Monday, February 17, 2014

I survived the snow!! And some other stuff...

So I survived yet another snow here in Virginia!  This time it was a little nicer having the hubby here with me in case something happened.  Last time I had to dig us out all by myself!

I'm not sure what is worse, digging a vehicle out of the snow or digging a vehicle's garage so you can drive out.  Garages are big.  Either way we had to shovel on Thursday AND Friday morning since it decided to snow two days in a row.  How exciting.  Now there are just piles and piles of snow everywhere!

I'm sure you've seen plenty of snow pics, but I'm gonna show you mine anyway.  HA!

Before the madness began!
This is what we woke up to!

After a shovel!

This was WITH my back! 
After the Wednesday night snow...before the second one
Our walk to the nearest RedBox
Why you ask we walked to the nearest RedBox?  Well we rented two movies the night before the snowfall.  I wanted to return them the next day to avoid an extra charge.  And I kinda wanted to get out of the house!!  It was a cold walk to the nearest one, which is only about 1/4 mile.  Starbucks was closed.  I was upset!

But you know who LOVED the snow???  My four legged baby Oscar!

Who me?
Today I had my pre-op appointment for my surgery in two weeks.  The doctor seems pretty confident I will get most of my mobility back in my finger.  I'm excited about getting it done.  I will be awake throughout the procedure and he even promised I could look!  He also wants me awake so I can make a fist for him to be sure that he didn't do any damage to my tendons.  I'm thinking I'm gonna ask him to take pics if he can after he opens me up.  How cool would that be?  To see in the inside of my joint capsule...I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  Maybe I should be a OR nurse?  Hmmm.

I've started running again since the PF seems to be getting better.  I ran a whole 6 miles last week!  I ran 3 today in the snow covered sidewalks.  Running in snow is a beast.  I get nervous about slipping, but I made it just fine.  I'm still biking, and even added rowing back into the mix.  Rowing is proving to be difficult because of my lack of grip on the right hand.  I'm still gonna do it though, I need to row.

You know what's best about running inside when it's 10 degrees out?

I had to resort to a treadmill run on Thursday!

I'm still juicing it up.  I actually had an in depth conversation with a fellow nursing student last week about being a vegetarian and juicing.  He disagrees with juicing, I don't.  He was quite passionate about it too.  I told him we will just agree to disagree.  People are entitled to their own opinions.  I heard him out, he heard me out, and we are still buddies.  He had an interesting story though, after changing to a vegan diet, he lost 100 lbs about a year ago.  He is still quite obsessed about calories though.  When we were discussing shakes, I told him I use coconut milk and he told me to "watch those calories".  I'm not concerned with calories, I've never been much of a calorie counter, but I do totally understand where he is coming from.  I think it's amazing when people lose that amount of weight.  Diet is way more important than exercise, although you need both to be successful.

So did you get snowed in?

And what do you do when you can't exercise outside AND you can't leave the house?

I'm pretty lucky to have a small gym in our basement, so I usually reluctantly go down there, but I'd much rather be outside!


  1. OOOO, I hope he takes pics during the surgery I so want to see it! Wait, can I FaceTime you and see the whole thing?! PUH-LEASE?

    That is so fun that you got so much snow. Damn that Starbucks being closed though. WTH?! LOL.

    We have not been snowed in since that bad storm in 2011 :)

    1. FaceTime! That would be sooooo cool!! I'll be in and out of sedation, so not sure how much fun I would be...but maybe they could prop it up so you could see! He's pretty cool though, letting me look. He even said, "I don't typically let patients do that" I told him I am not the traditional patient!

  2. Don't you DARE send me those pictures!!!!!!!!! hahaha

    And as for the coconut milk, you probably use like the boxed or refrigerated kind right? Like Blue Diamond? He's probably thinking you use that super high fat, high calorie canned stuff in the ethnic aisle.

    I haven't been much of a calorie counter the past few years, but I need to start restricting a little bit if I'm gonna be ready for the DR in 3 months and 2 days!!!

    1. I use Silk brand coconut milk, but yeah, boxed and refrigerated. I didn't even think about the other coconut milk. I bet that is what he was talking about.

  3. Ick snow. I live in the burbs of Chicago and we got slammed this week too - my car actually got plowed in. My daughter missed school because I couldn't get the darn car out, grr!