Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Already disappointments...

At the beginning of the year, I posted goals for 2013.  I can already scratch some off that are not going to happen.

MCM series events are not going to happen.  They are just too pricey for the budget.  How pricey?

Run Amuck $45 - per person, my husband and I do this together, that's $90.

Historic Half $75 - I just cannot justify a half marathon that costs that much.

17.75 - that one sold out in under an hour

MCM - hasn't opened, but I'm already out.  I just don't wanna.

As much as I LOVE the MCM events, how they are run, the support, the everything, I just cannot pay that much for a race.  There are several local races close to home.  There is a half at the end of April over the mountain that's $50, and another trail half in May that's $38.  Now these are small and local, but I think I'm going to give them a go.  I knew this year that there would be a tight budget on races since racing is kind of a "luxury" thing.  I still NEED to race, so I will, I'll just race close to home and sleep in my own bed the night before.

I'm super sad and depressed about the whole thing.  I really wanted to race these events, especially the Historic Half since it's always the week of my birthday.  But you know what?  It's going to be okay.  I'm getting stronger and stronger with all of my cross training, and I'll focus on more of the shorter distances.  I just think long distance are out for this year.  And may be forever.  Who knows.

So this is me, all depressed and sad.  I'll come out of it I'm sure, and it's not making any difference in my day to day, so don't worry too much.  I'll be happy soon.


  1. This does not make me happy. :(

  2. I would be bummed too! But it is good to hear that you already found some other local, less expensive races! Sometimes those are better... right?! :)

    1. I don't really know too much about local races, I run only a few, and they are all 10K and under, so I'm a little nervous about a half that caps at 200. But I may find out soon enough! I just need something to train for!