Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hill Training and Life

We've lived here nearly 4 years already.  It is no secret there are hills in our neighborhood.  Lots of 'em.  I get my fair share of hill training here.  It prepares me for races for sure, and I hate 'em, but I'm pretty damn good at 'em!

I think today's run reminded me that life it hilly sometimes too. You can think you're prepared, and then you think, maybe not.  I've had my share of difficulties throughout my adult life, we all have.  

Uphills remind me of harder life issues.  Ones that change a family.  Issues that take time and patience.  

Downhills remind me that I have to pay attention because life goes by so fast, I don't want miss something.

Lately we've had to think about our future here.  I guess you can say we've come in contact with a hill.  Right now we are at the base of the hill, it's not a huge one, but our future depends on it.  We are prepared.  We've trained for this before.  It's been a while, but kinda like hills, you don't forget how to train for them.  Life it full of unexpected surprises, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.  And change.  Change can be scary.  Change is good.  Change is necessary sometimes.  

I took some pics of the hill I ran today.  It's a big one, it's long, and it's hard (sounded totally dirty there!!  Ooops!).  But I stormed right up it.  I owned that hill today.  I made that hill my bitch.  I needed to.  I needed a long hilly run to remind myself I can do it.  And that I'm pretty freaking awesome.