Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Training

I think this month I did okay.  I'm dealing with an shoulder issue right now, so the last time I did any exercise was Sunday.  I thought at first I just slept weird one night on my shoulder, but after four days I realized I've pulled something.  No worries, it's getting better with the hubby giving me a custom massage on the area every night and using IcyHot patches <----- those things are AH-MAZing!!!!  The hubs described the knot as a "hot dog".  Yeah, so imagine a hot dog on my shoulder.  It is affecting my neck and left arm, some numbness on the left arm, and pain in the neck when I turn a certain way.  It is getting better so no need to go the doctor (I actually went today for my physical, and didn't utter a single word to him).  Trust me, IF it gets worse I will go to the chiropractor, I'm not a complete idiot.

Okay, lets get back to this months training!!

Running  62.8 miles       Up from 48.5 miles in January

Biking 44.3 miles           Down from 72.8 miles

Rowing 22,852.7 meters 14.2 miles          Up from 13.3 miles

I've found it's hard to increase my biking AND running.  I like them both so much, so I'm trying to make it work.  I have to have the cross training, but my biking got put on the back burner this month.  I'm still trying to love rowing, but it's so hard.  I'm getting better, but it's hard to like something that is so difficult!!  (Kinda like the relationship I had with running in the beginning!!)

What's been going on in February?


  • I've still been doing the brick workouts.  I've added more weights with some new exercises to keep it fresh.  Lots of squats too, and lots of upper body.  I can see some definition in my arms, and I like it!!!  I still want my wings to go away, so I'm still rowing....

  • I credit the rowing to my stronger physic.  I feel stronger.  I am stronger.  I can run faster, I can workout longer and harder.  My core feels stronger.  I've noticed I sit up a little straighter too!  And some of my all too disgusting back fat is gone!!!  YAY!!
  • I'm still in school, and I've finished one of my classes (it was only half a semester).  I feel like I'm finally finding my routine, of course I'm halfway done with this semester...
  • I found out I may have to quit my job come summer since my school schedule is a little different than what I anticipated.
  • I'm still nervous about our near future as I expressed in January.  Nothing has changed in that department.
  • We planned our trip for J's spring break.  We try to go somewhere every year.  

What's coming up in March?

  • The hubs and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!!!  In lieu of gifts this year, we've agreed to take the day off work and spend it at the spa.....I can't freaking wait!
  • I'll be doing my official weigh in on March 7th.  As of today, I've lost two pounds (I went to the doctor, I did NOT weigh myself!)  Of course we all know that can change on the day I actually weigh and measure.
  • I may run the local 10 miler.  I've been injured, so I've not been able to run all week, and the race is in two weeks.  It will depend on my shoulder if I do it or not.  
So that's it!  I'm still holding true to my goals for the year!!  

What do you do when you have an injury?  Are you more likely to take time off, or do you still do the same things even if it hurts?  

I used to keep on going, but the older I get the more I realize it's smarter to just take time off.  I'm older and wiser I suppose!


  1. Ooo, your anniversary plan sounds so fun! 10 years! Early Congrats (lol, as opposed to belated).

    Sounds like I need to try rowing! It looks like fun!

    I used to be really bad at running through injuries. I am learning to take time off too ;)

    1. Thanks! We've officially been married longer than we dated! HA!

      Rowing is not fun. It looks fun, yes, but sooooo not fun. More like torture. Seriously. Not fun.

  2. I'm afraid of rowing. I don't think I'm coordinated enough. But it's one of those things I need to do.

    I attempted to run through a hip injury a year ago. Ended up making it worse and not being able to run at all. Plus a month of physical therapy. I learned great lessons about asking for help and not giving up. Even so, I'd rather not do that again so I'm more careful about taking time off now.

  3. Don't be afraid of rowing!!! It's so hard, but it is a great total body workout!!! And trust me, you don't have to be coordinated to do it, I'm SOOOO not coordinated, and I can do it, it's just hard!!!

    Your situation kinda happened to me a couple of years ago, then I got a stress fracture and was forced not to do anything, except swimming, for 6 weeks. I almost died. Now I listen more to my body. It's a shame we don't listen better!! I do now, and it sounds like you do too!