Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost Epic Fail

Today I had good intentions.  I really did.

I've been contemplating running long during the week.  I realize this is not a luxury for everyone, but I'm in school Tuesday and I'm off Thursday for an online class.  On the weekends I like to run, just not long distance.

This week I decided the change will begin.  I will do long runs on Tuesdays.

I figured Tuesday works best for me since I've always taken Monday off for rest, mostly because I'm too lazy to drag my ass out of bed before 7am.

Today I decided to get up early around 6:15 (since it will be not completely dark out) and run 6 miles, come home, get the kid off to school, then run 3 more.  9 total was the goal for today.

Well, things didn't turn out as planned.  I did get up at 6:15, got dressed in my cold weather gear.  I turned my Garmin on, and it said "low battery".


But that's cool, I have a backup.  Nike GPS.  I grabbed it, fully charged, turned it on, it said "memory full".

Okay I can fix that.  I logged onto Nike's website.

Device not recognized.  I can't delete any runs unless the device connected to the website.

WHAT?!?!  Seriously.  Time was ticking.  Before I knew it, it was already 7am.  And I was still at home.

I was furious to say the least.  The hubby was awake and asked what I was doing.  I tell him the short version (albeit, the version not suitable for blogging) and he tried to help.  By this time it was close to 7:30 and it's time for the kid to get up.  Lucky me.  I haven't ran any.  At all.  

So I decided I'd run when the kid left.  He leaves at 8:20 for the bus.  I look outside, it's snowing.  Seriously.  A blizzard at 8:00, wow, I'm so lucky.

The hubby looks back at me and says, "you gonna run in that?"  Damn right I'm gonna run.  Rain, sleet, snow, I was going to get my run on today, and it was going to be 9 miles.

I left at 8:20, and this happened:

I broke my freaking nail locking the door.

I thought I might be doomed today.

I started my run and it was still snowing.  Then it started sleeting around mile 4.  Then the rain came.  And it didn't let up.  I actually passed some guys working on the road today when I was getting rained on.  I ran past them, and their supervisor (I assume) says, "You see that girl?  She's running in the rain.  She's not complaining.  She isn't even getting paid and you are.  You guys need to shut up and work!"  

So I ran my 9 miles today.  I wore the jacket the hubby got me for Valentine's Day.  I had mentioned in passing that I wanted a jacket that was waterproof and windproof.  I wore it last weekend when it was really windy and loved it.  I wore it today, and the rain didn't soak through.  My undershirt was dry, well except for the sweat anyway.

Awesome-est jacket ever!!  

So I could've stayed in the house and complained about not getting to run.  I've never been scared of rain or snow.  I got all three elements today.  I survived.

You never know what race day will bring.  Rain, sleet, or snow, I'm prepared.

9 miles at a 9:29 pace.  Not too shabby since I had to be careful so I didn't slip and fall.

And I have to admit, I felt a little bad ass.

Do you run in all elements?  Or do you curl up and go back to sleep?


  1. You are a badass! OWN IT! I run in all elements too... except when it's too dangerous for cars to see me ;)

    That is too funny what the manager said to the construction workers! LOL!!!

    Awesome that you can get your long run in on Tuesdays! I love midweek long runs! And nice pace! :)

    1. Aww, thanks! I've always known I was a bad ass, but yesterday I felt SUPER bad ass!!!

      I love midweek long runs, that way I can run on the weekends, but it doesn't take me all morning!

  2. Long weekday run + crap weather= total badass runner!

    I had my garmin crap out the night before the last Richmond Half! I turned into a crazy woman and woke the whole house up to help me fix it! Running makes us crazy.

    1. Thanks!

      I would FREAK if mine died race day!!! Seriously. I'd go nuts!

      BTW, I ran the Richmond Half last year too!!! I forgot my headphones that day!!! But it turned out okay. Wonder if we ever ran beside each other?!?!

  3. You are right about races and weather! Did a half last weekend in snow and sleet and wind! I'd rather run in snow or rain than heat and humidity!

    I also did the Richmond Half last Nov. It wasn't a good race for me though. I had been sick earlier in the week and it just wasn't my day.