Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Things Friday!

1.  I've been under the weather for the past week.  Those kiddos at the office gave me the funk.  I'm much better now and actually ran yesterday and today!  Granted, with lots of coughing which was very productive...and lots of loogies on the run...sorry fellow runners on the trail this morning....

When I looked up the word "loogie" to be sure I spelled it right, this is what I got:

(n.) A mass of mucous and saliva that is forcefully ejected from the mouth onto a person or object. 


2.  The hubby got me some new running gear for Christmas!  I have worn my new shirt on the past two runs, and yes, I DID wash it!  Promise!

3.  J and I took down the tree today.  In return of his service, I agreed to a Rock Band Battle.  I'm sad to say he won...I'm way out of practice, what can I say?

4.  I'm excited about New Years!  We've been invited to a party!  Beats last years when the hubby was gone and the kid and I went to bed at 10pm!

5.  I'm still sticking to my minimalist shoes, and so far so good.  I ran 5.15 in them today, which is the farthest so far in them this go round.  I actually ran in the grass most of the run, the knees thanked me!!  I swear I heard them say, AHHHHHH

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  1. kinda loved the LOOGIE logo... #seriously.

    Also, going back two or three posts... that nail color. I need it. it's FABULOUS.