Friday, February 8, 2013

The results are in...

I've been posting for a while my attempt to be more lean, do more cross training, and just overall be more active.  On January 7th, I measured and weighed myself, did lots of running/biking/rowing/weights, and Thursday I measured and weighed myself again.

I'll break it down like I did on my 3x5 card.  I will not post numbers.  I'm scared of that stuff...

Thighs - down 1/2 inch   That's good, I think...
Hips - same.  Ugh.
Waist - same. Ugh.
Arms - down 1/2 inch  YIPPEEEEE!!!!
Stomach - down 1 1/2 inch <------- That's pretty awesome too!!!!

Weight -  down .2  Yep, (.) 2, like "point" two.  Not even 2 lbs.  That sucks balls.  (being honest, sorry for the image)

Percentage body fat -  down 1.1%  Okay, I guess?

Now let me tell y'all, I measure my "natural" waist AND stomach/belly.  Like I classify my "stomach" where my belly button is, that's my fat zone.  I measure it, mostly because I knew it would be different, like seriously, they was a 5 inch difference, now there is only a 3 1/2 inch difference.

I did gain weight throughout the month, and lost some too, but I'm trying to be honest, so this is what it was Thursday. Wednesday I would've been down 2 lbs, but it wasn't the 7th.  I'm trying people!!!

So this is my new goal for the month of February:

Put the scale AWAY!  I'm for real NOT going to weigh myself until the end of the month, and that's just because I have my annual physical.  I'm a slave to the scale!  I for real sometimes base how my attitude will be for the day by the number on the scale.

I think I'm going to put it in the garage.


No way in hell I'd go out there in the morning to weigh myself.

I'm not sure if I'll survive.

We will see how this month goes...

I am 1/2 inch closer to the arms of my dreams...


  1. When do tickets go on presale for the GUN SHOW???

  2. LOL @ Pam's comment.

    You are making great progress! And yes! Hide that scale if it is making you bonkers!!!

    1. She's a nut, but she made me laugh, geez I love that girl!

      I am making progress, but it just seems sooooo slow!

      I actually ended up not hiding it! I haven't weighed myself since Thursday, that's some kind of record for me!!