Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Milestone!

This weekend was again uneventful.  Don't misunderstand, I LOVE uneventful weekends.  Especially the ones where you have absolutely nothing in particular to do.  I had to study, and it was minimal this week, so I saved it for Sunday.

  • I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  I had another PR for the distance!  It was a little warmer than usual, but I still maintained a 9:14 pace.  I seriously think I'm going to do the local 10 miler next month.  It'll be challenging, but I need a race to keep me motivated!

  • After Saturdays 8 miler, I reached a milestone after 4 years of running:

  • I didn't even mean to make it an even number, I actually had no idea until I logged my miles for the day.  How cool is that?  Even the time is even!  Weird!  I'm such a number freak, and I especially have a thing for even numbers...

  • Napping, not something I get to do very often.  Whoever says they don't like a nap is a complete crazy person!  I was watching TV on Saturday afternoon and couldn't for the life of me keep my eyes open!  I told the boys I was taking a nap, and the hubby agreed he needed one too.  We slept for three hours!!  It was much needed!  I just don't nap anymore, but when I can fit one in, I take it!

  • I ran again on Sunday with my buddy Oscar, we did a 3.60 mile loop.  It was super windy and C-O-L-D!!!!  Wind chill 16.  BRRRR!!!!  I'm having some issues with him running that I thought would get better with time.  He is quite skittish of everything, always has been.  Like for instance today, he was scared of flags blowing in the wind, the shadow of a sign, and trash blowing down the street.  He's always been scared of cars, especially loud ones, and anything out of the ordinary.  He just wasn't on his game today.  He kept looking behind us after we passed a lady walking, like she was gonna get us.  For these reasons, we always run the same route, with the same turn arounds.  I just thought it would get better with time, like I should expose him to the elements for him to accept them.  It's not working, and it's stressing me out when we run.  He literally knocked me over today, and that scared me.  I try to be cautious and talk to him when I see something that will bother him, or we slow down to a walk, but today, I didn't catch the sign blowing in the wind, and he freaked.  I'm not sure if he's cut out for these runs after all.  I think for his safety and mine, we may have to resort to afternoon walks on a deserted road.  That's the only place he's the best.  He's super good on it, we usually run this road at the end, and he always does well.

  • We've been eating somewhere different every weekend for the past three weeks.  I came up with the idea when we were talking about eating lunch one afternoon and couldn't decide where to go.  We get kinda spoiled living north of the city with our good eats and less traffic, but we've grown bored and need some flavor!!  We agreed we needed to try new stuff, so on the weekend we eat out one day, and it has to be somewhere new.  There are so many good restaurants here, so we've decided to try them out!  Sunday afternoon we tried Sticks, it's a Kebob Shop.  It's super good, and has something for everyone!

Yummy for my tummy!

So does anyone out there have any advice for a skittish dog, who loves to run, but scares the heck out of his owner?  I'm at a loss.  I know he loves to run, but it's stressing me out to the point I'm not sure if it's worth it.  For all I know, I'm stressing him out too exposing him to the elements.  

Do you like to try new things, or do you "go with what you know"?  I'm more open than I used to be, and I'm enjoying trying new foods!  Gives us something to do every weekend!


  1. I love the idea of trying a new place to eat each weekend. Not sure hubby would be up for that. Or my picky eater kids either. Maybe we could aim for once a month!

    No advice on the dog. I've never owned a dog, but I'm working on hubby to try to change that!

    1. Once a month would be great! I'm seriously surprised the kiddo is up for it, I think he's more excited about it than us! (And we're pretty excited about it!)

      I'm still trying to figure out the dog thing. Dogs are fun! You should get one, they make good running partners, well most of the time...

  2. That's really odd about Oscar. Harley is a very skittish dog, too, but he's MOST confident when we're running. What is it with our big-ass dogs being such big weenies???

    1. I'm not sure what is up with our doggies!! I'm hoping he was just really off his game yesterday. I'll give him another go this week, I'm not giving up hope just yet!

  3. Gosh, I don't have dogs so have no idea about Oscar. I hope the next run is better.

    AWESOME milestone. And long run! Damn! You are going to SMASH that 10 miler!!! I wish we could run together ;)

    I like to think I like to try new things. Food is kind of limited since I am vegan, but I like trying new activities ;)