Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things that fire me up!!

Want to know a few things that get me fired up?

1)  People who drive in slow in the left lane because they are making a left turn 5 miles down the road. Literally, the right lane is the fast lane here.  I can pass 35,947,674 cars in 5 miles and STILL get in the left lane to make a turn!!!  Seriously people GET OVER!!!!!!!!!

I seriously look like this cat!!!

Must. Get. One. 

2)  People in the left lane that are going slow AND are on the phone or texting!!!!!!!  OMG!!!  I swear if I had a blow horn I'd blow it out the window!  Last week the hubby (we share the same issues) saw someone in his work area driving slow as shit in the left lane and when he passed, the dude was on his phone texting or something.  The hubby rolled down his window and yelled profanities at him.  Wish I could've been there.  **Note to America, don't mess with someone that has PTSD**

I'm sure it looked something like this...

3)  My pharmacology teacher.  She doesn't grade a damn thing.  Today is March 26th, and the last time I had something graded was February 3rd.  We have assignments due each week.  I have no idea where I stand in that class.  I'm taking my second test today.  April 28th is the end of the semester.  This makes me go crazy since I have bad OCD tendencies.

4)  Wet socks.  I hate when I'm walking around my house and step in water somewhere (usually the bathroom).  Wet socks = crazy woman on crack.

This is what it feels like to me!

5)  When I paint my nails in the evening and I take a shower the next morning and they chip.  Seriously?!?!  WHYYYYYY????????  Again, with the OCD thing, it drives me freaking insane!!!  So what did I do?  Repaint them while I was studying today.


These are just a few things that have been driving me nuts recently.

I've come to the conclusion that nursing school is making me crazy.  And insane.  I mean I was already crazy and insane, but school makes it worse.  I hope my family survives the next year.....

What makes you crazy?  


  1. The wet sock thing is me 100%. That is one of THE MAIN REASONS I can't even fathom trail running. I've heard too many people talk about having to cross creeks! LOL And that's why I won't ride water rides at a theme park, too. Drench me from head to ankle, I don't care, but let me step in a drip of water that came off a glass as I was emptying the dishwasher and I go batshit crazy!

  2. Ha ha ha. I love this list! :) Other drivers make me nuts too. The other day I was behind some guy going 30 in a 55. I turned on a different road to go home, and when I got to my street... there he was. So the longer way to go home got me right back where I should have stayed, because he was driving so slow! UGH!

    I cannot stand wet socks either!