Friday, November 30, 2012

What goes up...

Must come down...

Last night we went to the kiddos first winter orchestra concert.  It was great!  I may be a bit of a classical music lover now.  They performed based on grade, so our son went first with the 6th grade, then 7th, and 8th performed.  Then they had the high school students do a few songs, they had the "strings orchestra" then the "concert orchestra".  It was obvious the concert orchestra was the best, they were amazing.  Ten of the students made "All State" which is where they actually audition for a spot, she said it was the most they've ever had from their school in one year.  Pretty freaking amazing.  I was in awe of these talented kids ranging from 6th-12th grade.  I hope the kiddo keeps it up so I can keep going to concerts!!

So then there is the subject of my blog I'd like to share.  I usually don't like to be laughed at, but this is pretty dang funny if you ask me.  It was NOT at the time, but funny now, the next morning.

After the concert the hubby and I was getting up to meet the kid at a designated spot by the flag pole since there were so many kids we thought that would be our best bet to find him.  We intentionally sat by the door of the auditorium so we could get out quickly.  After the final songs from the Nutcracker (AWESOME by the way!!!!) we got up.  I headed out first, you know, "ladies first" and little did I know that the floor sloped down.  We did not go out on the same side we came in on (think huge theaters, where you have three different sections of seats).  Well on that side the floor sloped down.  A lot.  I had heels on.  I came tumbling down, like humpty dumpty.  Seriously.  I feel so quick the hubby didn't get to react in time to catch me.  I couldn't control the fall.  I fell into the wall, hard.  I hit the left side of my mouth/chin on the wall.  I sat on my knees for a second then realized I was bleeding.  A lot more than you want to be bleeding.  I had it all over my hands.  The first thing I did was ask the hubby if all my teeth were there.  I couldn't understand where the blood was coming from, yeah, I hit it hard, but it was a bloody mess!!!  After I stood up, I sat in a chair close to the exit and didn't know what to do with all the blood.  Then the cutest little old lady came over to check on me and said, "Honey, are you alright?  Do you need some tissue?  I stole these from McDonalds tonight, I know they're from McDonalds, but they will work"  I was so happy she had something so I wouldn't have blood all over my dress or scarf.  I asked if she had a mirror and she didn't.  I knew by then it was my lip that was bleeding.  But I since I still had all of my teeth, I could deal with the lip.  The little lady came back to check on me and asked if I wanted her to call the rescue squad.  I told her no, but thanks for asking.

After we found the kiddo (thank GOODNESS he was at the spot and we didn't have to wait).  We loaded up in the car to come home.  I looked at my face.  YIKES!!  I had this HUGE knot on the bottom of my chin and my lip was gigantic!!!  The boys were hungry so we hit the McDonalds (funny, right?).  I told the hubby you better hope those peeps don't think you punched me in the face!  So we came home, I went upstairs to wash up and realized I actually had paint chips embedded in my lip.  Seriously.  Paint chips.  In my lip.  Not small ones either.  I pulled a huge one out and almost passed out.  The hubby tried to help but he was afraid he'd hurt me, so I did it myself.  I'm a nurse and I almost passed out, how embarrassing.  I've seen some horrible stuff in my time, but when it is actually on me, it freaked me out a little (I've pulled rocks out of my kids elbow on several occasions, and it didn't bother me one bit!!)  So then I went downstairs to ice it.  And to text Pam about my incident.  I think she was a little shocked, and thought it was funny too, I mean who falls in public and does a face plant into the wall at her kiddos concert?  Oh, that'd be me!

So now I have a busted lip and a knot on my chin.  The knot isn't too noticeable, it's in a good spot, if there is one.  I have a bruise on my chin too, but makeup does wonders!

I had to take a pic, remember the one I took yesterday of my new do?  Well I'll let you see the comparison, about 24 hours later..

Before the "incident"

After, I tried to smile the same, but it hurts too much!

So I'm headed to school in a few.  Thank goodness we aren't having any type of group work today!!  I wonder if anyone will notice?  If they do I bet they don't say anything.  They'll just assume my husband beat the shit out of me last night.  And my lip keeps seeping some sort of fluid too, so I'll be dabbing it as well.  I'm sure I'll get some strange looks, and I have a ton of errands to do today!  Can't wait!

Have any of you ever fell in public and had a bloody mess?


  1. OMG! OUCH! Gosh. You must have had a really awful fall to have freakin' paint chips in there! Too funny that the lady came to rescue with the McD's napkins. LOL. I hope it is feeling better.

    And how cool that your son's school has such a talented orchestral group!!!

  2. HOLY SHIT!!!! (I'm just now getting home to my laptop where I can really see the picture good.)