Sunday, April 6, 2014

Training Week 1

So this is obviously not my first training week, but it's my first in a while.  I have 9 weeks until my race in June so I count this as one.

Coach L has made me a plan to be faster, which I'm super stoked about.  She is a fellow nursing school buddy and in her spare time runs super fast and wins races and stuff.  When she said something about making a training plan for herself I said, "hey, make me one of those, I'll do what ever you tell me"  So she did.  To be quite honest, I like her doing it for me.  I'm easy, I'll do what you say, just give me the plan. 

She makes me start on Monday, which is different for me, but I'm cool with it.

Monday:  Run:  Recovery Run / 24:00 / 2.3 miles @ 10:27 pace 
                          Felt great, easy peasy.  It was windy and cool, but loved not having a distance, just time
                Row:  1087m / 5:00

Tuesday:  Run:  Speed Work!  
                          Warm up 15-20 min @ 10:35 pace         
                          5 x 400 @ 8:00 pace (or as close as I can get)                                       
                          400 recovery @ 10:30
                          10 min cool down @10:40               
                          Total: 5 miles
                          This was awesome, the weather was great!  Around 60 when I took off, windy
                Row:  1093m / 5:00
                Squats:  50  <------  30 Day Squat Challenge begins!!

Wednesday:  Run:  Rest day!
                              Totally took a 3 hour nap!  Hahaha
                     Squats:  55

Thursday:  Run:  Easy / 3 miles @ 9:50 pace
                           75 and sunny with a little rain to cool me off!  I felt naked with a tank on!
                  Row:  1095m / 5:00
                  Squats:  60

Friday:  Run:  Rest
             Squats:  Rest

Saturday:  Run:  Easy / 3 miles @ 9:50 pace
                          This was a great run, super nice weather, and a quick out and back
                 Row:  1092m / 5:00
                 Squats:  70

Sunday:  Run:  Easy / 5 miles @ 9:59 pace
                        First long solo run in a while since Stephanie was sickly.  Legs felt tired too.
               Row:  1083m / 5:00
               Squats:  75

Total Mileage:
Run:  18.6 miles
Row:  5450 meters / 3.4 miles
Squats: 310

I haven't done speed work in a looooooooong time.  It was kinda nice to program the workout into the Garmin and go.  I used to do speed work on the treadmill or track.  L says to do it on the road, it'll simulate what the race will be like.  I couldn't agree more.  It was much nicer to do it on the road, it seemed less tedious.  Speed work has never been a favorite, but doing it just on my route made it much easier to tolerate!  Also this is the first time I actually did a "warm up" and "cool down".  When I'm on the treadmill or track I just want to get it over with.  Being outside on the road made it much easier, and I really enjoyed the cool down!!

I like my "easy" runs.  When I asked her how fast those should be she said, "run as slow or as fast as you want, just go by feel"  I like that!

Those don't last for long, unless it's a recovery run after a long run or speed work.  Oh well, I'll take it!

I'm still doing the squat challenge.  I'm sore.  But in the places I wanna be (chub rubs!!).  With each squat I think, "tight ass, here I come!!!"

Rowing.  Yeah, I still don't like it, but I do it.  I need it.  We have an understanding, I put in the time, Killer will give me the arms I want.  I will commit to doing it for 5 minutes after every run.  Next week I'll give him 6 minutes.

After all of my hard work this week I deserved one of these...

Yay for hot pink toes!!
Then Coach L came over Saturday and I played with this new hair thing that makes cool wavy hair...

I totally bought L's from her!

How was your week?  

Are you doing the "30 Squat Challenge" with me?  
I totally recruited the peeps where I get therapy on my hand to do it with me!!  


  1. Ooo, you look so pretty! Was that hair thing easy to use?

    My favorite part of this recap is the 3 hour nap. Ha!

    That is great you are using your Garmin to program the speedwork. I have been too lazy to ever try it. Is it pretty simple? Did you put the WU and CD in, too?

    1. The hair thing was super duper easy! It was one of those rod looking things and you twist your hair around it. Crazy!

      Using the Garmin was really easy!! I don't know what WU or CD is though!!

    2. WU = warmup, CD = cool down. :)

    3. Haha!! Yes! I do put the WU and CD in there!! Super easy!!

      I seriously feel like an idiot now!!

    4. Ha ha, don't! I should have written them out :)