Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun, Flu, Friday!!!

- I've worked the past 4 days in a row.  I'm insane!  I do enjoy my peeps though, even if the flu is among us.  We make the most of it, and just keep on keepin' on!!  Seriously, pediatric nurses are the best...well at least I think so...mostly because I am one, and I'm awesome.

- I've had a great week.  I am officially done with school for a month, and I worked with my buddies.  I haven't run much, just three days this week, I plan on a long run tomorrow, but with the wind and cold, not sure if I'll want to get out of the bed.

- We exchanged gifts at work yesterday.  I had an awesome secret Santa.  I knew who it was immediately when I opened the gift.  Only one person in the whole world knows my favorite brand nail polish, and she got me three new colors.  And a box of goodies for an at home pedi.  Not sure if she's trying to say I  have jacked up feet or not.  But whatever, I do, I'm a runner, and I have a black toenail (dang you MCM training!!!), but I also have them painted black.

Gumdrop.  Seriously.  LOVE!!!!

- Because I've been out of school, my house is a little cleaner, and so is my brain.  I needed a brain break.

- The events from last Friday have played a HUGE part in my thoughts this week.  I've been more present in the kiddo's life.  Embracing every moment, hanging on to every hug just a little longer.  It is such a tragedy, and I've learned to live in the moment a little more.  And to love a little more too.

- I seriously cannot WAIT for Christmas!  I'm so glad the hubby is home and we get to enjoy our holiday together.  We will be staying home this year, which in all of my 33 years, I've never not seen my parents on Christmas.  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  Even when we lived overseas we came to America for the holidays.  It'll be different.  And quiet.

- I learned how to make pretty bows for the Christmas presents this year.  I also buy coordinating wrapping paper each year.  My husband didn't get the memo.

Beautifully wrapped presents, can you figure out which ones the hubby wrapped? 

- I'm still wearing my minimalist shoes.  Not sure how far I'll be going tomorrow (if I even get my lazy butt out of the bed) so I'll be wearing my Nikes for the run.  And about a bazillion layers of clothes.

-  I'm also staying far, far, FAR, away from all things, mall, Target, or anywhere someone can buy presents.  I'm staying home.  All weekend.  Unless we go to dinner.

How do you spend the holidays?  Do you always travel to see family or just stay home?


  1. Ooo! Love the polish! I have never tried Orly before. I am an OPI gal and my work bestie gave me Essie this week and I was like "NO! My shelf of OPI will look so wrong now!" hee hee hee.

    The shootings have made me feel that way too. They have made me think even more about the stupid bs things I get upset about or involved in...

    It's only been just "us" (me and my husband) for one Christmas when our flight to see his fam was canceled. Other than that we trade which family we see. This year it is mine. You will have a great time with the quiet this weekend and the lower key Christmas Day :)

    Have a great run!

    1. I used to use OPI, but a friend got me hooked on Orly. Now that is all I'll buy! It stays on longer for me (not sure why).

      I wish my parents would've come out here, but my mom had to work. I feel so guilty for not being "home", but I am home really.

  2. Family usually comes to us over the holidays since the kids have been born (I think they are coming to see the kids, not us!) My parents are here this year and in-laws will come for New Years. Because we have all these additional people in and out helping with childcare Hubby and I might get some runs in together!

    Merry Christmas

    1. That's awesome they come to see you! How far do they have to travel? And extra hands for childcare is awesome!!!

      Enjoy some runs with the hubby! I wish mine didn't have a bum knee!!!

      Merry Christmas to you and your family!!