Sunday, April 13, 2014

Training Week 2

So this is my second week training for the 5K in June.  This week was good, the weather was nice so it made it much more enjoyable!

Run:  Rest!
Fun to start off the week with a rest day!
Squats:  80

Run:  Speed Work!
          Warm up:  15 min @10:17 pace
           Easy:  5 min @10:00 pace
           Fast:  7 min @8:37 pace
           Easy:  5 min @9:44 pace
           Cool down:  10 min @9:38 pace
           Total:  4.33 miles
64 degrees, 10mph winds, 31% humidity
Row:   1285m / 6 min

Run:  Easy 4.35 miles @10:51 pace
50 degrees, 4mph winds, 54% humidity
Squats:  100!

Run:  Rest!
Squats:  105

Run:  Fast 3 miles @8:49 pace
Splits:  8:47
74 degrees, 9mph winds, 31% humidity
Yes, I realize that they are supposed to be negative splits.  In my defense, the second mile was uphill.  
Row:  1065m / 5 min
Squats:  110

Saturday:  Rest!!

Run:  5.07 miles @9:53 pace
64 degrees, 6mph winds, 64% humidity
Squats:  130!

Total mileage:
Run:  16.8 miles
Row:  2350 m / 1.5 miles
Squats:  525!

Speed work day was difficult for me.  I had an awful clinical day and was needing some relief.  My "cool down" wasn't actually a cool down.  I hit my goal pace easily and it was mostly uphill.  It is difficult for me to slow down to a 10:xx after I run an 8:xx.  It was also super windy, and that made it tough for sure!  I've discussed pace issues with Coach L and we are going to do some adjusting for next time.

I ran in very different temps this week all with different humidities and wind.  I can say that Sunday's long run in the 64% humidity was harder for me, I knew when I walked out it just felt hot!  It was actually the same temperature on Tuesday for speed work and it felt so much hotter on Sunday!
I'm almost half way through the 30 day squat challenge!  My quads have been sore the past two days!!

After my 5 mile run today I totally chafed.  Between the boobs.  Ugh.  I've worn this bra before, and it did it last time, but no where near the extent of today.  I won't wear it to run again, it'll just be my "bra around town when I don't need a 'real bra'" bra.
Right between the boobies

I also got my hair done this week!  Ahh!!!

I think I'm picking up a frequency here!

This is what I have been studying...I don't even know how to pronounce most of the words!

All I know is you don't want it!

After my "fast" run, I had my most favorite lunch!!

How was your week?  Is it warming up where you are?  
I'm gonna have to pull out the running skirts!


  1. You haven't posted in a month so just poking you to see if you're ok!

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