Thursday, October 25, 2012

Taper Tricks, Road Rage, & Sandy

As you know, I'm doing the taper for MCM this weekend.  I have ran 5 miles this week.  5 MILES!!!  I ran 2 yesterday, 2!!  I had to look up the last time I ran just 2 miles, it was in January, and I was fighting with a bum knee.  It was weird running just 2 miles, it was almost not worth getting up early and running on the treadmill.  I usually put off my Wednesday runs until the afternoon after school, but to be quite honest I needed to wash my hair, and I didn't want to wash it twice in one day.  So I ran my 2 miles, slow and easy on the treadmill and watched the news.  I hate the treadmill, but I'm glad I have it,  for reasons that usually don't have to do with my hair.

I'm also exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  I slept 10.5 hours last night, and I think I need a nap today.  I texted the blogging besty, and she told me my body was playing taper tricks on me.  Mean, mean body!!

I have road rage.  Bad.  When we moved to Virginia, we realized these people really don't know how to drive.  I mean really.  It is horrible.  I've grown accustomed to this crazy driving.  The city we live in is not huge, but it has lots of work opportunities, so the city swells quite large during the week, and on weekends, we are also a college town, so if it's a home game, we avoid downtown at all costs.  With my taper, I'm a little on edge (rightfully so, right?) and I've been saying the most profane ways to express myself when I come in contact with crazy drivers.  Today for instance I was at a green light wanting to turn left.  Well there was an idiot in front of me that was less aggressive and decided to wait until the light was RED to turn left.  I was in the middle of the intersection at this point, thinking the idiot was going to turn before then, I counted 2 opportunities to do so, and she didn't.  I called her horrible, horrible things.  We turned left, and that woman drove 10 miles BELOW the speed limit for the road.  Seriously?  I mean come on!!  It is a two lane hilly road, with no where to pass.  I think she did it on purpose.  If she only knew I was on a taper, and I would use all my pent up energy to tell her exactly what I thought (well I guess I did, but she didn't hear me...)

Maybe if I drove with one of these people would get out of the way.

Sandy is a little hurricane that may or may not make her way up the east coast.  Al Roker has said that there are two different models for the path of the storm, he thinks it's not gonna hit the east coast, but the Europeans believe it will.  And if you've forgotten, I'm running a little marathon on Sunday in our nations capital (when I typed that I thought of Forest Gump!) anyway, when I look ahead at the weather for Sunday, it says  the temp will be 58 and a 90% chance of rain.  Now I'm all about running in the rain, don't get me wrong.  I love a good rainy run every now and then.  I really don't want to run the entire marathon in the rain, but I will if I have to, I'm gonna finish.  

So the taper is making me insane, road rage is making me a mean person, and Sandy is just the icing on the cake.  


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who lets their hair factor in on when to run. LOL I have actually skipped runs before just because I was having a good hair day.

  2. I agree, Pam! Putting so much effort into a run or a work out really tires me out for a second shower of the day, so I have to plan accordingly... :) Miss Oreo, I really wish I were there with you in our nation's capital this weekend- from that day on, wherever I went, I was running!

    1. I wish you were too!! Next year? We could quote Gump the entire time!!

  3. Totally unrelated- but I notice that I have a picture on my profile and I never added it! Did my computer just randomly choose a picture of me- that is creepy and weird, and I don't know how to change it.... that is all.