Friday, December 7, 2012

Fuel Belts, Birthdays, and Aging Doggies

I bought a fuel belt the other day.  Anyone who knows me, knows I think they are silly.  I understand the concept, but man do they look silly.  This past training cycle for MCM, I realized what a great idea they are.  I was so tired of running the same 4-5 mile loop, drinking, then running the SAME 4-5 mile loop, drinking and so on.  There is so many different routes I can take if only I didn't have to make sure I was back at the truck every 4-5 miles.  So then I realized I needed a fuel belt.  The past summer/fall, the hubby would ride his bike with me while I was running so he had all my fuel needs with him.  Well now that it's cold, he's not a fan of getting up and riding the bike.  I realized last Sunday when I was on a 10 miler I could've used a drink or two, but since it was cold, I made it just fine, but I wonder, how much faster I would've been if I would've had a drink....(even though I was super fast for me!!)

This is my new fuel belt, she doesn't have a name yet, any suggestions?

This Sunday not only am I running a half marathon with my besty, it's my little boy's 12th birthday!  Wow, where did time go?  I just don't know.  My kid is one of those little people that acts like he's an adult.  Since he was about 3 years old, we could have a conversation with him like he was just one of us.  But seriously, he's great, he makes me laugh and smile every day of my life.  We've been through a lot with dad's multiple deployments and Army stuff, he's always been my constant, and I've always been his.  He'll always be my little boy, no matter what.  So one might ask what a 12 yr. old wants for his birthday...well my kid got Call of Duty Black Ops, and a robe.  Not any robe.  A black leopard fuzzy robe.  Seriously.  Yep, that's my kid.  And what is the besty getting him for his birthday?  Fuzzy black slippers to match.  He's gonna be in heaven!!

Seriously, as if I'd forget that kids birthday...

I've noticed my Lola limping a little lately.  I think she may have some arthritis in her back leg.  When we went to the vet last year, he told me it's common for dogs of her age to develop it.  It's not terrible, but this morning she was whimpering a little.  Broke my heart.  She is almost eight years old, and for her to be in pain, I don't like it.  Once she gets moving around she's fine, it's just that morning walk outside that hurts her.  My baby girl is getting old.  So instead of going to the Dogg House with her big brother Oscar, she'll be hanging out with my hubby's friend all weekend that spoils her rotten.  Knowing she'll be there instead of being with her brother, where she thinks she has to keep up with him, gives me piece of mind.

  Arthur who?
I love the Dogg House momma!! Lola is gonna miss out!

So do any of you run with a fuel belt?  Did you feel silly at first?


  1. I hope he likes his slippers!!!!

    Poor Lola. :(

    Fuel belts are a sign of awesomeness.

  2. Poor Lola! How is she doing now? What can they do for her?

    I think we need a pic of J in this get-up ;)

    How was the race?!

    I used to use a fuel belt! I really liked it but it made my back sore, so I have since been using a handheld or a backpack ;)