Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So...I tried to quit...

So I tried to quit this blogging thing.  And I did.  For over 3 months.  My running partner asked me the other day if I still blogged and I told her no, although I kinda missed it.  I honestly didn't have much to say, I'm quite boring, and I've been kinda busy with this whole "working 40 hours a week" thing (I know, you feel sorry for me, okay, not really)

So what's been up with me?

A whole lotta nothin'

I'll give you the short and sweet...

Yup.  Nothing much.

Lots of running, a few races, work, and a new love of spin class <---  Well kinda..the first 20 minutes I'm cursing my instructor.

There are a few significant things that have happened though:

I found out I have two heel spurs on each heel...grand total of four.  Yeah, they suck.  All this time I thought it was plantar fasciitis, it was bone spurs.  Ouch.  I've been x-rayed and medicated, now I'm all better.  I'm still sore after long runs, but after some Mobic and a nap, I'm all good.  (One of the MANY perks of working in sports orthopaedics!)

These are my beautiful feet!  X-rays are so cool!

Because of the above I've been doing some pool running about three times a week.  Which has been actually quite nice.  My running buddy is having some issues with her feet so we've been doing some pool running and my feet have gotten better, wish I could say the same for her.

I've ran two races, my annual Women's 4 Miler for breast cancer, I have another PR for that (33:34).  I also just completed the race where I broke my finger last year...and I didn't break anything.  YAY!  I ran the trail half marathon in 2:05:xx.  Not to shabby for a trail if I do say so myself, but honestly I was just glad to finish.  Our team was only 5 minutes from placing!  That's pretty awesome too!

So that's all I've done training wise for the past three months.

Told you I was boring!

Now I need to catch up on y'all!


  1. Woo hoo! Great job on the 4 miler and the trail half!

    So, they don't plan to grind down the spurs? Just medication and pool running?

    1. No grinding of the spurs as of now. It is very tolerable with meds, so we are going with the less invasive approach for now.