Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Hustle Half Recap!!

Last Sunday, December 9th, the besty and I ran a half marathon.  Not an ordinary half marathon, one where you get to dress up and look like Santa!!!  It was in Knoxville, which is perfect since it's right between us!

A couple of months ago we were texting and saying how we needed to get together and do another race (we ran Shamrock in March together).  She looked online and found this race.  It sounded like so much fun that we couldn't NOT do it!  After conferring with my hubby and son (the race was on his 12th birthday) we decided we'd make the trip down to Knoxville for the weekend to hang out with the besty and her hubby.

The morning of the race the hubby got up and followed us down to the start line which was literally in the parking lot where we were staying, how convenient!  The birthday boy was still in bed.  Usually we make him get up and go, but since it was his birthday, we decided it was okay to let him sleep in.

It was so fun to see everyone dressed up and looking silly.  Pam actually agreed to wear a tutu.  I couldn't believe it!!  I tried to get her to wear one for Shamrock, but I got a solid NO on that one.  We knew this race was strictly for fun, and wearing a tutu made it even MORE fun!!  We saw someone dressed up like the Grinch and someone was actually a Christmas tree, thank goodness she was doing the 5K and not the half.

I STILL can't believe I got that girl in a tutu!!!!

The hubby is a pretty good sport for taking pics at my races (and he actually gets some of the best pics).  He took these also....

Look at all of those Santa's!!!

Seriously, how cute are we?  Even with hairy chests!!

Since Pam was coming off the full marathon the week before, we went slow.  I think her legs still felt like lead, so we ran when we could, and walked when we couldn't run.  We talked, we caught up, and we also ate candy.  It really was the best race.  We just settled in at like a 12-something pace and had a good time.  The best aid station was the Oreo one...

The guy tried to get us to take a whole tray.  I have to say, it was tempting!!!  I seriously LOVE Oreos (hence the title of my blog)!!!!  We actually walked past it and went back to take this pic...and I may or may not have picked up more on the second trip....

The ending was the best finish pic I've ever had...

We were still smiling!!  BTW, I just realized it looks as though I'm not wearing shorts...  

And it's not a Christmas race without a candy cane for the finish!!

Even though it was a PW (Personal Worst) for the both of us, it really was one of the BEST races I've ever ran.  It was seriously the BEST 2:44:45 of my LIFE!!!!  Running with one of your very best friends is the awesome-est thing ever!!  I wish we lived closer together so we could do it more often.  When you share you love for running with someone, it really is special.  I'm glad we have that, because when we are together, it doesn't feel like running!!


  1. I am so happy that you two got together to do this! I have run a lot of races this year for fun just do to it with my friends and it's almost better than a PR... :) And Pam looks great in a tutu (as do you)! Maybe she will wear one at every race now?!

    1. I think she secretly like it! And I agree, running with friends is better than a PR!!

    2. Seriously, SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!

      I'm considering wearing that tutu to Christmas dinner.