Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MCM Race Report

The wake call up came early, 4:30am is early not matter how you look at it.  I got up first, got my shower (to some that sounds silly I know, but I like to know I'm all clean, I normally don't shower before training runs).  I basically rubbed BodyGlide all over my body, especially what I like to call the 'chub rubs' between my legs.  No matter how much weight I lose, I still have those damn chub rubs that constantly rub together and chafe like you'd not believe!!!!

My race crew got up, and out the door we went!!  We headed to the metro at around 5:15ish, and boarded the yellow line to the Pentagon.  It was easy to find where to go, we've done this race before, and with all the people, it wasn't too hard to find your way around.  We went to the Runners Village and hung out there until it was time to line up for the race.  The hubby's friend was also running the race, so we met up with him at the village.  I decided not to drink any water that morning because I didn't want to be peeing the entire race.  I knew that I drank enough all week long, and that I was hydrated enough, so I just took a couple of sips of some Powerade before we left the hotel.  I did pee once in the village, mostly because I like toilet paper, and I knew if I waited, I wouldn't be any left to wipe my lady parts, and let's face it y'all, that's just nasty.  

Around 7:30 or so we made way to the corrals.  I rubbed more BodyGlide on the chub rubs:
This is my reality.  Disgusting I know, but funny in a way.
I wanted to kill the hubby for taking this pic, but it's quite funny really.  It is what is is.  Anyway, I checked my phone one last time for the weather and it changed!!  The percentage went down to 20% of rain for the morning and afternoon!!  I was so happy!!  Before we lined up, I asked the hubby if he had any words of wisdom.  You know what he said? "Don't walk."  Those were his words of wisdom.  Don't walk.  Little did I know those words would get me through some tough times during the race.  He also told me he loved me, I got a hug and kiss from him and the kiddo, and I was on my way.  They did things a little different than last time, they had us line up inside of a gate on the interstate instead of just lining up on the road, I guess to keep us separated from the spectators, I don't know.  It does make sense, but it was super crowded in those corrals.  I stood next to the hubby's friend, with full intentions of staying with him for several miles.  I knew at one point we would go our separate ways, but I thought we'd run maybe the first half together.  

It was cold and cloudy, it was actually perfect running weather.  Perfect.  Every runner knows that the sun can be your worst enemy, especially if you're out there for hours.  It took us 17 minutes to cross the start line.  At 8:12am, my journey began.  I ran with my hubby's friend for 2 miles.  It is a bit hilly the first couple of miles (actually the first 7).  The hubby's friend is obviously not good with hills.  He kept saying that I could leave him at any time.  So after the second hill on the second mile I did just that.  I went on and I never looked back.  I was there to run my race, I was there to PR.  That is what I went there to do.

I passed the 5 hour pace group at mile 4, and I kept that man in my rear view the entire time.  I talked to some people along the way, never more than a couple of minutes though.  I walked through every single aid station.  I drank two cups of gatorade, and sometimes I had a cup of water.  I ate my chomps every four miles or so.  I saw my hubby and son right after Georgetown around mile 10, and got a couple of swipes of BodyGlide.  The hubby told me I was well on my way to a sub 5 marathon, but I knew I had a lot more to go.  At mile 18-19 I saw the hubby and kiddo again, and I got a couple more swipes of BodyGlide.  The hubby asked me how I felt, and to be honest, I felt fine.  My feet hurt, but other than that, I felt great.  I met a princess around mile 20 or so, and I told her that her hair looked perfect.  I mean it really did.  I knew mine was a hot mess, but she looked great!  She even had a dress on for goodness sakes!!  After I made it past "Beat the Bridge" around mile 20, I knew I was gonna make a sub 5.  I just knew it.  On the bridge, I kept saying to myself, "don't you walk, remember what the hubby said, once you start walking, it'll all go to shit if you walk".  I didn't walk.  I kept running, albeit slow, but I kept running.  Let me tell you that bridge is tricky, you are there all alone, not a spectator in site.  When I finally arrived in Crystal City the crowds took over, I felt like I was flying although my pace had slowed down.  Those crowds gave me what I needed to finish strong.  They were amazing, every mile, they were there to cheer all of us on.  At mile 24-25 you leave Crystal City, but before you do, there is one more fuel station, not just ANY fuel station, a Dunkin Donut Munchkin station.

I would do just about anything for these babies...

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE chocolate DD Munchkins!!!!!  I thought about stopping, and I almost did.  But I looked at my garmin and I knew if I stopped I wouldn't make a sub 5.  So I told myself to keep running (again, hubby's voice in my head), and I thought if I finish under 5, I can have all the munchkins I want!!!!!  So I passed it, I never looked back.  I saw lots of people eating the chocolate ones I love so much, but I kept running.  I even saw some on the ground, I felt sorry for those little munchkins.  I really did.  Poor munchkin never made it to someones tummy.  How sad.  After I passed that difficult fuel station, I was running the part I remember from MCM 2009.  The part where I told the hubby that I didn't care if I walked the rest of the way, along with lots of curse words.  This year though, I ran that bitch.  I ran it all the way in.  I passed people saying the same things I said just three years ago.  There was a cluster of people at the end going up the big hill at the finish (the marines don't make it easy to get that medal), and they were walking, I was so mad, I wanted to run!!  I wanted to finish strong!  After I made my way through, I ran the rest of the way, as fast as my legs would let me.  I finished in 4:56:33!!!

As soon as I finished, I got my medal from a marine, he saluted me, and I called my hubby to ask where he was.  Spectators are not allowed in the finishers area, for obvious reasons.  There are so many people there, it was already chaotic, I can't imagine it being any worse.  I made my way out after lots of food and drinks the marines were handing out, and they actually gave you a bag to put it in!  How smart is that?  It took me 30 minutes to get out of the finishers area.  I finally met up with my husband and son and got a big hug from both of them.  They have no idea how much they mean to me.  They were there the entire time cheering me on all day.  My friends texted me all day too telling me how awesome I am, and how proud they are of me.   That's enough to make a girl all teary eyed!!

The MCM is an amazing marathon.  It really is.  The marines do a great job hosting this event, and they do not hold back.  The crowds are great.  The signs are hilarious.  It is a large marathon, it caps at 30K runners, but other than the beginning, it doesn't feel too crowded.  It's a great way to see your nations capital.  That being said, I want to say thanks for my family and friends for their support and motivation this training cycle.  I did it.  Even when I doubted myself, they were there to pick me up and make me believe in myself.  A huge thanks to my spectacular husband for talking me into running my first marathon three years ago.  Without his support three years ago, I would have given up.  Look at me now babe, I did it!!  Twice!!!


  1. That is the most awesome picture I have ever seen of you. LMAO

    Like I said... a badass bitch.

    1. Thanks, I think it shows my true self...chub rubs and all!!

  2. Congrats!!! What a great PR! "Don't Walk" is a good motivator. I saw someone posting about those donut holes on another blog! Too freaking awesome! I would have passed them too though ;)

    1. Thanks! Those donut holes were like the devil!!! It was awesome, and I would've stopped normally, but I was so close to a sub 5 I couldn't!!

  3. I'm so proud of you! But I'm glad you explained that picture...I thought you were peeing into something!

    1. Ha! I had to look at it again, and it DOES look like I'm peeing in a cup! You didn't know they do drug screens before marathons? :)