Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Running Buddy Wednesday

On our run a week ago

Before the 4.5 on Tuesday

After the 4.5
This month I've focused on my cross training, speed, and training Oscar to accompany me on my runs.  He's up to 4.5 miles so far, and I'm sure we could've ran 5 on Tuesday, but we ran out of routes!  All of my routes with him MUST have a sidewalk or trail, and I'm pretty limited on my side of the main road.  In order to get more miles in, we will have to drive across the main road, and I see that in our near future!

I used to prefer running alone, but I've grown pretty close to my new partner.

I would love to find a human to run with too, but I haven't met anyone that shares my love of running!

Who do you run with?


  1. Aww! Hi Oscar! You look like the perfect running buddy! I have always wondered what it would be like to run with a dog :)

    I run by myself or with a running blogger or someone from my club ;)

    1. I can tell you it's not easy to run with a dog, especially at first!

      We have a running club here, a friend tried it once (she doesn't live here anymore) but she told me that the women already have their "clicks" and are sooooo competitive and didn't want to chat with her! I can't handle that! I get so jealous of people who have running partners! One day I'll find someone, I know it!

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