Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

This past weekend was awesome.  I mean like for real awesome.  The hubby is on his break from school and I am too, so there was no studying going on.  The weather was great (a little on the cool side) sunny and breezy.  We spent most of our weekend outdoors, which is what we love.

I started off Friday night with Mexican food, with a side of Margarita.  It had more than a shot of tequila in it.  It burned the whole way down my throat.  I drank it anyway.  Then the hubby had to drive me home...


On Thursday of last week I got an email from the bike store saying they are going to start beginner/novice bike rides on Saturdays this summer and asked if I was interested.  Ummm YEAH!  I quickly RSVP'd!!!  I bought 'White Lightning' last June and rode her all summer, and in the winter I rode her on the trainer.  She's a beauty, and I was ready to get her back out on the road.  I talked with the hubby, he was game, so we loaded up Saturday morning, met 11 other people and rode for 18 miles.  Ahhhhh-mazing!!!!!  I used my hydration pack the hubby got me for Mother's Day, and it worked perfectly!!  It was so fun, I think I smiled the entire way.  Meeting new people, chatting along the way, enjoying the was great!  So many times I wanted to pull out my phone and take pics, but that would be dangerous, that's almost like texting and driving!!!!  Just take my word for it, it was beautiful!!

Before our bike ride

A few of the peeps we rode with

Now if I could only find a running group like that, I'd be set!

Saturday afternoon the boys went kayaking while I stayed at home and caught up on my shows.  I don't do kayaking, but they do, so it was perfectly fine with me.

Sunday morning Oscar and I got up to run 4 miles then the boys took me out to breakfast.  After breakfast we went on a hike close to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's house).  We took Oscar with us since he was overly energetic that morning.  Since we had Oscar, we couldn't go to certain parts of the trail.  Dogs are not allowed on the boardwalks, so we had to stick to gravel/dirt paths.  Which kinda sucked.  I heard the boardwalks are great, so we will have to go sometime without Oscar.

On our hike, J looks excited...

Drinking from the tap

After our hike, we came home and took a 3 hour nap.  It was probably the best mother's day I've had.  Run, breakfast, hike, nap....yeah, it was the best...

Could he not be ANY cuter?

How was your weekend?  Is the weather finally nice where you are?

I'm glad ours is finally warming up.  Not where I'd like it, but at least the sun was shining!


  1. Oh gosh! That is an awesome weekend! Oscar, you party pooper. Ha ha ha. What a cutie though :)

    Why don't you like to kayak? Just curious! I have tried it a few times and think it's fun :)

    That biking group sounds great! Are they going to meet every Saturday? Maybe you can find some runners in that group ;)

    The weather was nice and cold here this weekend. Hee hee. I liked it. 80s today. BARF.

    1. I'm not actually sure if I'd like kayaking or not. Water freaks me out a bit, so I'm not sure I'd ever make into the kayak. It looks fun, but for now I'll stay on the land.

      We are going to meet every Saturday! How fun! I was hoping to find some runners in the group too! One girl had a Shamrock Half Marathon shirt on, I may have to ask about that...

      It was near 60 here, and it's always windy (I think it is because of the mountains) so it felt colder. But the sun was out, so I can't complain too much!

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