonalds for a chicken biscuit, then to school.  Usually I don't.  Matter of fact, this is the first time I've ever taken him.  I told him I'd agree if we first went to Starbucks for my caffeine fix.  He agreed.  After we hit the McD's drive through there was a motorcycle accident.  It appeared a car pulled out in front of the motorcycle and you can only imagine the rest.  As soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to get out of the car.  My nurse instinct kicked in.  I literally felt the adrenaline rushing.  My son even said, "momma, you gotta go make sure he's okay".  My husband is an avid motorcyclist, and I knew I'd want someone to check on him if he was ever in an accident.  As soon I got out of the car, the paramedics arrived.  All is well.  I'm pretty sure he'll be alright.  There were lots of people pulled over, but only one man out helping the guy.  This is the second time my son was with me and we witnessed an accident.  It's my duty as a nurse to help.  I'm glad he understands.  I'm also glad I can help.

With the warmer temps, please look out for people on motorcycles AND cyclists.  I find motorcyclist are usually some of the best drivers.  Mostly because they have to look out for idiots.  I was hit last summer when I was riding my bicycle.  Bruised the hip bone.  Not cool.

I ran today.  Five miles.  I ran it in 43:26!!  8:41 pace!!!  That's another PR for five miles!  Woot!!!  Here are my splits:

1 mile:  8:57
2 mile:  8:25
3 mile:  9:00  <---- headwind 30mph gusts
4 mile:  8:31
5 mile:  8:27  <---- 30mph gusts at my back!

I totally rocked it.  Just so you know, I had the exact same outfit on today as I did last month for my old five mile PR.  I'm convinced it's the outfit.  Nothing else.  Forgot my speedy outfit?  Here is a reminder:

Official speed outfit

My son started practicing the intro song for Game of Thrones on his violin last night.  It's amazing.  He has the first 10 seconds or so down.  If you don't watch Game of Thrones, well then, shame on you.  (but you should totally youtube it, it's a cool song!)

Awesome-est show 

In case you're wondering, I'm feeling much better since my last post.  Life seems to be turning in the right direction, slowly, but it is looking up.  I'm trying really hard to focus on the moment and quit worrying so much about the future.  Although it's not always easy, I'm trying.

Have you ever witnessed an accident?  What did you/would you do?

I'm totally comfortable helping, I know some aren't.  But being helpful and being a "rubber neck" are two totally different things.  I always think, if it was anyone I knew that was in an accident, I'd totally want someone to help.  Even if it was to hold a hand.  Think about it.


  1. Oh gosh! Thank heavens he was okay! And that YOU were there to help! It astounds me how people don't look for motorcyclists or bicyclists. It astounds me that some people are even allowed to drive.

    DAMN SPEEDY! WOOT WOOT! Is it the outfit? Or you working hard and making progress this year? Hmm... ;)

    Someone was just telling me about Game of Thrones yesterday! I think I should check it out... if it's on Netflix ;)

    Hmm. I have witnessed accidents. Last week a driver ran in to the light pole in front of my house. I posted a pic on my regular facebook. (we should be friends there) I went outside to make sure he was okay before taking pics to post on facebook ;)

    1. Okay, it may be the outfit AND all the other stuff....

      Dude, Game of Thrones ROCKS!!!!!! OMG, like the best show. For reals....

      And I'm glad you went out and made sure he was okay BEFORE you took pics!! hahahahaha!!!! Oh and friend request accepted...we are totes friends now!!!

  2. Wow! I would want someone to help me out also- glad you were there ready to lend a hand!

    I am in love with your running skirt! Lululemon will happen my next trip to Richmond!