Friday, March 7, 2014

Surgery Update

I can actually use my hand more now than I could before surgery.  If anything, that is a success!

My pics are a little graphic, well not to me, but to some maybe.

Therapy is going well.  She fit me in a splint to be worn until she says so.  My sutures will come out on the 17th, and they are already getting on my nerves!

The first thing we did Wednesday was take that insanely huge dressing off!

At therapy

Getting fitted for my splint.  They really need to make cute ones.  I mean for realz.

After a good scrubbing. 

Side by side comparison.  
Post therapy ice and electro therapy

All in all things are good.  My hand is stiff, but that's expected.  The sutures are annoying, that's expected too.  I'm ready for things to be normal again with my hand.  My therapist is super confident that I will return to post injury status.

I sure do hope so.

Talk about an expensive trail race.


  1. Your frankenstein hand is so cool ;) I hope it heals well and your therapist is correct!

    1. Frankenstein hand! Yes! I was trying to think of a cool name and I had nothing!!
      I hope it heals well too. So far so good!

  2. Looks ouchie! I hope it heals perfectly for you!

    This happened because of a trail race??

  3. I hope you decorate that splint! You're right, it's boring-o!!!! :P