Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've found it!!!

I think I found my running mojo!!

Yesterday I wanted to run but got on the bike, mostly because I didn't have enough time to dedicate to a run, and it was freezing.  I used to love running in the cold, now I just want to lay in my warm cozy bed!  (I'm thinking some new cold weather gear will motivate me...)  So I rode White Lighting (bike) for 20 min, then I got on Killer (rowing machine) for 5 min.  My upper body was still a little sore from the fall on Thursday night, but I pushed through since I didn't do anything all week.

Last night we went to one of the hubby's co-workers house for a party.  It was a "Food of all Nations" party.  Each guest had to draw a country about 2 weeks ago, then bring a dish the country is known for.  How cool is that?  The hubs drew Germany.  Thank goodness.  We lived there for a while when he was in the Army, so I know a few things about their food.  Their main course dishes suck.  So I chose a dessert.  My grandmother was full German and she used to make German Chocolate Cake.  Of course she was an amazing cook, so I relied on Betty Crocker for the cake, and I made the icing from scratch.  It was a hit!!!!  I brought home only a few pieces!

After a night of eating my weight in food, I knew needed to run long today.  I have a half marathon with the besty next Sunday, and I only ran 42.1 miles last month.  The last time I ran was last Sunday and I did an 8 miler.  I really wanted to get a 10 in before the race.  I probably would've been fine, but she's coming off a marathon so she's in MUCH better shape than me!

I got up around 9:00am and decided I was going to get out the door.  The hubby and I were still full from the night before so our Sunday breakfast could wait.  He asked how far I'd be going and where I'd be running (Safety First!!) and I told him 8, 9, or 10 miles.  Not sure.  I didn't know really (I LOVE being able to just RUN!) so I took off, drove across the major road, parked, and got out.  I felt AWESOME!  I mean really awesome.  I didn't know how long I could keep up the pace, I was around 9:18 at mile 5, but I kept pushing.  I didn't carry any fuel with me (oops!) but I felt okay.  It was cool this morning, so I knew I'd be fine.  I just ran around for 10 miles.  Official time was 1:33:47, a 9:22 pace!!!  WOW!!  I was so happy.  I thought it might be a PR, so I came home, checked and sure enough it was the first time I ran a 10 mile training run in the 9's!!!!  I needed this run to make me feel like me again!!  I may have found my running mojo 5 weeks after MCM.  I wasn't really burnt out, I just didn't want to run.  One thing I've done different this time is I have kept up my cross training, mostly biking and rowing, so that may have saved me from any fitness lost.  Yay for PR's!!

And in case you were wondering, my face is looking much better from the fall.  Well my lip is anyway.  It's not nearly as swollen, so I don't look like my husband punched me.  The bruise on my chin is getting darker, and it's still swollen.  My mouth is still pretty sore, I cannot eat very well with my mouth closed.  I can cover the bruise easily, but yesterday it was a little harder since it's darker.  Oh well.  It'll get better, and hopefully I'll be able to eat with my mouth closed soon.  Who knew that you used your chin so much to keep your mouth closed while eating?!?!

It's been so funny getting some strange looks.  People just can't look away, they'll look, look away, then look again.  Too funny!!!


  1. You're retarded if you think you're gonna have to worry about keeping up with my slow, hobbling ass next weekend. Even if I'm not still hobbling, we are still running this thin for FUN! You can't run for serious in a TUTU!

  2. NEVER underestimate the power of a TUTU!!!!!! (And yes, I know we are running for fun, I just wanted to say that...)

  3. Yea for MOJO! When running is good, running is GREAT!!

  4. Awesome! Great job on the distance pace PR! That is awesome! It sounds like your Tour of Nations (a cool idea, indeed) fueled you well! :)

    1. If the food made me fast, then I'm way under-eating pre-race!!! :)