Monday, May 20, 2013

Last week in a nutshell

This week/weekend is a little bittersweet.  I start school next week, so I am going to just working on Fridays.  I love my peeps at work, well most of them.  This week was full of orthodontist appointments, studying, doing learning modules for the hospital, and studying.  Oh yeah, and I had to fit a little bit of shopping in there too...

It's been super warm the past week.  When I got in the car to come home Wednesday, this was the temp on the pavement:

So Tuesday and Thursday morning (my only days off...) I spent at the orthodontist with J.  My kiddo needs braces (again).  I got the estimate Friday morning.  All I can say is, I'm in the wrong business, I should have been an orthodontist 'cause they make the mega bucks.

Since both of those mornings were busy, I planned on a solo bike ride Thursday afternoon.  I had to buy some scrubs for clinicals* this summer, when I headed home I planned to jump on the bike for a quick 10 mile ride, but this happened:

So yeah, no bike ride on Thursday.

Friday was uneventful.  Had some crazies at work, but what's new?  Pregnancy makes women crazy.   I bought some alcoholic beverages, came home, and this happened:

Note, that is an empty bottle...

Our Saturday morning bike ride was a no go.  It had rained all night, and was raining that morning.  I'm all for the rain on a run, but not on the bike.

Since Saturday was a crappy weather day, we went and saw the new Star Trek movie.  I'm not a "Trekkie", but those movies are good, and quite funny if you have a sarcastic sense of humor (like me).

Instead of a morning bike ride, the hubby and I decided to ride the trainer (his idea, NOT mine).  We did 10 miles.  He beat me by 1.5 minutes.  Ugh.  (Not that we were racing...)

Sunday I had every intention of going hiking with J since the hubby was going kayaking with some friends.  It was foggy so we didn't go, the point of hiking (to me) is when you finally get to the top you want a view, so we opted out.  Oscar and I ran instead.

This next week is going to be amazing though, I get to hook up with my nursing buds I haven't seen in 3 weeks, and guess what else?!?!

It's my birthday week!!!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!!

So how was your weekend?  Was the weather nice?  

I know it was crappy here!  Welcome to spring in Virginia!

* Why is this not a word?  I mean clinicals is what students do.  It wants to correct it to clinical or clinically.  Am I right or wrong?  I've always said 'clinicals', but that doesn't make it right!


  1. I hate it when spell check thinks a word is not a word. It always tells me "submittals" is not a word. Can we not pluralize submittal?!

    Why does your son need braces again?! :( Steven had them when he was too young, and now has them as an adult, again. I call BS!

    We will probably end up seeing that movie. Ha ha ha. I like how you describe your way of enjoying it.

    Hope you have more cooperative weather this week!

    1. Well my kid has a jacked up jaw. Basically his upper jaw was smaller than his lower jaw, like it fit inside of his lower jaw. We've fixed that part (with and expander, braces, head gear), but now his bite is all crazy, his teeth don't even meet in the back. We have no idea how he's been

      So yeah, he has to have them again, hopefully to prevent extractions. No one likes extractions. That's extraction-s, with an "s".

      So is clinicals a word? What do you think?