Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday!

I know, I know, you've probably only seen Wordless Wednesday but since I missed Tuesday Tidbits, I need a Wordy Wednesday!

I started official nursing school last night!!  I had a bit of a confidence booster when I could do "dimensional analysis" and basically no one else could.  (I learned quite well in my Chemistry class last semester how to do it!  Chemistry is already paying off!)  Well maybe one person, who I've chosen to be my "partner" for the year.  Yeah, seriously, she's pretty awesome.  I know we've only known each other one night, but you know, sometimes you just know!  So my nervousness has calmed a bit since I've met some really cool peeps that are in my classes.  There are only eight of us, and I'm pretty sure the dude that was in there dropped, since he didn't show up to the second class...his loss.  I'm pretty stoked to get the semester going!  Nurses are weird.

yeah, for real.

I've been doing some SERIOUS cross training.  Like for real.  I've been working my butt off for the past two weeks.  I'm so sore, but I keep on going.  I needed to add some cross training/strength training in my routine.  I have to get stronger and leaner.  I have only about another month before I start training again, so I need to get a good solid routine down that way I can incorporate it into my training this time.  I was a bit worried about my running since it's slowed down a bit, but after talking to the hubby and besty (they are my "go-to" peeps) they both agreed (without knowing they agreed) that I should work out as much as I want this month and at the end of the month take 2-3 days off and run for time to see if I've made any improvements.  That's why they are my peeps.  They are so smart!!!

That's gonna be Pam on the left, me on the right...AKA Kara and Shalane

One reason my running has slowed down is because I have a new running partner.  His name is Oscar. You've met him, he's quite handsome!  He never complains.  He smiles the entire time, and he'll go as long as I'll let him.  He also has four legs.  But he's totally normal.  Because he's a DOG!  Oscar is our beloved boxer.  He LOVES to run!  He's up to 3.5 miles already with negative splits!!!!!  I feel safer with him, although I've never felt like I wasn't safe.  Well there was that one time, that's why I carry mace (need a whole other post about that morning run).  No worries now, my dog will eat 'em (but I still carry the mace, just in case)!

Oscar is one of those dogs who is a one master dog (if that makes sense).  He was is my husbands dog.  But since we've been running buddies lately, he's been a little more "my" dog.  I think because we get to run together, he's my little man now.  This is what I get when I study...

Who can get ANY studying done with that cute face looking at you?!?!

Oh and I got a new job!  I got a part time job at a OB/GYN clinic.  Some would say I'm weird but I've always been super interested in women's health.  So now I'll get the chance!  On Wednesday my husband found the job, emailed me the link and on a whim, I emailed the office manager my resume.  Within a few hours I got an email asking when I could interview.  I went for the interview on Thursday, and they offered me the job on Friday.  They are super awesome.  I loved the rapport I had with the staff.  I knew when I walked out I wanted the job.  It works perfect with my school schedule for the spring and summer, and they are fully aware of my school, and totally supportive.  How cool is that?  I also knew I was in when she told me the turnover there is next to nothing.  The only reason people leave is because they have babies (Ummm, NOT gonna happen to this girl!!) or they get married and move off (already married, with NO plans of moving any time soon).  I know it's a big deal in the real world for low turnovers, and it's HUGE in the nursing world.  In "our" world if you treat us like crap, we'll move on, they are too many jobs out there for us to hang around in a crappy job.

So lots of things going here, lots of changes and lots of cool stuff!  This year is off to a great start!!  (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!!!!)

How do you deal with change, are you accepting or hesitant?


  1. Ooo, so awesome you already clicked with someone in your class! And that you got that new job so quick! Damn! You rock! Are we supposed to start calling you Shalane now? ;)

    I am not good with change. I try to accept, but am a very anxious person. But, I try ;)

    1. You can call me Shalane or Ms. Flanagan if you'd like.

      I'm a naturally anxious person too (I think you know that from one of your posts...) but mine is more of a social anxiety. I guess being married to the military I got used to change.

      And I've never gotten a job so quick!! I guess I'm much more awesome than I already thought!!