Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I've lost it...

I've lost lots of things lately... 
- I've lost my running mojo.  I'm just not feeling it.  It doesn't give me the "high" it used to.

- I've lost my mind, it's so jumbled and crazy right now.  I literally don't know sometimes if I'm coming or going.

- I've lost me.  I feel like because of the above two, I've lost myself.  I'm not depressed, I'm just not who I used to be.  

- I've lost a year of my life.  I literally thought to myself yesterday while driving to school that I will turn     33 next year, but no, I'll be 34.  Wow, I honestly don't know when that happened.

- I've lost some connections to people I used to know.  That makes me sad.  

- I thought I lost my running gloves the other day.  Thank goodness I found them.

So what do women do in this situation?  I don't know, but I know what I do, I'm going to get my hair done this evening.  I can't wait.  I've been looking forward to it for a week now.  In an attempt to be more "me" I'm getting my hair done the way I see myself and the way I want others to see me. 

We'll see tomorrow if I have new hairstyle remorse...


  1. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll feel a lot more like yourself in approximately two weeks!

    1. I think so to! After December 14th, I'll be a brand new woman...for exactly one month...then it'll be back to the grind.

  2. Did getting your hair done make you feel better? Are the shorter days making you feel a bit more lost too?

    1. The hair does make me feel better!! And yes, the shorter days are making it so hard to get out! I like running in cool weather, I'm just having a hard time getting motivated!