Sunday, March 10, 2013

The weekend in pictures...

This weekend was awesome.  We didn't do much, just relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors.  I did a brick workout and weights on Saturday using my new Gymboss, and I ran outside Sunday.  It was so nice outside we even got to ride the motorcycle!

Isn't my helmet the coolest?  Yeah, I thought so.

This little booger is awesome!!  Love it!
We saw Oz

Walking Oscar

Take the damn picture already...
 For these I have no explanation for...complete boredom?

How was your weekend?  Have you seen the movie Oz?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?


  1. Ha! I love your complete boredom pics!

    I have NOT seen Oz! My snis saw it and loved it. Maybe I will see it when it goes to the $5 theater! It looks visually very cool.

    I want to ride on a motorcycle! :)

    I'm having a good weekend. Writing my whiny post yesterday got me out of my funk :)

  2. Thanks!! I loved the movie! It was not what I was expecting (not sure exactly what I was expecting though) but it was still good. The whole family loved it! You have to see it, in the theater for sure!!

    My hubby has always had a bike, it's awesome, I cannot imagine him not having one. Although I'm trying to convert him to a Harley, my back can't take it very long I sound like an old lady!