Friday, May 31, 2013

May Training Recap!

Whew!  May was crazyyyyyy!!!!  I had a blast this month!

It is finally warm and the workouts have moved outside!  YAY!!!

I am part of a road bike group now that rides on Saturday mornings.  Woo Hoo!!!

I am back in school for my second semester...blah.

It was my birthday, Mother's Day, Nurse's Day, Memorial Day!!!  Celebration Station!!!!

I got some cool running/biking gear this month for my birthday and Mother's Day!!

So let me break it down!

54.0 miles ~ down 6.1 (due to my race tomorrow I cut back this week)

103.9 miles ~ up 83 miles!!!  WOW!!!  I am LOVING the bike this year!

15,932.5 meters (9.9 miles) ~ down 2,413.5 meters (1.5 miles)

So how did it go?

I'm loving the bike.  Like for realz.  I almost love my bike as much as my husband and kid.  Seriously.  I'm not kidding.  The feeling I get riding is amazing, it's like no other.  I feel the wind in my hair (kinda) and I often eat bugs too, but you know what, I LOVE it!!!!  Ever since I got White Lightning last June, I've struggled with shifting gears, finding the right cadence, but now I got it.  And I'm good at it.  I've improved my time, and I am able to ride long distances without my "Hoo-Ha" hurting!  YAY!

My rowing and running went down a little.  I've been a little more focused on the bike and I cut back my mileage for the 5K I'm doing June 1st.  I want fresh legs, so I ran three miles this week and rode 23 miles on the bike and no rowing.  I want to PR, so I need to be fresh and ready to roll tomorrow!

Oscar has accompanied me on ALL of my runs but one this month!!  We went trail running last weekend and had a blast.  He's my partner.  Although I'm hooking up with my hubbys co-worker (kinda) tomorrow at the race and I'm gonna make her run with me.  I'm gonna make her do it.  I need a running buddy!!!!!!  She lives close to me, I see her running around sometimes when I'm running, so hey, we need to hook up yo!!!!!!!!

How did your May training go?


  1. Ah, the Hoo-Ha pain! It's gotta stop soon! I always hated riding a bike because I suck at it. Bryan is helping me figure out the gears, so it's getting better. Today I rode UP two hills that I walked up yesterday! Woot woot!

    You are such a beast! I love you!

    1. It'll stop, but you have to keep riding. I don't have any issues with it anymore. I've been riding consistently since January, and those first few weeks are killer!!!!!!!!

      Dude, I'm so proud of you!!! Like for realz!!!!!!!!