Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday I had my pediatric rotation at the local hospital.  I love peds, it is my passion, I feel in my element when I'm on that floor tending to the sickly kids.  Kids are awesome.  You can be silly, and they love it!!!

Yesterday was a little different for me.  I've dealt mostly with kids that were in a clinic and I've nursed their wounds, gave them shots to keep them healthy, and did a lot of parent teaching.

I've been so excited about working on the peds floor, and even applied to the floor.  I still want to work there one day (I was totally turned down on my first application to the floor).

Yesterday, while my 18 yr old patient was sleeping, I cared for a four week old baby that had open heart surgery to repair a defect she was born with. The nurse asked me to check on her, and I gladly went in to discover she was whimpering under her blanket, so I did what any nurse would, I picked her up and held her.

I held that little baby in my arms until she fell asleep and went to the computer to find out what exactly was wrong with her.  She has Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect, and she is also addicted to methadone.  And her parents are no where to be found.

She's only four weeks old.

I went back in the room to find her whimpering again, so I fed her, changed her diaper, and rocked her to sleep again.

As I'm rocking this tiny bundle of joy, I'm reminded of the first time I held my son.  I remember him being so much bigger than her, and how he looked at me with the same look she gave me as she dozed off to sleep.  As I lay her down back in her crib, I have to wonder who would leave this baby alone in a hospital.  Not this momma, that's for sure.

I came home from a long 10 hour clinical day and gave my son a huge hug.  I told him how happy I am to have him, and that I will never leave him.  (Poor kid didn't know what to think).

I often take for granted that my kid is healthy, my husband is awesome, and my doggies are happy and healthy.

Even though yesterday was tough on me mentally, I know I'm meant to work with kids in some way for the rest of my life.  I know that all that baby needed was love yesterday.  That is all.  Love.

The Beatles said it best, "All you need is love, love.  Love is all you need"


  1. Them fuckers that turned you down have no idea what a damn good nurse they're missing out on. Just because their "more experienced" nurse looks good on paper, no way does she have the heart you have.

    1. I love you a shit ton. You're the best-est best friend!