Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Though Thursday!!

I'm finally DONE with the spring semester!!!  Woo Hoo!!  It's official I made 2 A's so far, I'm still waiting on my Pharmacology final grade, but I'm thinking it'll be a B.

No more school until the 20th.  Well kinda. I have a test on the first day of class.  Nice.

Eddard Stark, you're my hero! (Even if they did cut your head off!)

May is my MOST favorite month!!!  It's the month that is the awesome-est!!  It has Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and MY BIRTHDAY!!  I celebrate the entire month of May!  Woot!

Oscar and I are running partners again.  With summer on the way I can get up at 5:45am and it is light enough and still cool enough (for now) to get a quick 4-5 miles in.  And why not take Oscar, he's super ferocious!!!  And with less traffic, he does much better!

This time next year, May 15th to be exact, I will be graduating!!!!!!!  WHAT?!?!  Oh yeah!  Even more reason to celebrate May!

The hubby wanted a few ideas for Mother's Day.  What is on my list?

Hydration pack, this one is MADE for women!!  Awesome-sauce!

In pink of course!

He was going to get me the super cool shoes in my previous post here, but I couldn't wait.  I needed a "I finished the first semester of nursing school" gift!!

What is your most favorite month?

If it isn't May, well then you need your head examined!  (just kidding, just kidding to any literal readers out there...)


  1. Yea for finishing the semester! Enjoy some time for yourself! (March is my favorite month, but May is good too!)

    1. I am going to enjoy myself! I already have!

      March is totally a good month! Our anniversary is that month!!

  2. Congrats on the semester! So many more days left of freedom!

    I hope you do get a hydration pack! I freaking LOVE mine!!! :)

    Fave month... hmm... I really like January! :)

    1. I already got the hydration pack and I LOVE it!!!!!! I used it last weekend for some mountain biking, it worked perfectly!