Saturday, May 31, 2014

Change is on the horizon

There have been many changes that have occurred in the month of May for me.  One being of course changing jobs.  I'm super stoked about my new job!  So stoked I'm gonna bore you with the story!  Haha!!

Several months ago I approached my boss at the OB/GYN clinic about a full time position.  I knew as soon as I graduated that I wanted to work full time.  I haven't worked full time in years (I know I'm a totally spoiled brat).  After discussion with the hubby about where to work and how to save for retirement, I knew I needed a full time job so I don't have to work until I'm 80.  I want to enjoy my adult years, grandchildren (hopefully) and travel.  The hubby and I are in agreement that we want to enjoy our lives before we cannot take care of ourselves.

After I approached my boss she told me that she really didn't have a full time position.  I was very up front with her and told her I have to find something.  So my journey began with lots of searching with the very limited time I had.  After being turned down by both hospitals "new grad program", I was feeling very discouraged.  I was on one of the hospitals websites and saw a posting for a nurse in the orthopedic clinic.

On a whim I applied.

Within two days I received an email from the hiring manager wanting to interview me.  I emailed her back immediately to be sure she was fully aware I was in nursing school and could not work until June.  Her response?  "I still want to meet you"

I interviewed for the job April 1st (April Fool's!!).

I was there for almost two hours.  I met all the staff and doctors.  I also met the doctor that I would work with if I was hired.  She's a beautiful blonde doctor from Texas.  We clicked immediately.  Then she asked if I had any experience in sports ortho.  I asked if she meant professional or personal.  She said either, so I told her about my experience with my hand injury.  After my story she raised her right hand...and made a fist.  She broke the exact same finger...on the exact same hand.  How ironic.  I was like "NO WAY!!!"

I left that day feeling like they may offer me the job.  Two weeks later I received an email with the official offer.  Since it's with the hospital it takes a while to go through the chain of command.

I'm super excited about this new chapter in my life as an RN (NCLEX pending) at the sports orthopedic clinic.  I've always been interested in sports medicine (obviously).  Not only will I be in the clinic, I will also be her OR (operating room) nurse meaning I'll assist with all her surgeries.  I'm getting the best of both worlds, clinic hours, no holidays, no weekends, AND OR time!!!

I often say "everything happens for a reason".  In this case I feel like I was meant to apply and get this job.  I was turned down for the hospital floor jobs because this one was the one meant for me.  Although I did shed some tears when I didn't even get an interview for the PICU or NICU, I know now why I didn't get those jobs.

I just hope it's as awesome as it is in my head right now.

Do you believe in fate?  

I sure do!

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